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Is SaaS SEO in Nepal relatable and a promising area? The significant leap and drastic technological paradigm shift during the COVID-19 pandemic have made companies adopt digital strategies, including SaaS. Now, companies have realized that missing out on harnessing technology and not acknowledging SaaS advantages is similar to scoring a suicide goal or, simply, "Chances of surviving in the tech-savvy market is very minimal." Reports show that in 2021 about 25,000 SaaS companies in the world, and the number will add up in upcoming years. 

What is SaaS?

According to Technopedia," Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model that delivers application programs over the Internet." SaaS can be applications or application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be integrated with another service. 

There are two different types of Software as a Service model: horizontal SaaS and vertical SaaS. A horizontal SaaS allows big businesses to cater to a broad customer base and run their businesses effectively and efficiently, whereas vertical SaaS solutions are created to target a specific or niche industry. 

A SaaS provider(like Shopify, Cisco, Microsoft, Hubspot, etc.) is responsible for hosting and maintaining the application throughout its lifecycle. They manage the access to the application, including security, availability, and performance.

Advantages of SaaS

Saves your huge money

SaaS helps you in saving a lot of money. You don’t have to invest enormous amounts of money on physical installations as SaaS apps can be readily downloaded. They can provide benefits to cost savings where the hardware and software license costs are low compared with the traditional model. SaaS also allows small and medium businesses to use software whose maintenance costs are reduced.

Choose Pay as much as you use or the Subscription model 

SaaS adopts pay-as-you-go models as well as a subscription model. In pay-as-you-go models,  businesses are allowed to pay for only what they are using and not pay heavily on unused licensing.  In simple words, if you use more of the service, your bill goes up and vice-versa. In the subscription model, the business or consumer executes an electronic or a paper contract agreeing to a subscription for a period of time.

Scalability and integration

SaaS solutions are offered in scalable cloud environments with integrations to other SaaS products. You don't need to buy a new server or software to use SaaS; all you have to do is enable a new SaaS product. You'll also have the ability to scale your SaaS usage based on your specific needs.

Reduced time to benefit

In Software as a service (SaaS), the software (application) is already installed and configured. You simply have to add the server to the cloud, and the application will be available to use in a matter of hours. This cuts down on time taken for the installation and configuration of software and further reduces the issues that may come during software deployment.

What is SaaS SEO?

SaaS SEO is the process of increasing organic traffic to a SaaS (Software as a Service) company's website by achieving top rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) under a list of relevant keywords. With SaaS, SEO strategy increases organic search engine traffic for a SaaS company. An effective SaaS SEO strategy can drive traffic consistently, unlike ads which can drive traffic only for a certain time. You can practice SEO techniques along with SaaS-focused content marketing to practice full-fledged SaaS SEO.

Difference between Normal SEO and SaaS SEO

Criteria Normal SEO SaaS SEO
Size Bigger  Smaller
Search Volume Increased; specialized commerce focused Decreased; specialized commerce focused
Nature Comparatively simple and more transactional; more focus on informational and transactional  content
Complicated and less transactional; more focus on informational content
Sales Funnel Shorter sales funnel;every aspect: product, information, security concerns  to be covered Long sales funnel;every aspect: product, information, security concerns  to be covered
Effort Lesser manual  and includes holistic SEO activities
More manual and specific SEO activities


Advantages of SaaS SEO

SEO can drive traffic to your website

To be able to get listed at the top of the organic search results of Google, you need experts in SaaS SEO. These experts have an excellent way to get lots of traffic to your site. And if your content is appealing and the product is top-notch, they will surely buy your product.

SEO can give you an advantage over similar businesses

SEO is one crucial long-term inbound marketing strategy that no SaaS company should ignore. Thus with a proper SaaS SEO strategy, you can beat your competitors and be in the eyes of potential customers.

Your SaaS business can get popular through SEO

Don't be concerned about marketing your company because by employing particular SaaS SEO tactics, you may attract the attention of your target audience. People will remember your brand more if you are at the top of the search results, which will boost word-of-mouth marketing.

SEO helps to build brand awareness

Having your SaaS company appear on Google's first page helps you establish credibility and trust in your brand. Simultaneously, leveraging organic material can be a way to add the informative component and, as a result, influence purchasing decisions. SaaS SEO must be considered if you want to establish strong brand awareness and eventually foster prospects. To build strong brand awareness and eventually foster prospects, SaaS SEO must be reckoned.

Lessen your dependence on ads with SaaS SEO

Paid ads are helpful for many companies in any industry, including the SaaS industry, but they keep taking money out of your pocket. They are the best platforms for the initial days, but as soon as your SaaS company gears up, running advertisements is clearly not an option. This is the time to build brand reputation and maintain consistency, and for this, we have the hero -THE SaaS SEO. SaaS SEO makes your company grow more with long-term and cost-effective strategies. To be specific, with SEO, you will have a clear pattern of growth, starting with organic traffic increment.

Strategies of SaaS SEO 

  • Balancing the  keywords in each pages

Experts in SaaS SEO reveal that the SaaS website mostly has - Product page, Help Center and Communities, which are all focused on ranking on one keyword, mostly "Download the App."  Thus, having the proper and balanced number of content, i.e., a well-crafted content strategy is a  pivotal strategy; not working properly on this will exacerbate the SaaS SEO ranking.

  • Automating internal Linking

SaaS SEO experts believe in owning Automate internal links from product pages, help centers and communities. At the same time, link equity/link juice is also considered to help.

  • Focus on visibility  aspects

Anyone, whether you are a Youtuber or a SaaS company, you will receive negative reviews from malicious or, say, toxic users. This also gives visibility but will rather cause harm; thus, first, SaaS SEO experts work on managing this. At the same time, emphasizing quality content strategy increases visibility. In fact, proper use of relevant SEO tools can help uncover areas of opportunity and earn some visibility in the SERPs.

  • APP STORE Optimization

SEO people also do App Store optimization. You must be able to learn like extra optimization. Here, you will add keyword targeting like keep putting the keyword, subtitle, and meta slot. If you are a B2B company but like solopreneurs, smaller businesses can rely on SaaS SEO. 

  • Get Maximum Review

SaaS SEO experts also work to earn "legitimate " steps to gain reviews on your software. In fact, SaaS SEO people can see the pattern of the people who are ranking and doing well. Thus, they put effort into getting really good search coverage and also work on online reputation management.

Present Status of SaaS SEO in Nepal

In the case of Nepal, there are various small to medium organizations that are into full-fledged digital marketing. Now,  digital marketing is subject to get affected by trends and luckily, SaaS SEO happens to be one of the trending topics in recent years. The software companies in Nepal, more than 1000 in number, are getting their hands in SaaS. Relating to this scenario, there is healthy competition among such SaaS companies, and they want to be visible to their clients as No.1 everywhere. And one of the most useful places is Google, and to be featured on top results of Google, the need for a SaaS SEO company is felt. These all direct us toward the condition of "Increased demand for SaaS SEO in Nepal."

Challenges found in SaaS SEO in Nepal

  • Educating the people about SaaS SEO

The first and foremost challenge for experts in SaaS SEO in Nepal is educating the people. First of all, SaaS is intangible and working for SaaS SEO in Nepal is considered a putting effort to uplift the visibility of products that are not invisible. Thus, the first task is making people, especially businesses, aware of what and how SaaS SEO works. Along with SaaS SEO, businesses must work on making their product top-notch.

  • Maintaining Current Customers

Customers are offered a range of software, competing fiercely in the market. They are hence exposed to innovation that provides better services. Missing out on adding emerging innovative concepts may inspire customers to leave your company. To avoid such a situation, you should make a good relationship with existing customers and even get suggestions for improvements or new features they'd like to see added to the product.

  • Whether to focus only on the product or entirely ignore the service

Many businesses focus on selling the software rather than the service. Thus, you risk losing the human connection by neglecting the service part and heavily investing in the product. Ignoring the humanizing aspect will certainly backfire on you. Thus, companies that want a better position in SaaS must include customer service, help desk, tech support and more.

  • Issues with Aggregators

Web Aggregators utilize web or media content, applications or both from online sources for reuse or resale. As there are company guidelines and restrictions along with web aggregators' certain boundaries, finding a smooth connection with aggregators can be an issue for experts in SaaS SEO in Nepal. For such professionals, complications may arise at a specific time. So for that, you have to choose the web aggregators wisely.

With the best strategies in digital marketing and SEO practices, Marching has uplifted many companies and now, it strives to offer the best SaaS SEO service in Nepal. We have SEO specialists who are into result-oriented SaaS SEO practice to improve your organic search visibility as well as App downloads.
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