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eCommerce SEO is basically search engine optimization for eCommerce websites. Any merchant who wants to see his/her sales growing and customers coming from far and wide can opt for eCommerce SEO services. 
The rise of the COVID pandemic led many eCommerce activities to come into existence, especially in Nepal. The shut brick-and-mortar shops did not lose their customers and sales with digital marketing via e-commerce. And to stay on top of results, brands got their digital marketing team in eCommerce SEO specialization.
The eCommerce SEO service is found to be the most in-demand with B2C businesses; however, B2B businesses are also equally investing and setting into this action. In fact, the volume of transactions through the business-to-business eCommerce market is way more than B2C eCommerce as they deal with SaaS companies, web hosting, wholesalers and others.

Benefits of Ecommerce SEO In Nepal

The various tactics and techniques employed in eCommerce SEO yields numerous benefits too. Some of them are explained here.

Increase In Brand Awareness

You can appear on Google's first page with a well-planned eCommerce SEO strategy, making prospects look at your product and increasing brand awareness, resulting in more traffic. Customers/prospects will remember your brand better if the content and description are relatable. Not only that, but they will regard your brand as trustworthy and reliable.

Excelling The Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail queries are longer and contain specific keyword phrases used by visitors when purchasing or using voice search. The long tail of e-commerce is more concerned with selling than with advertising and marketing. Long-tail keywords focus on eCommerce SEO because they have less competition, more conversions, and increased revenue with targeted content.

Bring Better User Experience

When people shop online, they have knowledge about the product they want. To make their desired product appear instantly and make their sales funnel journey easier, pushing them to the end, Ecommerce SEO plays an important role. Such instant and point-to-point product descriptions can provide the best user experience. In addition, improving your product pages makes it easier for users to find the information and then navigating the pages with fewer clicks and more ease.

Basic eCommerce SEO Steps

eCommerce SEO includes the following key steps: 

Keyword Research 

This step entails determining the keywords, both short and long tail, that potential customers enter into Google while searching for a product to purchase.

Optimization of Site Architecture

This entails optimizing your website structure by organizing it into categories and pages to assist search engines in crawling and indexing your site.

Focus On The On-Page SEO Of Your Website.

This step involves optimizing product and category pages with the appropriate title tags and meta descriptions and creating keyword-rich page content and optimizing images.

Technical SEO For E-Commerce

This step focuses on increasing site speed, making it mobile-friendly, ensuring HTTPS secure connections, and ultimately providing an excellent user experience.

Step Into Content Marketing 

Brands create high-quality content in this section to boost site authority and product page rankings.

E-Commerce Link Building 

The focus of this step is on creating or utilizing backlinks and increasing site authority. SEO, when combined with backlinks, can help promote your products and drive more organic traffic.

Why is E-commerce SEO in Nepal Important?

E-commerce in Nepal got the much-needed nourishment through the global pandemic as online shopping became the only safe way to make purchases. Sources(2019/20) tell that 85, 13 and 2 percent of eCommerce users prefer Cash of Delivery, Digital payment portals and debit and credit cards, respectively. This transaction suggests a pretty good amount of eCommerce and the increase in the number of brands using eCommerce. 
And to excel in eCommerce, just building a website is not enough; you must also make an effort to be found on Google in order to improve your visibility, marketing, and sales with a result-driven strategy for eCommerce SEO in Nepal. That is why having an e-commerce SEO strategy can help you win the hearts of both competitors and customers.
eCommerce SEO in Nepal appears to be critical and must be strengthened for brands to have a better ranking, more online sales, and provide convenience to customers while not breaking rules of "new normals." To provide high-performing content and reign the top spot of eCommerce in a niche, many digital agencies in Nepal have been doing their best. With improvement in the quality and quantity of eCommerce Websites- Masterpieces made by eCommerce SEO experts and other professionals- the eCommerce in Nepal promises to get into better shape in the coming years.

Which Digital Agency to choose for the best services in eCommerce SEO in Nepal?

Nepali market has many digital agencies,which are keen to provide eCommerce SEO services; however, finding the best and compatible one for your goal is important but troublesome. 
As a leading digital marketing agency in Nepal, we- Marching Ants, have years of experience with full transparency in all our digital services, including your smooth journey on excelling eCommerce SEO in Nepal.
  • Besides that, we provide the following services when it comes to eCommerce SEO services in Nepal: 
  • Personalized eCommerce SEO strategy
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Product image optimization 
  • SEO-focused copywriting
  • Product description optimized for SEO
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console configuration
  • Professional blogs or article writing
  • Monthly Reporting on KPIs and digital metrics 
  • eCommerce Audit
And many more… 

Final Thought

Competition on the online platform is more fierce than in the physical setting, thus making your eCommerce website highly attractive and fortified with strong eCommerce SEO is more than just a necessity. 
In Nepal, where eCommerce has grown comparatively bigger, has lots of opportunities and challenges. However, utilizing the digital platform and working with the best digital agency in Nepal- Marching Ants, your site can attract a higher number of customers and motivate them to make a purchase or any call-to-action.
With Marching Ants's devoted SEO team, your eCommerce SEO will improve, helping you achieve your objectives. Contact Marching Ants for customized services in eCommerce SEO in Nepal and enjoy the benefits.


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