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Marching Ants: Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal

Marching Ants is a leading professional data-driven Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal. We have been offering our data-centered digital marketing services for our clients since 2015. We offer 360 digital marketing solutions for customers to enhance their digital presence via online marketing strategies.A team of experts in Marching Ants makes optimum use of standard tools to improve your digital presence and digital marketing strategies. After carrying out extensive research, we craft your ad campaigns and social media campaigns. Further, we provide you with authentic, transparent information about reach, leads, and conversions. We are also a trusted SEO Agency in Nepal, offering organic growth to our clients. Our everyday goal is to make our clients' online presence best in class via effective digital marketing tools. We assure to provide actionable and result-driven digital marketing experiences via our unique digital campaigns and boost your business to greater heights.






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Social Media Marketing

As a leading Social Media Marketing Company based in Nepal, we have been offering social media marketing services to bring out remarkable brand awareness & brand presence. Our cutting-edge social media campaigns are innovative and trendy, and they have won the hearts of our clients.


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Search Engine Optimization

As an SEO Agency in Nepal, we provide a range of services to improve your organic ranking. We also perform a site audit, create a personalized SEO plan, and introduce strategies to help the organization achieve its objectives

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Search Engine Marketing

Running strongly as a Digital Marketing Company in Nepal, Marching Ants offers the best Search Engine Marketing services: Customized Ad creation, Ad campaign strategy, Ad Management, Google Analytic Services, Tracking, and Reporting.

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Web Development

We provide advanced web designing, web development, web redesign, and user-experience design services making your website look great, work fast and perform well with a seamless user experience. We also provide web Analytics, Interpretation, and Reporting. 

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App Development

Having user-friendly mobile apps for business can elevate sales and revenues. Highly trained software developers at Marching Ants make mobile apps on the iOS and Android platforms using industry-standard technology and tried-and-true processes.

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Software Development

Marching Ants offers high-quality software development services for every business opting to reinforce their operational efficiency via software. A competitive and productive attitude is maintained during all stages of the software development cycle.

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Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Here, we analyze free forms of texts on social media posts, customer reviews, feedback comments, and survey responses, giving better information management insights. Marching Ants uses the best, standard, and certified Text Mining tools to get accurate, efficient, and useful data.

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Segmentation & Churn

Marching Ants offers Segmentation Management services to business houses and multinational companies. We identify the early signs and thresholds for customer churning, carry out profound Market basket analysis, and manage a proactive churn management system.

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Why Digital Marketing In

Digital Marketing in Nepal is growing as an area of interest for marketers, investors, and customers inside the nation as well as among neighboring countries. Digital Marketers and Digital Agencies in Nepal mostly focus on SEO, Social Media Marketing, SEM,and Influencer Marketing. COVID-19 pandemic has made companies and customers rely on inbound forms of digital marketing. Upon researching, in 2020/21, Digital Marketing in Nepal has taken a great leap. However, the benchmark will grow higher in the coming days. Digital Agencies in Nepal are redefining and redesigning online marketing strategies for themselves and their clients.


Why Us

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Marching Ants is a leading Digital Agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The team of experts at Marching Ants has specialization in SEO, PPC, Google Ads Management, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and all other digital marketing services. Adding to that, our digital marketing specialists have worked on projects with some of most well-known brands like TATA Motors, Kansai Paints, Piaggio, Adani Wilmar, KRBL Limited, Honda, Pernod Ricard and many more.

We are confident in our ability and experiences to lead our clients on the path to digital success. We plan and execute our digital strategies to make our clients develop and grow their businesses and stay aligned with their goals and expectations. Our expertise and innovativeness in digital marketing is illustrated by records of outstanding campaign ideas and results for our clients, high customer satisfaction, and unshakable customer loyalty. Marching Ants' primary aim is to guide the right kind of traffic to your... Read More


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Digital Marketing for Travel Agency
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SEO in Nepal
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Best Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal
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Frequently asked questions

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing or internet marketing, is a modern marketing technique in which companies promote their goods and services through digital technology. Digital marketing uses the concept of inbound marketing, where customers approach you.

Looking back to history, Ray Tomlinson is recognised as the "Father of Digital Marketing" as he was the first person to send an email in 1971. Many search engines were introduced later in the 1990s, including Yahoo, MSN, HotBot, Look Smart, and Alexa. Then came Google and Google Ads. In the early 2000s, the rise of social media. In recent time, online presence matters for both brands and audience. However, offline digital marketing on TVC, billboards are still in use.

Online Marketing, in comparison to offline digital marketing, entails using the Internet for marketing purposes. Online Digital Marketing includes Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), PPC, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and many more. In online digital marketing, you have the option of growing organically (without advertising) or through advertisements. The quality of your content matters in organic marketing and your bidding skills in paid ads. Content production for a specific audience and distribution via digital channels such as websites and social media.

Digital marketing agencies in Nepal are getting into knowing the marketing environment and emerging digital trends- data, interactive content, marketing automation, and artificial intelligence.These agencies in Nepal integrate convenience, quality, and socially responsible values for skillful designing for customized digital marketing strategies.

Marching Ants is a creative digital agency in Nepal that focuses on pull marketing strategies to reach unique audiences. As a digital agency in Nepal, we continuously track the online environment because it is a dynamic and evolving medium. We are mindful of current developments to remain competitive and distinct from our competitors.


A 360 degree digital agency devotes time and resources to keep a constant eye on products using the most recent technologies and trends. Clients receive a wide range of services from a 360-degree digital solutions agency. These digital agencies excel at both production and marketing, with strategy and design at the forefront of their efforts.

With an amalgamation of growth and marketing disciplines, 360-degree digital agency always  puts brands first. These agencies provide services of web development, app development, eCommerce development, and full-fledged customized digital marketing strategies in SEO (search engine optimization), social media, content marketing, and direct marketing.

360 digital marketing companies are extremely beneficial for brands as they provide clients with all-in-one online marketing solutions. Clients are relieved of the hassle of having to travel to various organizations to complete their tasks. The same firm will manage all of their marketing requirements.

Marching Ants is a 360-degree digital agency in Nepal, runs online marketing campaigns for successful branding and maintaining brand reputation on all digital channels, including the internet, television, radio, newspapers, and any other potential platforms.


A digital marketing agency assists companies in promoting their services or goods online. Digital agencies will help brands in developing personalized digital tactics/strategies to help brands achieve their objectives. Following are some of the most common goals served by digital marketing agencies in Nepal.




According to the voice of  digital marketing agencies, engagement refers to customer activities on the posts or links that indicate customer interest. For engagement enticing posts, games and User-generated content are used. Engagement can help you convert visitors into customers too.

Marching Ants, a leading digital marketing agency in Nepal, analyzes metrics such as page views, bounce rates (the proportion of website visitors who leave after visiting one page), unique visitors, average session time, and conversion rates using various tools. These will be analyzed and optimized in order to maximize customer interaction.


Leads and Reach


Attracting and converting visitors and interested prospects in a brand's product or service is part of lead generation. Similarly, market reach refers to the approximate number of potential customers exposed to a particular advertisement or advertising medium. Brands employ a digital agency to handle all of these aspects.


You can raise awareness among your target audience using digital marketing. They can create branding that demonstrates your brand's ideal perception  within the market based. A digital marketing agency's goal is to drive traffic to your website and social media accounts and create buzz about your brand. Furthermore, through great content, cookies, and paid ads, digital agencies partner with brands to increase brand recognition and link brands with their desired target audience on online platforms. A Digital Agency in Nepal accepts new brands and established brands to either create better brand awareness or build strong brand visibility.

Sales and Market shares

The primary goal of digital marketing for companies is to boost revenue, much like traditional marketing. Customer trust and loyalty can be improved by campaigns run by a digital marketing company to raise awareness and engagement. A digital marketing agency helps brands build a more valuable offering for their target audience and remain ahead of rivals by optimizing their digital presence. All of these factors lead to more consumers purchasing your goods, increasing your brand's market share in your industry.

Marching Ants, one of Nepal's best digital agencies, offers its 360 digital services for brands looking for better sales and market share.


Many Digital Agencies offer their SEO services to the brands which approach them. SEO is all about feeding one’s website with SEO-friendly content, i.e., having a decent number of keywords in the content. Ranking at the first number on the SERP page is the target of every business that thrives on making optimum use of digital marketing services. Digital Agency ensures to get their content-writers to craft the best content for your brand.


At this time, brands have neck-to-neck competition for earning audiences/followers and getting sales. For this, there is nothing better than digital marketing, which is offered by various digital agencies. A digital agency combines science (SEO and digital marketing tools) with art to identify and engage target audiences for better digital brand advertising (educational and entertaining content). Because of the higher chances of getting ROI and exposure to a larger audience, brands prioritize approaching digital agencies. Moreover, brands need digital marketing for following activities:


  • Increasing brand awareness

Brand awareness is the way in which consumers recognize and remember your business. To be more specific, it refers to how well-informed and knowledgeable customers are of the brand's offerings. The higher your brand image, the more people can recognize your logo, messaging, and goods. In fact, brand awareness can be measured. You can track metrics like impressions, click-through rates, and website traffic with native advertising and check your brand awareness.


  • Strengthen brand visibility

Brand visibility is the frequency at which people see your brand in search results, social media, email marketing, and other online marketing channels. Brand visibility is all about using aggressive online marketing to help draw attention to your brand. Digital Marketing Agencies help brands increase their brand visibility in digital channels by optimizing their website for keywords, making attractive social media pages, purchasing advertisements, and writing blog posts.


  • Improve brand reputation

The credibility of a brand among consumers, stakeholders, and the industry is known as brand reputation. It contains all the thoughts and feelings that a consumer has about a company. Via digital marketing, brands can improve their online reputation. Brand's online presence, especially on social media, can make or break it. A high-quality content as well as good  engagement with social media influencers can  improve brand reputation.


  • Set up brand loyalty

The purchase decision of a customer may be conscious or unconscious, but it is based on the consumer's belief that the brand will meet their needs. Such belief or trust of customers to purchase from a brand is Brand loyalty. These customers have emotional connection with the brand. With effective digital marketing, brands can make a strong bond with customers.


  • Make effective brand relaunch

A brand relaunch is a process of repositioning the business in the marketplace. You can ensure a better and more profitable brand relaunch with a reliable Digital Marketing campaign to reclaim consumer share or market grip that has been lost or deteriorated. With digital marketing, you can incorporate exciting visual elements and make your relaunch campaigns stronger. Further, you can understand the full picture from multiple perspectives.


Marching Ants creates successful digital solutions for brands to achieve all of the above "Big Accomplishments," making it a strong contender for the title of best digital agency in Nepal. 


With the fading charm of traditional marketing, digital marketing has flourished well not only in Nepal but all over the world. Digital marketing is brand and marketer’s top choice because digital agencies offers following advantages:


· Helps businesses reach out to their large as well as specific audiences.

· Attain better analytics and transparency.

· Provides an opportunity to build lucrative careers as online marketers.

· Create a good relationship between the marketers and clients.

Digital marketing in Nepal has widened in forms of Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Location-based Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords (SEM) & others. Companies thrive to rank at the top under keywords in their niche market with organic or paid methods.

Search Engine Optimization is all about achieving higher ranks on SERP under a specific niche keyword. This is an organic and long-lasting strategy; however, businesses need results in a comparatively shorter time. To solve this, SEM- a paid method where you can advertise your website, was introduced. SEM includes all paid search ads, pay-per-click, and paid search advertising on browsers(especially Google). Brands in Nepal now hire SEO specialists to get them better ranking.

No matter why you choose to start digital marketing in Nepal, you can not ignore content creation. Digital Marketers invest their time and efforts in incredible content creation. The top three content marketing tactics are blogging (65%), social media (64%), and case studies (64%). B2B marketers in Nepal are using blogging as content, while B2C marketers trust and rely on visual content. These contents are hence utilized in Content Marketing. Many brands have gained a good number of followers and consumers via content marketing.

Social Media has become almost a part of life in modern Nepali households. The number of active social media users is growing exponentially. Latest reports reflect that, in 2020, there are 10 million social media users in Nepal, which is 879 thousand more than in 2019. These all have inspired all digital agencies in Nepal to research and plan well for social media marketing. 

Big brands use Influencer Marketing in Nepal to promote their products, services, or even events. Celebrities and Tik Tokers are approached for this purpose. The latest trend in influencer marketing is doing the Tik Tok challenges. You can see influencers promoting products, services in their videos. Good dancers in Tik Tok use music clips given by companies, project and show their choreography, and get viral.

Email Marketing in Nepal is also going parallel with other forms of digital marketing. In Email Marketing, digital agencies send emails to client’s regular customers or prospects emails including invitations, special discounts and offers, upcoming events ensuring privacy and security features. In Affiliate Marketing, an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Here, the seller and the promoter need customers to earn revenues and commissions. For that, referrals use cookies to get information about visitors. Affiliate Marketing in Nepal is also one secret behind the success of the eCommerce and job portals of Nepal.

Mobile Marketing is another popular area of focus in digital marketing in Nepal. You can find App-based Marketing, In-game mobile Marketing, Location-based Marketing, QR codes, SMS Marketing in Nepal. People now find it easy to use e-wallets like: eSewa, Khati and QR Scanning for easier and faster payments.


Marching Ants is also recognized as a leading SEO Agency as well as a reputed  social media marketing agency taking care of various brands’ organic ranking and social media presence & engagements.

Marching Ants uses platform-specific marketing strategies. We work with  established and emerging influencers in all social media platforms to promote brands’ and their quality services or products. As a part of the digital advertising industry, we remain proactive and knowledgeable about the latest Digital Marketing Trends to make suitable plans.

As a leading Digital Marketing agency in Nepal, Marching Ants offers competitive and 360 digital marketing solutions for brands to achieve greater brand awareness and revenues. Marching Ants boasts as the best digital agency in Nepal because its experienced digital marketing team who are well aware of the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing and use strategies as per market demands. 

We are your perfect destination if you are searching for the best digital Agency in Nepal  as we provide cutting-edge digital marketing agency valuing transparency, authenticity, uniqueness, efficacy, flexibility,all-around services, and most-importantly customer satisfaction. And not to miss, we have received best reviews about our services by our past and present clients.


Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal to help you achieve your company’s objectives is a difficult task. Marching Ants, a leading digital agency in Nepal, ensures to give you industry-leading results matching your goals for Digital presence and marketing . We take  time to get to know our clients and their business requirements. We guarantee to deliver actionable and results-driven digital marketing experiences that will propel your company to new heights. 


Marching Ants is a leading creative Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal dedicated to bringing customized, brand-oriented, data-driven, audience-specific 360 Digital Marketing Solutions. We offer services like SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Business Branding, Online Reputation Management and others. The team at Marching Ants is confident in its data-centered digital marketing strategies for the clients. We craft customized marketing and advertising solutions for brands to generate authentic, transparent information to discover a more targeted audience.


Marching Ants, a creative digital company in Nepal, has offered its digital services to leading MultiNational Companies (MNCs) and Corporate Houses. We provide results-driven digital marketing services with advanced and proven digital marketing strategies to enhance these businesses’ brand awareness and increase sales for such companies. Marching Ants utilizes the most current digital marketing techniques and market trends to achieve the best results.


According to recent reports, 42.85 million Nepalese people have access to cell phones, and 10.21 million of them use the internet to satisfy their thirst for information, science, and entertainment. These figures show that the internet is becoming increasingly important and popular among common people and businesses. Brands and businesses in Nepal are looking for the best digital agency in the country.


Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal will allow you to work with a new skilled team. Run your ad campaigns digitally, enhance your brand awareness. Moreover, you can stay relevant and strong in your niche industry, have Scalable and Measurable results, and check your competitor’s performance. Thus, hiring the best digital agency in Nepal can help your business to grow. 


Before hiring, you should know your brand's objectives, marketing budget and make sure your brand values are consistent with the digital marketing agency which you intend to hire. It would be best if you have campaign plans with short- and long-term strategies in place. Working with a digital agency will help you get results quickly, particularly with social media campaigns. You must, however, be patient and trust the process of search engine optimization (SEO) to appear at the top of organic search results for long-term and reliable results.


Furthermore, it would help if you get specific about your own goals and aspirations after working with a digital agency. You can look at a digital agency's profile or website to see if they're a good fit for your business. Do not forget to check their ratings on online business directories.

How do you pick the best digital marketing agency in Nepal?

  • A diverse and substantial portfolio

  • Team with specialized knowledge and experience

  • Digital marketing firms with a strong reputation in the industry provide services that are tailored to your needs and budget.

  • A strong online presence and a positive corporate culture

Marching Ants is a leading name in digital agencies in Nepal, providing high-quality digital marketing services. Marching Ants has a diverse clientele and a solid portfolio. A team of experts offers the best SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and other related strategies for your company.