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Digital marketing has become a must-have for every brand in every sector, including the banking sector. The level of competition in digital marketing for banks is increasing. Thus, to be ranked number 1 in Google with the help of SEO is one mandatory strategy. 
SEO is a profitable digital marketing strategy that will pay off in the long run. While pursuing bank SEO, the predominant goal of Nepali banks is obviously "To Become #1 on Google for Banks in Nepal." So, to educate banks and banking professionals about SEO, we have come up with this blog.
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  • What is SEO for Banks?
  • Advantages of SEO for Banks
  • Strategies of SEO for banks in Nepal
  • Challenges and opportunities with SEO
  • Why choose Marching Ants?

What is SEO for Banks?

Activities devoted to banks' visibility, brand awareness, and greater traffic on the website come under SEO for banks. SEO for banks, finance companies and financial advisors requires a rigorous, disciplined and careful approach. Quality, trust, transparency, and loyalty are the factors that come under the area of intersection of banks and SEO. So, it appears that SEO and banks do go well and if you decide to ignore SEO, then be sure of getting outranked by your competitors soon. 

5 Advantages of SEO for Banks

Greater brand awareness and visibility

With SEO, you will get improved visibility as your bank's website will appear in the top search results.

Have the best web traffic

Increased traffic is another advantage of SEO. This kind of organic traffic is more cost-effective.

Convert Traffic to Leads and to Customers

The traffic earned from SEO brings leads and then turns those leads into actual customers. 

Be Found around the globe and in the local area

With the well-planned SEO strategies, your bank can be found whenever any searches on targeted keywords are done from any corner of the world. Utilizing Local SEO strategies, your bank gets featured in local searches and those who look for "banks near me" can find you instantly.

Enjoy the Constant Promotion

Banks are closed after office hours, but with SEO, your website continues working. By choosing SEO banking services, your practice and your website get 24/7 promotion.

Strategies of SEO for banks in Nepal

Keyword Optimization

After an SEO audit, the SEO department starts keyword research so that they can know where and what your potential customers are searching for. Finding and targetting right keywords can help you earn a new customer. SEO specialists are aware that they should only add keywords where they make sense and match the search intent intending to help your visitors find the information they need.

Content Creation

Both the web content and blog are crucial to improve SEO for banks. Hence content must be unique and fulfill the search intent of the visitors. At Marching Ants, a leading digital marketing agency in Nepal, we create content that adds value to visitors' time and knowledge of a particular area. Our content writers are capable of hooking the visitors and driving them into your sales funnels. To add more, the content writing team at Marching Ants is dedicated to using a healthy number of keywords while maintaining content understandability for visitors. 

Local SEO

 "Banks near me" is one major search when it comes to local SEO for banks. In local SEO efforts, the SEO team maximizes the visibility of your locations in the map results, allowing your customers always to find a branch nearby. SEO experts focus on Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) consistency, Google My Business (GMB) listing, localized landing pages, Directory Listings, and other local SEO strategies.


Backlinks are necessary for banking SEO as they support and act as a "vote of confidence" to your bank. Backlinks, along with local link building, can help you improve your organic positions for local searches and reach wider local audience. SEO experts ensure to get backlinks from sites bearing high-quality DA and have/accept resources devoted to financial literacy. Further, the SEO team creates quality content to earn the valued backlink and eventually improve your ranking on Google.

Guest Posting

Banking & Financial industry is one of the most dynamic industries where changes and updates occur every now and then. To improve your bank's Google ranking, we invest in guest posting. With our guest blogging, we share our expertise on other companies' websites and establish ourselves as an authority figures. This will further aid in building relationships with niche-leading personalities and your brand to an entirely new audience.

Social Sharing

Social sharing includes the proper use of social media to improve your search rankings. Through the shared link, you can have more visitors, have them explore the webpages and blogs and eventually subscribe to you and stay connected. 
As a leading SEO agency in Nepal, Marching Ants understands that social media itself doesn’t drive backlinks, but the traffic it can earn contributes to brand awareness. Further, we encourage brands to use keywords in business descriptions and bios, post copy, optimize videos, and even use branded hashtags.

Challenges and Possible Solutions for SEO for Banks in Nepal

 There are various obstacles to overcome when it comes to improving the bank's Google ranking. Let’s look into 4 major challenges that occur while practicing SEO for banks in Nepal, along with their possible solution. 


Inconsistent Interlinking

Everyone knows about Wikipedia and its model of interlinking. Presenting content in this model is an incredibly effective way to boost rankings and visibility. This is certainly a challenge for many organizations, including banks. In fact, while practicing the upper mentioned model, a webpage of the bank dedicated to a particular department (for example, opening an online bank account ) may receive higher link equity, but in another department (for example, ATM cards), they may not receive similar link equity. This will eventually contribute to less inconsistent interlinking, which is not good for your SEO performance. 

Keyword Salience

Keyword salience refers to keywords that are relevant, noticeable, and important. For a query on "account," words like saving account, current account, Fixed Deposit account, DEMAT account are related. So when a person searches for an account, a question, "Are they looking for a saving, current, Fixed Deposit, or DEMAT account?" arises. To this question, keyword salience gives the perfect answer. Thus, proper explanation and documentation of product type, use, and services and filling the gaps within the bank's departments are necessary to have clarity.

Poor Digital Governance

Banks must maintain compliance with a variety of regulations set by the government. Talking about digital governance, it outlines the people, principles, permissions, policies, and protocols needed to successfully manage organizations, including banks, their digital assets, content, and campaigns. In Nepal, there are no strong laws on "Digital governance." At the moment, changing laws is not in our hands, but SEO Agencies in Nepal should make sure to identify and check the legal availability of using SEO practices along with tools of learning, training, support, and monitoring.

Fixing Broken Internal links

In the case of banking websites, 404 errors are especially common when resources, apps, downloads, or educational content are moved or updated. This scenario occurs when a bank's merger, acquisition, restructuring, or rebranding occurs. In fact, poor internal linking can bring “404 page not found” errors and affect SEO. Unfortunately, solving this issue in banks can be difficult as various departments aren’t eager to share their link equity. Nevertheless, SEO agencies must solve the 404 error ASAP to avoid losing traffic, revenue, and reputation. For the solution, the SEO team should take help from the website development team.


  • By employing content marketing blogs/articles, banks can gain better visibility and traffic.
  • While educating about financial literacy, you can subtly market your banking product.
  • With online banking and 24/7 excellent customer service, you can retain a lot of customers and even get new referred customers.
  • You can make yourself found to the customers who are intently searching for banking products.
  • You can develop trust and confidence among audiences by improving your Google ranking.
  • Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective marketing strategy that can help you get a significant advantage over your competitors.

Why choose Marching Ants?

SEO for Banks in Nepal is extremely important as it can enhance your digital presence, help you generate better leads and establish trust amongst your audience. Finding a reliable digital agency to carry out SEO for banks in Nepal is quite a task. In this context, Marching Ants is your best possible solution. 
Tagged as the "#1 SEO company in Nepal" as well as " Best SEO Agency in Nepal," Marching Ants performs best quality SEO practices so that your bank's website gets fully optimized. 
With its SEO team, Marching Ants employs success-focused SEO strategies for your bank so that your bank gets ranked as the #1 bank in Nepal.
You can visit our website for further details on our SEO services.

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