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Local SEO is the process of getting your website to appear in relevant local searches so that you can attract more customers or clients through the internet. To be precise, local SEO increases the visibility of your website among local residents in your location.
For example: You can see a list of agencies that have optimized their locations with Local SEO when you search for the best digital marketing agencies in XYZ city or around your area. 
Consumers are more likely to contact a local business that has a mobile-friendly website, according to sources. In fact, 78 percent of smartphone searches that are based on geography result in an offline purchase. Another fact, among 97 billion total Google searches, 46 percent of all Google searches have a local intent. These figures show that Local SEO is becoming increasingly popular among marketers and users.

Difference between Local SEO and Regular SEO

Digital Marketing, mainly SEO services, is required when organizations want to go digital, not just brick and mortar. However, certain circumstances may cause these businesses to be visible for specific search words in a certain location(mostly where their business is). And at this point, local SEO steps in. Thus, Local SEO prioritizes appearing in local searches whereas to dominate on a larger scale: national or worldwide, regular SEO is crucial. To be more specific, SEO is concerned with producing high-quality content that ranks well for a certain phrase, whereas local SEO is concerned with obtaining popularity in a specific location.

Importance of Local SEO in Nepal

Local SEO is important for businesses to promote their products and services to local customers and prospects. Local SEO will bring the following benefits for B2B connection.

Greater Online Visibility

Working hard on digital marketing but failing to have your business appear on the first page of SERPs is worthless because potential customers will be unaware of your existence. As a result, local SEO can help you rank higher in organic search results and improve your chances of getting found.

More Traffic To Your Brick-And-Mortar Shop

You can generate local traffic with local SEO. Visitors will remember you if you appear near me or ABC place in a browser. This awareness encourages customers to visit your store in person, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Build  Community With Trust and Authority

Having credible local backlinks can assist you in improving your ranking and your working ties. Better ranking results in customers trusting in your company. Not only that, but you also earn respect from your audience. These all ultimately provide you authority and elevate your brand.

Reduce Ad Costs and Increase Sales

Even though ads/ SEM brings you more instant visitors, organic traffic is still valuable. Local SEO can help you generate organic traffic, raise brand awareness, and lower ad costs. Your sales will grow as relevant traffic increases both online and offline.

What are the Essentials of Local SEO?

  • NAP(Name, Address, Phone Number)- These topics should be mentioned clearly and consistently in every platform or tool for SEO to read it well.
  • Keywords and synonyms, titles, inbound link signals via articles, reviews and citations, quality mentions in quantity.
  • Schema Markup: Keeping click to call function, maps, business hours, phone numbers, payment type,social media links, optimized pictures.
  • Know User Behavioral signals: Keeping a record of time spent by consumer on your page, numbers of views and clicks, click on map/direction as well as reputation in the local offline market

How to Use Local SEO for Business And Marketing

With Local SEO, brands can achieve better traffic, leads, and conversions come from local SEO optimization.
Here are five effective local SEO strategies which should be utilized by businesses.

Create a Google My Business Account. 

Google My Business enables you to meet Google's requirements for your company. To verify Google My Business, first, you should build and verify Google My Business page, then use Google Posts within your account, and at last, respond authentically to reviews while indicating the location. Getting your Google My Business verified can help you land a top placement in Google's local search results.

Optimize for Voice Search. 

When used with local SEO, voice search can increase a company's ranking on the local search page. When doing voice searches, use a conversational tone in your content to complement long-tail keywords. Don't forget to include answers of Wh inquiries (What,Where, When, Why, Whom and How) about your brand when using Voice search.

Create Local Content 

You can make content by writing blog articles about local events, making videos about local events, and even create location-specific web pages on your website. Furthermore, your content should include top-of-funnel information that extends beyond what your company sells. To attract local audiences, you can focus on writing about local industry news.

Ensure online directories and citations.

You should verify the spellings, acronyms, address, phone number, and other important details of your brand. Brands can also provide a detailed explanation of your company. This accurate data aids in the visibility of your company in search results.

Optimize Your Website for Local Keywords and Mobile. 

Keywords that are relevant to local buyers should be used. In addition, a keyword that promotes local searches is required. These keywords must appear in the meta tags, copy, and URLs of your website. As the number of mobile internet visits has increased in recent years, you must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Challenges in Local SEO

By far, you may be aware of the advantages of local SEO. But there are some challenges in Local SEO that digital marketers have to face. Below are some of the most significant local SEO issues.

Genuine online reviews are required.

You may use online reputation management to improve the brand's local SEO. However, it becomes complicated because the reviews must be authentic and user-generated. You can also get some unfavorable feedback. As a result, keeping excellent reviews is difficult.

Content that is localized is required.

Local SEO is an essential technique in digital marketing. A localized content will help with this. In fact, the information kept out in the local dialect can be more fruitful. As a result, finding and uploading relevant local content remains a struggle.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Page Is Necessary

It takes time and effort to set up and optimize your Google My Business profile. On your website, you must include your company's address, phone number, and email address. 

Assuring the accuracy of business information on the internet

Out-of-date or incorrect information about your brand on the internet can cause dissatisfaction and loss of business, as well as affecting your Google Maps rating. As a result, ensuring that your company's information is right across the internet takes more time and effort.

Making better Landing Pages 

Another local SEO challenge would be to create many landing pages for each area. This needs the creation of a massive number of location-specific pages, a high keyword density, and substantial interlinking. When it comes to local SEO, several SEO companies follow Google's guidelines and can help you create a landing page.

Marketing Analytics Setup Is Necessary

Businesses must plan to employ marketing strategies, which requires the installation of analytics and the exploitation of valuable data. You can manage goals, e-commerce settings, and search console setup using Google Analytics.

Tips for Overcome Challenges in Local SEO

In order to succeed in Local SEO, you must be prepared and confident. Many of the businesses  face Local SEO challenges outlined above while attempting to establish themselves locally. For overcoming the challenges, you can improve your Local SEO results by utilizing the tips given below:
  • Setting up Google Analytics and Google search console for metrics analysis.
  • List your business on Google My Business and claim your local Business Listing on Google.
  • To boost your social media presence, use Facebook Marketing Solutions, Twitter for Small Businesses, and Google+ for Business.
  • Image search takes 27% of total search. Thus, use more images and optimize them for local SEO.
  • Ensure to put out content with profound use of local keywords.
  • Find a digital marketing agency or specialist who can give results-oriented local SEO services.

Local SEO services in Nepal

Businesses in Nepal that use digital marketing are continuously looking for ways to boost their digital metrics. As a result, these businesses seek to work with the best local SEO company in Nepal to increase brand visibility, growth, and sales.
Although the number of digital agencies offering local SEO services in Nepal is increasing, selecting one that offers good value remains a challenge. Among some handful of best digital agencies in Nepal, Marching Ants also owns a spot. In addition, Marching Ants' local SEO services assure increased conversions and brand visibility.
Marching Ants' SEO team keeps an eye on local store reviews, market research for service locations, localized keyword/map optimization, competitor research, content marketing, home page optimization, and local link development. As the best local SEO company in Nepal, we work relentlessly to dominate local SEO in your target area.


In recent years, through Local SEO strategy, businesses have concentrated their efforts on gaining more audience, customers, and prospects. Local SEO optimizes your existing digital presence through Google apps and makes your business relevant to local directories. Local SEO increases your brand's online presence and generates more leads. 
 However, there are challenges in using local SEO. You can seek consultation from the best Local SEO service provider in your area for this. Get in contact with Marching Ants- A leading SEO Agency in Nepal whose SEO team strives to help your brand achieve numbers expected with local SEO. Marching Ants' Local SEO services are aimed at helping you achieve your short- and long-term business goals while enhancing your online presence.

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