How To Generate High-Quality Leads With LinkedIn Product Pages


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LinkedIn's latest new feature - 'LinkedIn Product Page' serves as a platform for brands to advertise their products and expand their businesses. The product users also share their experiences and can be recognized for their knowledge. On the other hand, buyers become confident about product decisions in a secure environment. The LinkedIn product page has sections- title, CTA button, description, product intended for, connections skills in the product, multimedia describing products, review and features customers of the product.
The average LinkedIn user uses the platform to remain up to date on what's going on in their business, find new employees to join their team, and look for solutions to help them improve their company's workflows. If your company provides a solution to their problems, LinkedIn is the perfect place to catch their attention and gather relevant information.

How To Get Leads on LinkedIn

A prospect becomes a lead when they take a certain step that allows them to enter your sales funnel. By crossing another criterion, that lead becomes a "qualified lead." When you add the Products tab to your company page, you can get qualified B2B sales leads.
Here are some methods for getting leads on LinkedIn using Product Pages.

Product highlights

By offering full and correct information, you as a company can advertise and place your items in front of prospects and eventually assist them in making decisions.

Content that sells

You can raise brand awareness and engage with your audience by creating informative content. For that, you can frequently post articles, short films, and product photos with catchy headlines.

Be Part of a Group

LinkedIn groups allow you to connect and communicate with like-minded professionals in your sector, allowing you to clear up any misunderstandings and share your perspectives. Similarly, building your own LinkedIn group is another excellent strategy to get leads.

Compelling, customizable CTAs

To reach out to B2B prospects, you can use CTA buttons for requesting demos or contacting the sales team. While customizing CTAs, you may have the option of downloading now, getting started, requesting a demo, try now, contact us, learn more, guides, or consultation services.

Social proof:

Positive reviews and testimonials must highlight the positive aspects of your business. All of these things would help to create a trustworthy environment in LinkedIn.

Involved in Setting Up a LinkedIn Page

Create a Product Page

To get started on the product tab, you must first be your company page's super admin or content admin. After that, go to the Products tab and then to the "Add product" button to add a product.

Enter and Save Product Name

You must ensure that you enter the exact product name since you cannot immediately change it when you hit Save. If you want to change something, you or your LinkedIn marketing agency will have to ask LinkedIn for approval.  In fact, your product tab boosts the number of high-quality LinkedIn leads.

Edit Your Header

You must edit your header in a sophisticated manner. As the LinkedIn Product Page’s features are intended to capture leads, you must also provide a link to your Privacy Policy to guarantee that your data is collected safely and securely.

Showcase Your Product

It's now time to describe your product in the finest understandable terms. You must write a description that is 1-2 paragraphs length within the 500-character limit. Companies can gain high-quality LinkedIn leads by completing this description. Make sure to include visual materials in the multimedia section—a maximum of five photographs and videos are allowed (combined).

Submit Your LinkedIn Company Product Page for Review

You can build multiple Product Pages by following the steps outlined above. After that, you can send them to LinkedIn for review, which might take up to two weeks. Once the listing has been authorized, you may have to wait another 1-2 days to see it.

Publish Your LinkedIn Product Showcase Page

If they appear when the Products tab is viewed, you know your Product Pages are live.


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