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What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing refers to advertising on the internet, where 62.5 percent of the global population spends time looking for their desired products/services or selling them to the right customers. At present, Digital marketing is regarded as a major area of focus when it comes to flourishing in both B2B and B2C eCommerce.
According to Martech Advisor, "Digital Marketing is best described as a marketing method that largely relies on the internet to communicate with the target audience through various digital media channels and platforms," Digital marketing is a critical strategy for any type of organization since it provides brands with limitless opportunities.

What is Digital Marketing in Nepal?

Digital Marketing in Nepal has become a Messiah for all the businesses drooling over greater brand awareness, greater sales, and prophesied profits in the pandemic situation. Digital Marketing in Nepal got popular in the late 2000s. Enterprises, entrepreneurial ventures, and small businesses invest their time and efforts in obtaining benefits and improving their status when it comes to doing well in digital marketing in Nepal.
During the COVID-19 outbreak in Nepal, digital marketing grew exponentially. One might say that digital marketing in Nepal is still in its infancy as knowledge about digital marketing is yet to be known by a great number of Nepalese, especially in the rural areas. 
In 2021, Digital Marketing in Nepal was focused on using all forms of digital marketing strategies. Digital Marketers put their effort into leveraging SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing with engaging content and, at the same time, connecting to their target audience with email marketing and affiliate marketing. In 2022, the competition among agencies and marketers has become neck-to-neck when it comes to performing well in numbers in the context of Digital Marketing in Nepal. In fact, these companies would go for using old-tested strategies along with a new innovative approach to reap benefits.
All we can say is that digital marketing in Nepal is getting on a better track with more focused planning and strategies. Various digital agencies strive to improve the scenario of Digital Marketing in Nepal by making their clients happier, turning their visitors into customers, and building strong consumer trust and loyalty.

What is the Focus of this Blog?

As a well-known digital marketing business in Nepal, we've noticed that there are several questions and doubts regarding digital marketing in Nepal.
In addition, digital agencies understand and research the fundamentals, methods, and metrics of digital marketing in Nepal.  Because digital marketing in Nepal is still in its early stages, inquiries are on the rise. However, there are limited resources on the internet to answer questions about digital marketing in Nepal. This situation thus makes the readers and researchers have quite a troublesome time getting details on what is happening in the aspect of digital marketing in Nepal.
To address this, our team has put together a comprehensive guide to help you understand the present state of digital marketing in Nepal and its opportunities and challenges.
After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of digital marketing in Nepal, clear your confusion regarding digital marketing in Nepal you may have, and learn strategies to expand your business.

What does this article cover?

  • What is Digital Marketing in Nepal?
  • Why is Digital Marketing different from Traditional Marketing?
  • Inbound Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which is it?
  • Why is Digital Marketing in Nepal important? 
  • Four Popular Strategies in Digital Marketing in Nepal
  • Content Marketing ( types,benefits, challenges)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ( types,benefits, challenges)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (local, Enterprise SEO, Ecommerce SEO, On-page, Off-page, Technical SEO benefits, challenges)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) ( types,benefits, challenges)
  • What does a digital marketer do? 
  • Does digital marketing work for all businesses?
  • How to start Digital Marketing in Nepal? 
  • How does Digital Marketing in Nepal work?
  • 3 Successful stories brought by Digital Marketing in Nepal
  • Challenges in Digital Marketing in Nepal?
  • How to select the right agency when carrying out Digital Marketing in Nepal?

Why is Digital Marketing different from Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is where a product or service is advertised to a big audience using both print (paper-based) and digital mediums( using devices that run with electricity). Traditional marketing is often associated with Outbound marketing( a strategy in which marketers seek customers and try to sell their products). Whereas some advertising professionals use Traditional marketing and ATL marketing synonymously.
Some Traditional Marketing forms are:
  1. Print Media like newspapers, magazines
  2. Broadcasting ads on TV, Radio
  3. Direct Mail with letters, postcards
  4. Telemarketing, SMS marketing
  5. Outdoor Advertising/ Cinema Advertising

Problems with Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing allows you to reach a big audience in cities and villages. Along with that, you can generate a positive ROI based on the product with traditional marketing. However, there are numerous disadvantages. Some of them are explained below:

Cannot Properly Target Audience Groups

Traditional marketing has a large reach, but it's tough to target audiences based on demographic and psychographic information. As a result, typical platform advertisements may not produce positive conversion outcomes.

A Campaign's Implementation Can Take A Long Time

In traditional marketing, most of the activities are manual and take more process. Thus, implementing an ad campaign with the traditional method is lengthy and cumbersome.

A Large Budget Is Required

Traditional marketing requires more manpower and offers single-time exposure, which implies greater investment. Comparing it with digital marketing in Nepal, traditional marketing is heavily expensive. 

Ads Are Static and Non-engaging/interactive

Because traditional marketing only allows one-way communication, audience involvement is weak. However, the situation differs significantly when it comes to Digital Marketing in Nepal. With digital marketing, you get a lot of attention, which leads to feedback and suggestions from the audience.

It's Tough To Assess The Campaign's Success

When it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns, traditional marketing suffers to get exact figures. Thus, Digital Marketing in Nepal is booming like never before, thanks to the low investment but high ROI guaranteed.
Although traditional marketing is still dominating Nepal because of various factors, digital marketing in Nepal is also getting in better shape. On digital platforms, you can find practically any type of brand- big or small, food or clothing- anything you wish. However, basic amenities in rural areas are required for improving the overall scenario of digital marketing in Nepal.

Inbound Marketing vs. Digital Marketing in Nepal: Which is it?

Inbound Marketing, also known as Permission Marketing, focuses on bringing the audience to you rather than approaching them. It is a pull approach in marketing. In fact, Inbound marketing is a comprehensive and strategic marketing technique that focuses on creating captivating, engaging, valuable, and human-driven content to keep the audience engaged.
Many people confuse the terms Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing, although they are not synonymous. Inbound marketing is a broader term for a marketing methodology, but digital marketing in Nepal just employs a portion of the inbound marketing strategy. Overall, Brands are poised to gain higher brand exposure, reputation, and promotion by utilizing digital marketing in Nepal.

Why is Digital Marketing in Nepal important? 

Digital marketing uses internet channels such as search engines, social media networks, and emails, where marketers promote and sell items and services. Many Nepali companies have embraced digital marketing as it allows them to reach their customers online, where they spend most of their time. With the growing demand for Digital Marketing in Nepal, digital marketers and agencies are expected to gain more clients in upcoming years.
Here is a list of benefits to digital marketing. Some of them are mentioned below:

Target The Audience Very Effectively 

With digital marketing, you can ensure what kind of audience you want your ads to be shown to. Using tools available, brands set their audience's demographic and psychographic qualities and run their ads. You reach out to and connect with your target audience, which results in a high conversion level. Turning your back to investing in digital marketing in Nepal will be a great mistake for the brands as it can be their worst marketing decision ever.

High Engagement With Your Audience 

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing offers dual communication digitally, which helps brands and audiences convey their message to each other. By engaging and interacting with your audience, you can understand customer requirements or experience and their difficulties. By handling these issues, you can have a good impression and trust from customers, creating a reputation for your brand. As a result, brands develop content that offers value to their customers' time and, most crucially, builds brand awareness to succeed in digital marketing in Nepal.

Measure The Campaign Results 

Because of numerous analytical options in digital marketing, you can track real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): CTRs, conversion rates, average time spent on your website, and other metrics. As a result, digital marketing in Nepal has become a more effective platform for promoting brands because it provides measurable outcomes of ads at a faster pace.

Low Investment and High ROI 

In comparison to traditional marketing, digital marketing is less costly and more efficient. Therefore, investing in digital marketing in Nepal is a wise decision because you can do more with less money. Thus, SMEs and new entrepreneurial ventures must opt for Digital marketing in Nepal as it aligns well with their goals.

Types of Digital Marketing in Nepal

The internet has followed the suit of Dr. Bruce Burner, transforming into Hulk and becoming more powerful. In fact, digital marketing in Nepal has become more aggressive and competitive. As a result, digital marketing, which entails using the internet, has evolved into a vast network for marketers.
Digital Marketing in Nepal also employs the founding pillars of digital marketing to achieve its ultimate goal of success.
Now, we will discuss major types of digital marketing.

Content Marketing in Nepal

Content is something that gives information about a topic, be it in written or audio, or visual form. According to Hubspot (202w), 90% of marketers are investing in content marketing, with one to three content professionals employed.  
Content somehow has gotten the impression that it is synonymous with blogs or articles, but it is more than that. Though they make up 80% of the content consumed, the brand must produce more visual or audio-visual forms of content like videos, live videos, and podcasts. Considering the audience's attention on social media, which is 3 to 5 seconds, your content should first catch attention and then engage and motivate the audience for call-to-action.  
Producing great content and expressing the brand values and features of the product/service is great. However, it is not rocket science that some people are born with, but it comes with practice. Because marketers prioritize social media marketing more than SEO, social media content marketing is the most-loved method in digital marketing in Nepal.
Content Marketing in Nepal has become better with time as the marketers and professionals involved in content creation are gaining expertise. Further, content marketing has made many individuals interested in understanding digital marketing in Nepal and further learning the in-depths and even earning opportunities.

Benefits of Content Marketing in Nepal

Increase in Brand Awareness And Improved Brand Reputation 

The major objective of content is to attract the audience's eyes. And the best thing is that by using content, you can portray your brand stories, works, and features of your product. Needless to say, when your content is informative or entertaining, it gets shared-giving you more visibility and enhanced brand awareness. When you start adding value to the audience's time with helpful content, you will have improved your brand reputation. Furthermore, the audience will consider your brand trustworthy if your content, particularly articles/blogs, is published on external sources.

Stronger Relation with Customers.

You will have higher brand awareness as well as a closer relationship with your customers if you create amazing content. Content relevant to your target audience's lives may lead to a more intimate engagement with your brand. They will become more engaged, and they will rely on you for knowledge. Furthermore, their loyalty will be assured as long as your content and goods satisfy them.

Drive More Traffic And Conversions

When people get familiar with your brand, they are more likely to visit your website and follow you on social media. And after you've established trust, you can have your products or services discussed or inquired about. You can easily enhance the number of conversions by carefully explaining the utility.

Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO ranking is increased when content, mainly blogs/articles, is prepared and uploaded to nail a keyword. When you write content with long-tail keywords and topics in mind, you'll have no issue showing up on top of those searches. However, when it comes to social media content, the situation is somewhat inverted, as more individuals are likely to visit your website after seeing it on social media. As a result, both SEO-based and social media-friendly content must be prioritized.

Domain Authority Becomes Higher

Writing high-quality content improves your site's perceived expertise, authority, relevance, and trustworthiness. Furthermore, increasing the number of links to your site will expand your website's domain authority. A higher domain authority aids in improved SEO rankings. As a result, great content always leads to increased organic search exposure in all areas of your site.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Ads are paid mediums to advertise services or products on Google or other web browsers. With these ads, brands can be targeted at local, national, and international distribution. SEM refers to the process of enhancing a website's visibility in search engine results pages by using ads.
SEM includes pay-per-click, local search ads, product listing ads, and all advertising efforts concerning search engines. In fact, SEM is another popular tool used in Digital Marketing in Nepal, where marketers ensure to grab visitors' attention in Search Engines.

Benefits of SEM

You are Found by Clients Instantly

SEM is frequently employed as a short-term technique to increase product or service visibility. As opposed to SEO, paid search advertisements can provide immediate results because they allow you to reach your target clients almost instantaneously.

Make Geo-Targeted Search Ads

You can target the audience based on where they are using SEM. Using geo-targeted ads, you can use location data to reach consumers with messaging appropriate to their locality and behavior. You can make advertising in various languages, and display content based on an automated or assumed knowledge of consumers' location, i.e., anywhere on the planet.

Managing Ads Easily And Quickly

You can create a schedule for each of your campaigns in Google Ads. Setting up a budget and specifying the performance speed of your advertisements is equally simple. This can assist you in optimizing your advertisements and bringing more visitors to your business in a short amount of time.

Using Optimized Ads, Target the Right Audience

With SEM, you may target customers searching for items or services closely linked to yours. You may design highly optimized advertising by choosing the proper keywords for which your ads are triggered to display.

Test And Measure Your Performance

Paid search ads allow you to test the effectiveness of your ads and track campaign objectives. You can get detailed information on impressions, clicks, CTR, top-performing keywords, and more. In addition, you can assess your performance and determine what you need to improve for future success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Nepal

Based on the age of your brand, you can opt for SEM or SEO. If you have already faced the launching and settling phase and now have a will to stay established with long-lasting results, SEO is your perfect option. Basically, SEO can be your go-to strategy to stay in the digital competition for a longer time. What is SEO, then?
According to, SEO is the process of boosting the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. To be specific, having your website or website's content ranked at the top of SERP results under a keyword with awesome content, mostly blogs/articles, is SEO.
Considering Digital marketing in Nepal, marketers are bound to focus more on social media marketing(SMM) than SEO as brands emphasize more on SMM.

Types of SEO in Nepal

Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of getting your website to show up in relevant local searches so you may gain more consumers or clients via the internet. Local SEO, to be specific, improves your website's visibility among local residents in your area.
For More: Local SEO in Nepal

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is a method of increasing organic search visibility for large websites with hundreds of thousands or even millions of pages. At the enterprise level, the foundations of SEO remain the same, but the scale does.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is the practice of increasing the visibility of your online store on search engine results pages (SERPs). For search and user experience, eCommerce SEO mainly entails improving your headlines, product descriptions, metadata, internal link structure, and navigational structure.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the practice of ensuring that a website fits modern search engines' technical standards to increase organic rank. Crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture are aspects of Technical SEO. Technical SEO is necessary for search engines to give you a higher ranking.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to optimizing individual web pages to improve search engine rankings and generate more relevant traffic. To be precise, On-page SEO deals with the content and HTML source code of a website that can be optimized.

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO, also known as off-site SEO, refers to the activities outside of your own website to influence your SERP rankings. These strategies entail gaining links from other websites, social media shares, and online mentions. As a result, your SERP, ranks, and PageRank will all improve with a strong off-page SEO plan.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) in Nepal

The process of creating and promoting a company's or product's content on social media sites is known as social media marketing. According to statistics, a video on social media influences 64% of internet customers' purchasing decisions. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and LinkedIn are popular social networking platforms where you may publish status updates, links, photographs, and videos with captions and catchy taglines.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Nepal

Increase in traffic

When using Social Media Marketing campaign is expertly crafted, it entices visitors to come and stay on your website. As a result, the increase in traffic to your site from social media channels is something you, as a brand, do not want to overlook.

Brand awareness increases

When done correctly, SMM increases brand recognition for your company. Executing a well-thought-out plan, primarily for organic sharing, is critical for success with social media marketing.

Better customer satisfaction

When you come on social media as a brand, you may receive comments, particularly questions. Responding to these questions about your products and services builds trust and increases customer satisfaction.

Customer Data Analysis

Businesses that use SMM gain an advantage in advertising by utilizing the data provided by the platform. These data can be used to create new content and campaigns.


When done properly, social media marketing can be very cost-effective. Working on a social media platform does not necessitate a large investment or risk.

Condition of Social Media Marketing in Nepal

Social media marketing aims to meet the needs of target audiences and consumers of brands. Social Media Marketing in Nepal aims for spontaneous, organic content development as well as paid promotions. Marketers look at Demographic Statistics, Usage Statistics, Engagement Statistics, Business Statistics, and Ads Insights while creating social media ad campaigns. A crucial aspect of Digital Marketing in Nepal- Social Media Marketing, focuses on enhancing impressions, leads, and engagements through various ad campaigns, giveaways, and contests. In addition, for ad campaigns to be successful, Digital Agencies focus on representing the brand's message with solutions to all Wh queries. 
A typical Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal, through a well-planned and executed marketing campaign on various social media platforms, assists clients in developing high-quality content for their brand's demands that results in the best digital metrics. Let's see the general scenario of social media platforms used by marketers devoted to improving Digital Marketing in Nepal.

Facebook Marketing in Nepal

According to reports, approximately 90.04 percent of Internet users in Nepal are on Facebook. The majority of them are for personal use only. Brands have also come here to take advantage of the situation because they have prospective customers here. This fact leads us to believe that Facebook Marketing is the most popular Digital Marketing strategy in Nepal.
Many businesses use both organic and paid/ad mediums to thrive on Facebook. In fact, the majority of sales and engagement occur on a brand's Facebook page. Furthermore, one can predict that Facebook will continue to dominate digital marketing in Nepal in the coming years.

Instagram Marketing in Nepal

Instagram marketing is another way for businesses to communicate with audiences who believe in the progress made and promised by digital marketing in Nepal. After Facebook Marketing, the new focus of digital marketing in Nepal is Instagram Marketing, which has a team that uses tools to build and manage campaigns with the help of professional Instagram marketing experts for the best results.

Linkedin Marketing in Nepal

LinkedIn Marketing is the best option for Nepali B2B brands and professionals looking to establish a professional base among prospects and stay ahead of the competition. However, LinkedIn Marketing is still in its infancy in Nepal, with only 0.25 percent of Nepali Internet users on the platform.
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TikTok Marketing in Nepal

TikTok Marketing is another important platform for Social Media Marketing in Nepal. It is the most popular platform for small emerging brands. When it comes to Tik Tok Marketing in Nepal, brands prioritize collaboration with micro and macro Influencers. However, the issue with TikTok Influencer Marketing in Nepal is that influencers do not have high engagement, which you may not want to see as a brand.
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What does a digital marketer do?

As digital marketing in Nepal is flourishing and gaining popularity, the demands for digital marketers and managers are increasing. Moreover, many brands have witnessed success after investing in digital marketing in Nepal via Social Media Marketing; thus, they seek experts who can get them even better results regarding online marketing.
Here are the basic responsibilities of a digital marketer who are focused on elevating the height of digital marketing in Nepal: 
  • Run ads with SEM and other social media platforms
  • contribute to brand awareness and social media engagement campaigns
  • conduct keyword research, report on web statistics and monitor the performance of client websites
  • contribute to company and industry blogs for SEO purposes, as well as manage e-communications
  • create content marketing strategies and keep up with current digital trends
  • provide accurate reports and analysis to clients demonstrate effective ROI
  • Investigate new opportunities that may benefit the business, such as mobile, social media, and email service

Does digital marketing work for all businesses?

Digital marketing in Nepal can work for all types of businesses in any industry. It doesn't matter what your company sells. Digital marketing in Nepal involves identifying your audience's needs and creating valuable content for your audience. However, this doesn't mean all businesses should adopt the same digital marketing strategy.
As a business, you must invest in digital marketing in Nepal because it offers numerous benefits and overcomes all of the drawbacks of traditional marketing. You should consider taking your business online because your customers are online. You can reach out to them, know what your competitors are doing, increase brand awareness, establish a brand reputation, earn higher revenues, and many other benefits.
Digital marketing is appropriate for any industry business because it entails creating buyer personas to identify your audience's needs and create valuable online content.

Why should Business to Business (B2B) consider investing in Digital Marketing in Nepal?

After coming on digital platform marketing, Business-to-Business (B2B) companies focus on improving your professional network along with increasing brand awareness, lead generation, and sales conversion. These businesses also focus on attracting visitors to their websites and marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Linked In.

Business to Consumer (B2C) Digital Marketing

Businesses that deal with B2C focus on attracting visitors to their website, engaging with prospects regularly through social media channels, and converting them into customers. As a result, their digital marketing strategies include researching their customers' buying habits and monitoring the tactics of their competitors. B2C businesses mostly devote more time and effort to content creation and running ad campaigns on social media platforms.

How to start Digital Marketing in Nepal? 

Businesses have embraced digital marketing in Nepal to reap the benefits of online marketing while also reaching a global audience. When it comes to digital marketing in Nepal, marketers prefer to take a slow and steady approach with a well-planned marketing strategy to achieve success and popularity among their target audience.
With $375 billion invested in digital marketing by 2021, we have an optimistic estimate of how many businesses are already on the online platform. So if you're looking for a quick start guide to digital marketing in Nepal, here are 8 steps.

Educate Yourself

The first step is to educate yourself as much as possible on the fundamentals of digital marketing. You can also improve your digital skills and advance your career. So, put time and money into learning and discovering your niche because digital marketing competition is fierce. Finding your niche and creating the best content is critical to standing out in the crowd. Along with that, you must target a more specific audience interested in what you have to offer.

Conduct Competitor Analysis and work on Content Strategy

Starting any business is not enough; you have to be the best or be different from your competitors. For competitor research, you can use tools. Using these tools, you can find related keywords to your business and rank well on them. After you've identified your competitors, look into their methods and what works for them. 
After researching your competitors, you must devise a content marketing strategy. Their blog posts, social media content, podcasts, and videos can serve as inspiration. Make an effort to write better and attract a larger audience and prospects.

Launch Your Website

You must ensure a good domain name and hosting service for your website when creating it. You must make your website as interesting as your social media. The content uploaded to the website must be done with competitors in mind while also convincing your clients/customers to make a purchase or perform a call-to-action.

Create a Portfolio

You'll need a good portfolio to stay strong in digital marketing in Nepal. In-depth case studies, headlines or snippets, client testimonials, and upcoming goals for that client are all part of a good portfolio. Furthermore, you must ensure that your portfolio is professional and honest.

Set a Business Model

If you want to go deeper into e-commerce, you must have payment options. If you are in a business-to-consumer situation, you must accept online payments or cash on delivery. However, if you are in a B2B situation, make sure you are paid by the hour or on a monthly basis.

Have Awesome Social Media Presence 

Getting involved in digital marketing in Nepal and failing to use social media is like looking for food when it is right in front of you. Begin with a professional or business account, add a killer bio and a link of your website. Your profile and cover image should reflect your brand or industry niche. Using authentic content, you can increase brand awareness and engagement without running advertisements.

Generate Leads and attract your prospects

Contact with a potential customer is referred to as a lead. You can generate leads by creating a YouTube channel, performing A/B testing on articles, and engaging in affiliate marketing. As a digital agency, you should focus on generating leads to help your clients achieve their business objectives. However, if you intend to market yourself, you must thoroughly research the market and current trends in order to attract more customers.

Influencer Marketing in Nepal

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular and nearly mandatory concepts for remaining active on social media platforms. In fact, Influencer Marketing is a hybrid of traditional and modern marketing tools. When we talk about digital marketing in Nepal, we can't miss Influencer Marketing. The concept and use of Influencer Marketing in Nepal have grown-up exponentially.
Today, influencer marketing is a critical strategy for digital marketing in Nepal, with brands relying on influencers to promote their products or services. Because of all the amazing features and results delivered in a short period, Influencer Marketing can be considered the X-factor of Digital Marketing in Nepal.
Digital Agencies approach influencers from various platforms by endorsing or incorporating brands' products or brands. The marketers then ensure to have a clear discussion and advise influencers about the product and how to portray it to the audience.

Importance of Influencer Marketing in Nepal 

Escalates Brand Awareness drastically

Influencers create quality contents which are always related to the latest trends. Their followers buy brands talked about by influencers. In fact, Reports tell us that 65% of marketers would judge the success of an influencer marketing campaign by measuring the brand awareness generated through it.

Reaching Your Target Audience gets easier

Brands use Ad campaigns to find their target audience, which is comparatively more tedious than the audience gained by Influencer Marketing. Brands and influencers' efforts can give bring a more targeted audience. In this context, not the followers' number but the match with demographic figures for your brand needs to be considered. Ultimately, using influencer marketing will be bringing more visitors to your brands who can be your devoted followers or customers in the future.

Escalated Social Media Engagement

Reports tell us that 75% of marketers using influencer marketing take Engagement as the most common metric and outcome. Engagement in Social Media is calculated with likes, comments, mentions, tags, and many more. Moreover, A ratio of total engagement with the influencer’s total number of followers is also carried out for comparison purposes. These add up chances for your brand to go viral. 

Influencer Marketing for SEO ranking

A big shout-out of a product or service or both of your brand on Influencer's content increases their followers' curiosity. This results in increased organic traffic on your website or social media pages and ultimately boosting your reach and elevating your SEO rankings. Further, your follower count will increase abruptly.

Increase brand’s Credibility And Trust

Influencers will aid in strengthening your brand reputation and support your credibility. Influencers' suggestions make their followers believe in endorsed products/services. Moreover, influencers themselves don't want to destroy this trust by advocating a "Good Brand."

Who are Influencers for your business?

Social Media Sensations

Social media stars share inside stories of their life both professional and personal lives. In simple words, their fame exists because of their social media profile. As a result, they hold a significant power to influence their followers to purchase products from a particular brand. In Influencer Marketing, these sensations can create hype and bring out large numbers of sales.
At present, in Nepal, Tiktokers and Instagrammers are targeted for this purpose.


Micro-influencers can have a few hundred thousand or fewer followers. But their fan communities are extremely engaging. This makes them influence the audience and increase a brands’ awareness. In addition, micro-influencers can aid in a budget-friendly influencer marketing campaign.


Nano Influencers have a few thousand or fewer followers. Most of the nano influencers themselves are devoted fans of a particular brand or product. These influencers' shout-outs to your brand can get you better sales. Thus small businesses can use them for their influencer marketing strategy.

Social Media Activists 

For a political or social cause, when somebody takes a stand and tries to gather attention positively, they are the activists. These activists aim to educate and encourage the general public to contribute to the cause from their side. 
We can take: Greta Thunberg (Swedish activist for climate change), Arvind (Indian Animal Activist), (Nepali Activist)


Taking the oath to deliver authentic news to inform people, Journalists now make an active presence on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram. Collaborating with them will heighten your brand reputation and reach.
Sonam, a brand for sports and winter wears, collaborated with a Guinness record-holder journalist-Ravi Lamichhane.

Mainstream Celebrities

Almost in every country we have a regional film industry. We can identify legendary as well as rising stars from the industry. Not only that, we have athletes, sportspersons, musicians, models, and other popular public figures as celebrities. Appointing them as brand ambassadors and making them the faces of the brands is the simple process here.
Samragyee RL shah(Nepali actress) is the face of the Acne brand, Paras Khadka(Nepali Cricket team's captain) promotes, and Malvika Subba(model and activist) is the brand ambassador for NYX Cosmetics.

Bloggers and Vloggers

A ‘blogger’ is someone whose written presence impacts a large number of people, whereas ‘vloggers' convey their content in video form. In most cases, both influencers are found endorsing travel or hospitality, makeup, clothing, art, and design business.
In Nepal, Sisan Baniya, a popular YouTuber and vlogger, was approached by the TVS brand to endorse their latest bike.

Reality TV Stars

Reality shows aim to get participants from the ground level relating to the general public in competitions and earn an audience through televisions or social media platforms. Thus, brands endorsed by these stars will be acknowledged by their followers.
Some years back (and at present too), the mainstream celebrities, people in business and famous people were labeled as Influencers. But with the heights and popularity of digital marketing in Nepal, many influencers from various social media platforms are emerging.

Process of Influencer Marketing in Nepal

  • First, you should define SMART Goals for your business on digital platforms.
  • Find your targeted audience and research the demographics.
  • Find the relevant Influencers matching your audience’s profile.
  • Collaborate with these Influencers and Share content on all digital platforms.
  • After completion of the campaign, you should track your outreach.

What precautions to take when using Influencer Marketing in Nepal?

Brands must know about influencer relevance with the audience and how much an influencer can create value for the brand. Therefore, brands and agencies working for Digital Marketing in Nepal must ensure to use relevant influencers for their promotion. Moreover, they must be cautious in choosing them as people buy fake followers and gain blue ticks on social media. 
As in whole, in comparison to other digital marketing strategies in Nepal, brands feel that Influencer marketing and Social Media Marketing are safe and reliable mediums for marketing. And to be honest, all of the above marketing strategies have played a significant role in making their representing products or brands known to people.

Skills you need if you are seeking a career in Digital Marketing in Nepal 

You must have the nitty and gritty of digital marketing if you want to impact the digital market in 2022. If you mastered such skills, your desire to rise and remain more competitive in Digital Marketing in Nepal would become a reality.
Here we have 7 skills needed to make a great career in digital marketing.

Analyzing The Data For Measuring Digital Marketing Metrics

Analyzing data to understand digital marketing metrics such as traffic, page views, reach, leads generated, engagement, conversion, and ROI is a powerful marketing skill. Having these metrics will allow you to decide whether to improve or introduce something new sooner. People involved in digital marketing in Nepal industry consider this as a basic digital marketing skill.

Know The Platforms And What Sells There

As a digital marketer, you must understand what content, whether a blog, an article, a podcast, a radio show, a television show, a commercial, or a YouTube video, will work best on which platform and how people will engage with that media.

Creating Content That Screams Infotainment

Another important skill that is advancing in the context of Digital Marketing in Nepal is the ability to create amazing content. B2B and B2C marketers invest in content marketing to increase their ROI and revenue. As the saying goes, if the content is king, context is queen; thus, marketing your infotainment content will yield excellent results across all digital marketing metrics.

Using Narrative Approach To Entice The Audience

A narrative approach, aka Storytelling, when merged with marketing, reaches the epitome; you can form an emotional bond with the audience, resulting in greater trust and loyalty. For instance, if your service or product is shown to solve a social problem to a certain extent in storytelling, nothing can stop them from staying faithful. 

Incorporating AI and Chatbots In Your Websites/Page

With AI (artificial intelligence) and chatbots, you can reach a larger audience, create a zero-waiting-time helpdesk on your website, deliver a personalized Experience, elevate Customer Service, improve User Engagement, and much more. Furthermore, you can design marketing campaigns that are predictable and run smoothly without your involvement.

Running Hashtag Challenges Is a Thing To Work On

Another skill required to succeed in competitive digital marketing in Nepal is using and running branded hashtag challenges. A hashtag is a word or phrase that is related to your product, brand, or niche. Even though the goal of the hashtag challenge is to go viral, if that goal is not met, you should be content with an increase in the number of your followers.

Marketing Your Branded Filters and Effects 

On special occasions or running your hashtag challenges, branded filters and effects are launched on Instagram stories and TikTok. Of course, having an influencer promote these effects will be the icing on the cake. To excel well in digital marketing in Nepal have begun to adopt and launch their filters and effects.
For example, 2 pm Noodles, a popular Nepali Noodle Brand, launches its own branded filter on a special occasion marked in Nepali Calendar.

How does Digital Marketing in Nepal work?

Digital marketing in Nepal has begun to move forward at a faster pace, putting it on the right and competitive track. Brands that are already in digital marketing strive to rank at the top of organic or paid search results for keywords in their niche market. To achieve clients/brands' goals, digital marketers work on content marketing, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, location-based marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and other activities.
Whatever strategies you use to excel in digital marketing in Nepal, the most important thing to remember is to create excellent content. Written content/blogs are preferred by B2B marketers in Nepal, whereas B2C marketers trust visual content. In fact, Digital marketing in Nepal has begun to outnumber traditional marketing. However, for Digital Marketing in Nepal, the journey to achieve status and revenue like that of digital businesses in Europe and America seems to be long and full of hurdles. To ease and shorten the journey, digital agencies in Nepal must remain proactive and knowledgeable, and marketers in rural areas should also participate in online platforms.

Successful stories brought by Digital Marketing in Nepal

Many brands are using digital marketing in Nepal and have benefitted more than ever. More specifically, they have increased brand awareness with a lower investment than they previously had with traditional marketing. Among these brands, we'd like to talk about the success stories of three Nepali brands that have improved their marketing results by investing in digital marketing in Nepal.

Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) success with Content Marketing

RONB is a reliable source of information for Nepalis both in Nepal and abroad. Victor Poudel, along with other admins, has been running the Routine of Nepal banda page since 2011. Working best with content marketing with elements of journalism, RONB's style of informing the public is different from traditional sources for news. The RONB team attempts to verify information through various sources, including local authorities, residents, and other news sources, to provide authentic news.
Another intriguing fact about RONB is that it allows for two-way communication with visitors, as the team discovers 3.5 million people engaging with RONB's official page each month. RONB has recently been seen promoting businesses and companies. We can say that RONB has achieved great success by improving content marketing- an important aspect of Digital Marketing in Nepal.

2pm Noodles

2 pm is one of Asian Thai Foods' products. People love 2 pm because it comes in a variety of delectable flavors. To reap the benefits of digital marketing in Nepal, 2 pm has made significant investments in social media marketing, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. Many TikTok influencers and Nepali celebrities have also been working with 2 pm and promoting the product.
For increased engagement in Social media, 2 pm organizes numerous contests, giveaways, live videos, UGC with Filters and Music, and Q&A sessions. Furthermore, 2 pm emphasizes making the most of Social Media Marketing in Nepal while also investing in other digital marketing strategies to promote itself globally.


Neoteric Nepal is well-known for being a Authorized dealer of Dell Server and Laptops in Nepal. Furthermore, the company is the preferred name for large blue-chip infrastructure projects as well as government and telecom projects in Nepal. Neoteric provides enterprise solutions and optical network solutions to Nepal's government and SMEs.
Neoteric has improved its online presence and reputation while increasing organic traffic, conversions, and sales by utilizing SEO: A vital Digital Marketing strategy. Moreover, Neoteric's Impression has doubled, Domain authority has increased, and CTR has approached 10% since entering the digital platform and working on SEO.
The success and growth of Neoteric's revenue through digital marketing has undoubtedly convinced Nepali brands that SEO should be equally prioritized for excelling in Digital Marketing in Nepal.

Challenges in Digital Marketing in Nepal

Nepal is currently undergoing digitalization in many aspects, and every other day a new digital marketing agency emerges and then dies within some years. It is all because of the fierce competition found in digital marketing in Nepal. Therefore, it is not easy to have a smooth run of business using digital marketing in Nepal. Furthermore, this industry suffers from a lack of proper direction and guidance.

No Strong Laws Regarding e-commerce In Nepal

Prior to 2021, there were no clear legal provisions governing e-commerce in Nepal. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies drafted an e-commerce bill to create, regulate, and facilitate online trade while addressing the majority of the problems customers were experiencing in the sector at the time. The introduction of Dollar cards has somehow eased international payments. However, it is still not enough for digital marketing agencies in Nepal. There are, however, gaps and loopholes. Furthermore, there is no standardized procedure or set of criteria for applying for and receiving professional licenses as a Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal.

Uninformed Clients Seeking Digital Marketing

In Nepal, digital marketing is less concerned with developing a marketing strategy. However, while these agencies invest in creativity, they fall short in defining the ROI of the effort. In addition, the client's understanding of digital marketing in Nepal is poor, and digital marketers are frequently required to educate them.

Unrealistic Clients Expectations

Clients do not have a thorough understanding of digital marketing in Nepal. Some people, for example, have only a smattering of knowledge and thus make unrealistic demands. Clients sometimes take the agency for granted and ask for unrealistic requests. As a result, satisfying the client has become increasingly difficult in Nepal.

Dependency on Influencer Marketing

There are numerous marketing options available. However, the ROI and revenues vary depending on the platform. On the other hand, Nepalese brands believe that hiring a celebrity or influencer as a brand ambassador will only produce results. Therefore, instead of focusing on other digital strategies, brands intend to work with influencers to achieve immediate results.


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