Facebook Video Ads in Nepal- Types, Benefits, and Tips


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The Facebook videos audience seeks to consume must have interesting ideas along with the learning opportunities and entertainment. According to reports, 500 million people view Facebook videos every day, and these get 135 percent greater organic reach than Facebook images. If you still rely on images for your existing Facebook Ads, then it's time to boss up, invest in Facebook Video Ads which are worth investing in.

Types of Facebook Video Ads

Instant Experience Ads
These video advertisements appear in the news feed, stories, and other locations.
In-Stream Ads
These appear in Facebook Feed, Facebook Watch, and Audience Network.
In this video ad, you can combine images and text and drive traffic to your page or site.
In the Stories feed, Facebook video advertisements appear vertically and full-screen, and Facebook has templates ready to help you get started quickly.
Carousel Ads 
You can include various movies and images featuring your products and campaign focus.
Collection Ads
Collection ads include one primary video or image atop four smaller images.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Video Ads enhance the story and message.
  • To reach a large audience, Facebook Video Ads usually demand a relatively low budget.
  • These Video Ads offer flexibility.
  • Facebook Video Ads provide both knowledge and amusement among users.
  • Facebook ad videos can generate far more organic reach and interaction than other types of content.

Steps to Create a Video Ad in Ads Manager

  • Select the Create button from your Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Pick your objective.
  • Now give your ad, campaign, and ad set.
  • Click Continue.
  • Complete your ad's parameters, select your target demographic and upload your ad creative.

Completing Campaign Details

  • Make a campaign name.
  • Examine the specifics of the campaign and make any necessary changes.
  • If you'd like to set a campaign budget limit, choose Show More Options.
  • You may begin A/B testing videos or different versions of copyright now by selecting "Get Started."

Completing Ad Set Details

  • Name your ad set
  • Choose whether or not to use Dynamic Creative and whether or not you have a related offer.
  • Make a budget and a schedule for yourself. Set your start and end dates for either a daily or lifetime budget.
  • Decide on the target audience, use an existing audience or create a new one.
  • Make Placements.
  • Change how Facebook optimizes the distribution of your ad.
  • Click Next.

Tips to Create Facebook Video Ads

  • Create Facebook video ads that are relatable to individuals to connect with them.
  • Create ads that have attractive graphics with persuasive and salesy language.
  • Make your ads mobile-friendly by making a high-quality vertical video.
  • Make your brand easily accessible to maximize the return on your video advertising.
  • Use video poll advertisements to ask questions and have interaction.


You may significantly target the correct people and entice them to increase the ROI by using Facebook video ads. As an advertiser, you can use basic creative and branding ideas to create a video ad campaign. To receive the most benefit, follow the processes and tips outlined above and get the most out of your buck.
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