7 Steps To Successful Content Development In 2021


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Companies that operate on digital channels make a point of putting forth fair effort in content marketing and presenting content that consistently produces excellent digital metrics. Not only that but, with effective Content Marketing, brands can improve their brand's image, create customer loyalty, stand out from the crowd, and improve SEO. As a result, today's marketers tend to use content marketing as their primary digital marketing strategy.
According to Hubspot(2020), 70% of marketers are currently investing in content marketing, employing one to three content specialists. Furthermore, present day marketers create content for various audience segments and distribute it through social media.
So, what exactly are successful content development and marketing procedures? Although there is no single standardized method, a general mapwork will assist brands in marketing their content more strategically and effectively.
Brands should follow these seven main steps for successful content development and marketing.

Goal Setting and Research

First things first- it’s setting the goal. Your content must be enriched with SMART goals, which also should stay aligned with your overall marketing strategy. Along with goal setting, you must carry out audience research using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. This research should be focused on getting details of buyer persona and needs. Along with audience research, brands must ensure to add funnel analysis and more of the brand's storytelling to stay relevant. 

Content Planning

In this step, your content marketing team must create a content calendar that has all content clusters and realistic deadlines. Again, diversification is the key here. However, it’s better to go with the 80/20 Rule, which says 80% of social media posts should be meaningful, educational, entertaining, or offering a solution to your audience's problems and only 20% should devote solely to promoting your business.

Unique Content

Most marketers believe that keeping an eye on or getting inspiration from competitors’ content can also be a great help. However, the content that has really been appreciated or gone viral is the one which is different from the general- Filled with Uniqueness. In digital marketing, It is difficult not to be Different. And to become the first one is even harder. But putting in the effort is surely not a bad idea either. Thus, we recommend brands to bring uniqueness and, if possible, be the first to bring one-of-a-kind content for best content development and marketing.

Actual Creation Begins now

In this step, the content is drafted. Content can be in written form (articles, blogs), audio (podcast), visual (images, slides), audio-visual(videos, live-videos). The real talent of content-writers, copywriters, graphic designers, video editors, musicians becomes the factor in bringing magic. Brand’s values and buyer’s persona must be well-understood by the assigned talent while bringing out the killer content. 

Rechecking, Editing and Optimization

After making the first draft, it's time for proofreading and rechecking. Ensure to find loopholes or gaps and check if your goal is reflected or not. Further,if it requires performing editing for better polishing, carry it out, preferably 3 times. After getting approval from the editor or related authority, you must optimize your content for your audience and search engines.

Promotion in various channels

After obtaining power-packed content, it's time to distribute it. Thus, the related team has to make a content distribution strategy. This strategy must favor omnichannel experience and repurposing. In addition, improved relations with people from the industry will be bonus points as they share your content and aid in better brand visibility.

Tracking and Re-evaluation

After distributing your masterpiece in multiple channels, you will have your hopes increased. Thus to get in touch with the real performance, brands should start tracking internal and external publications. You must continue monitoring and auditing your content, and for that, you can opt for content analytics tools.

Final Thought

You must consider the niche market for successful content development for Social Media Marketing or other platforms. Consistency and a holistic approach are needed for this. Brands can improve their organic traffic and effective brand growth by following above-mentioned 7 steps to successful content development. Furthermore, if you anticipate long-term positive market outcomes, you must prioritize your audience's desires above your financial objectives, i.e., the 80/20 Rule.
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