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Back in the early years, marketing in business was more like first calling out/screaming the benefits and getting the attention of customers. The outbound marketing approach was the only Mantra to sustain. The years progressed, and by the late 20th century, the digital era began. In the early days of the digital era, too, customers were asked to fill the forms, submit them and wait for the processing, response, and get convinced to make sales. But the current scenario is that brands can stay etched when they initiate a real-time conversation with prospects on the website. This is where the demand for Conversational Marketing comes into play. 

So, What is Conversational Marketing?

It is a recognized marketing strategy for B2B and B2C for customer engagement and earning revenue with the combination of marketing, sales, and science. This kind of marketing includes personalization, customization, and a tailored approach. In Conversational Marketing, you can find the use of automated chatbots or live chats.

Relation with Inbound Marketing

When you talk about Inbound Marketing, you are asked to pull an audience and for that interacting with clients is important. Conversational Marketing is a part of inbound marketing. Both are customer-centered by nature and go together. Because talking with customers on a virtual platform is normal for the digital generation, conversational marketing makes sense to change the thoughts of businesses. This means that conversational marketing isn't about being friends with your customers; rather, it's about being available when they need you.

Advantages of Conversational Marketing

Remove Friction

Waiting must be no one's favorite game. As a customer, getting the problem solved in an instant becomes the demand. In fact, with conversational marketing, customers want to get off their problems and get the best support in instant decision-making.

Gain data and consumer insights

Finding out more about customers helps you make the necessary efforts to retain your customers. Thus, with an effective conversational marketing strategy, you can obtain meaningful data and consumer insights.

Humanize the Digital Experience

Customers are hungry for attention. They like getting attention from the companies. When you use conversational marketing, it appears like an extra effort from the brand's side with the feel of giving utmost respect in the digital forum. This sort of effort makes customers interact more and stay connected with your brand.

Increment in engagement and Conversion

You must address your customer in simple language. With this, you can avoid complicated web, complex checkout processes, and confusing search filters. With such efforts, you can have increased engagement and conversion rates.

Steps in Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing basically involves three steps: Capture, Qualify, and Connect.
First, you can capture attention and collect leads by using chat messaging on your website. A consumer can ask a question, or the chatbot can initiate a conversation.
Second, leads must be qualified right away, not days afterward. Chatbots can ask qualifying questions and receive instant feedback from target leads. This will result in bringing leads as you had wished. 
The final stage is to link leads with the sales agent in order to complete the transaction. Chatbots can easily connect a lead to a sales representative or set up a meeting between them.

Strategies Involved in Conversational Marketing

Conversations with customers or prospects should be tailored and based on shared information. Personalized details make the dialogue feel more natural and aid in getting to the base of the problem.
Context-rich dialogues increase the end-user experience while also lowering the risk of misunderstandings. Customers are looking for a quick and easy solution, therefore give them precise contextual replies.
With personalization and contextualization, standardizing elements of conversations is equally crucial. Standardization makes message delivery clear and consistent. Thus, the conversations must be repeatable and predictable.
During a conversation, you must respond correctly- emphasizing the importance of resolving the issues. Empathetic efforts during the talk help customers feel valued along with the feeling of assurance of getting their concerns being heard.
Learning from prior conversations can help you improve. As a result, the brand's strengths must be optimized. Always keep conversation engaging and beneficial to your business.

Things to consider in Conversational Marketing

Chatbots and Email Marketing Integration 
Chatbots are getting close to resembling human communication. And if you add more of the humanizing essence, your chatbots can keep your visitors interested. Along with chatbots, you can combine email marketing and social media for better data collection.
Checking on numbers of automated vs. live chats
When it comes to conversational marketing, you must keep track of the overall number of chats made by the active audience, whether through automated/chatbot chats or during live chats. Furthermore, evaluating them might assist you in determining your new focus and deciding whether to pursue live conversations or make bots stronger.
Find out which page drove high or low chats
You must have a cross-check on which chatbot functioned well and how much it contributed to making the best records. In fact, You must analyze the performance of each page and chatbot assigned to it. 
Count the received reviews
Customers' opinions on a product or service are expressed through reviews. It has the power to make or break your public image. Thus, you must keep an eye on your reviews and, if any are negative, reach out to the people who left them.


When conversation forms on the website don't serve well, conversational marketing comes into play. Essentially, you're resurrecting the interaction with one-on-one connection to capture and connect with qualified leads with this type of marketing. Your business goals can be met in no time if your chatbots or conversational marketing team use personalization in conjunction with contextualized, standardized, empathetic, and optimized content/dialogue.
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