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The FinTech industry in Nepal is upscaling as people are now more into learning how to solve financial problems with smart and innovative technology. Moreover, FinTech has evolved, and competition has become fierce. So, to win this race, you will have to get these leads from your competitors. And that is only possible with a great FinTech SEO strategy. FinTech SEO in Nepal is still in the introductory phase and thus, SEO agencies in Nepal are actively educating the FinTech industry about SEO and its magical results. 

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  • What is SEO for FinTech Industry?
  • Advantages of SEO for Digital Wallet
  • Strategies of SEO for Digital Wallet
  • Challenges and opportunities with for Digital Wallet
  • Why choose Marching Ants?

What is SEO for FinTech Industry?

FinTech (Financial technology ) includes POS, Payment Gateway, Digital Banks, Digital Wallets, and blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. So, what is FinTech SEO? FinTech SEO is a method of increasing organic traffic to websites and businesses committed to providing financial services via the use of technology. Fintech SEO aims to improve the Google ranking of financial organizations' websites and their products in the highly competitive Fintech ecosystem. 
In Nepal, the most dominant form of FinTech is digital wallet. There are more than 18 digital wallets operating in Nepal. They are operating as Payment Service Providers (PSPs). To improve Google rankings and results in the sales funnel, digital wallets need digital marketing agencies that excel in the area of Fintech SEO in Nepal. Further, these employed SEO strategies contribute to uplifting digital wallet's organic traffic and other digital marketing metrics.

Advantages of SEO For FinTech

  • Find right audience 

Companies must be aware of the buyer's journey to sales decisions and figure out what their customers want. After understanding the journey, companies will surely find the need to have a full-fledged FinTech SEO service. This will keep the company on top of Google results and eventually stay ahead of competitors.

  • Educate Your audience with technical words and works

With a solid and dynamic SEO strategy, the FinTech industry can educate its target audience. Certain terms in the FinTech industry can be difficult or even unheard by the audience. Other than that, the process of opening an account or transferring money digitally may be an issue for people. Thus, for this, you can update your content on the website and even come up with tutorial blogs. Upon utilizing the competitive keywords in content, you can appear on top results and instantly get traffic, clicks and leads as well. In fact, you can bring customers back to you and reach out to new ones in the near future.

  • FinTech SEO creates returning traffic and potential leads

A good long-term SEO approach will pay off in the long run by assisting in the creation of repeating traffic. It will certainly bring you more possible leads. Furthermore, search engines index your high-quality FinTech content over time, bringing clients back to your site and even bringing in new ones.

  • Appear on the First Page of Fintech FAQs

The FinTech industry of Nepal is in its infancy stage, and people have numerous questions about it from the moment they start using the technology. Thus answering these questions, which are also labeled as FAQs, can be surely a smart move. And presenting FAQs with SEO-optimized content will surely help you get in the Top 1 spot on Google. SEO Experts at Marching Ants ensure to provide the best SEO services for FinTech companies to boost their Google ranking.

  • Build Trust and Boost Collaboration
In the financial services business, accessing customer financial information is necessary. Thus, your customers should have strong trust in your finance-related company. To this, providing quality SEO-optimized content on a regular basis demonstrates and develops trust. Further, it would develop your brand as a reliable source for all customers.
To add more, proper SEO enables collaboration with other parties such as the media, financial journals, and finance bloggers. This partnership could lead to increased visibility and high-quality backlinks.

Strategies used in SEO For Digital Wallet in Nepal

With digitalization taking over traditional mediums, information and service consumption have changed. A Digital wallet is one such change and a big achievement for transactions. A Digital Wallet, otherwise known as mobile money or mobile money transfer, is an application that makes the world of payment more convenient. As long as you have a good internet connection and any smartphone device and the wallet app, you can make an easy payment.
When it comes to the bringing concept of a digital wallet in Nepal, the credit goes to Biswas Dhakal. Mr. Dhakal, with Asgar Ali, founded eSewa, Nepal's first mobile wallet. At present, the number of Nepali digital wallets has risen and these companies are devotedly providing services to customers.
  • Conduct In-Depth Keyword Research

The first and foremost thing to do is look for relevant and desired keywords. For this, keyword research is crucial. Keyword research helps you create great content on your page and helps you rank well. While making efforts for SEO for digital wallets in Nepal, extensive keyword research is mandatory. By combining such keywords into your content, you can create fully SEO-optimized content that will eventually boost Google's ranking and attract the correct audience.

  • Set SEO Goals

The main goal of SEO is to improve your exposure to relevant internet search results, allowing you to generate more leads, sales, and revenue. In fact, strategies for digital wallet SEO must be designed in a more specific way, so that outcome, performance, and process goals are attained easily.

  • Have an SEO-Friendly Site

An SEO-friendly website has unique titles and descriptions for all pages along with well-formatted URLs, fast-loading web pages, and unique content. To identify your website as a good one, Google and other search engines crawl each page on a website, properly analyze the content, and index it in their database. Once indexed, they label your site as the most relevant and valuable web page to their users.

  • Create Valuable Content

Content determines the prospective success of your website. Great content sets your website apart from the competitors and sends the right message to your visitors. As a digital wallet company, you can create information that corresponds to people's questions about digital wallets. In fact, you can incorporate keywords and bring the best SEO move to rank better.

  • Become a Thought Leader

SEO is partly about relevance (ideas, data, points of view) and partly about authority (mentioned by others). Analyzing this scenario, one can say that representatives of digital wallets should not just talk or check on sales; instead, they can contribute to other websites. Sharing perspectives, setting agendas, and challenging the status quo can add to branding and bring massive organic and referral traffic. So, SEO also gives the opportunity for digital wallet representatives to become thought leaders as well.

Challenges and Possible Solutions for SEO For Digital Wallet in Nepal

SEO for Digital wallets in Nepal may be something people find unnecessary, but Digital wallets are aware of the benefits of SEO. Rather than addressing the rumor, they put on the lens of marketing and branding and will eventually say YES to SEO. However, conquering the top spot on "SEO for Digital wallet in Nepal" is not easy; several challenges exist. 
So, now we will discuss challenges found in SEO For Digital Wallet in Nepal and see some possible solutions.
  • No Culture of creating the data-based content using own data 

The first and foremost challenge in the FinTech industry of Nepal is the silos mentality. The silos are so strong that companies do not provide general data which could have been helpful for people. Unlike Nepal, the western world uses its own data, brings impeccable content and educates the world about its achievements. This is certainly a challenge when drafting content to rank better and perform well in rankings of the best  Digital wallets in Nepal.

  • Rules from government

FinTech companies must follow digital governance laws. Sadly, there are no strong regulations on "Digital Governance" in Nepal. Rules addressing concerns about digital transactions via digital wallets are under review. Thus, it is upon the shoulders of  SEO agencies in Nepal to work inside the legal circle and provide the best SEO service for Digital wallets.

  • SEO takes time, but Digital wallets need instant results

SEO is an organic approach to levitate your website's position in Google. But it is comparatively slower, and clients have to wait for 3 to 6 months for the results. On the other side, digital wallets-those that came into existence to provide instant payment and transaction- seek instant results. They may resemble Oxymoron pairing to people. Thus, convincing the digital wallet representatives to get SEO services can be quite challenging.

  • Educating the older people via Google Results is difficult

There exist stereotypes about older adults and technology. The technological skills of older people vary widely by economic status, education and age. Most seniors often struggle with reduced reactivity to fast-paced technology. To some extent, it is true as they are physically and mentally not invested in learning skills. And to this, doing transactions with a digital wallet is a big NO-NO for them. So, educating and inspiring them to use digital wallets is exceptionally challenging. 


  • A growing field, competitive brands

The FinTech industry is growing in Nepal. To provide the best services, FinTech companies are putting their best foot in. They are fully utilizing the technology and providing the best customer service. The healthy competition among the companies in the niche industry will eventually bring out their best version, which is best for customers, company and country

  • People's growing interest in digital financial literacy

Digital finance and its process is something that interests general people. Hence, educating them and, at the same time, subtly introducing your brand, here digital wallet, will be the smartest idea. However, content devoted to expanding digital financial literacy should be clear and understandable.

  • Get their answers solved, be their favorite

A person doesn't forget the one who helps in bad times; likewise, people don't forget the site that helps them in earning knowledge when in search of answers. Thus, by focusing on digital finance literacy, product promotion, and schemes awareness, digital wallet companies can help people to find their answers, be their favorites and eventually retain them.

  • Combine SEO and real-time customer service to achieve a monopoly in the industry

Now FinTech SEO alone can't ensure your growth; you must put in the effort for better customer service. When your digital and offline presence and work are of top-notch quality, you don't need to fear losing your customers. Another thing is that FinTech companies must continue their effort to put customers first and address their issues. When these tasks are done correctly, you can attain a monopoly and rule the niche market.

Why choose Marching Ants?

At Marching Ants' we employ best SEO practices for FinTech companies from inception to execution. We deliver outstanding services to our clients-Digital Wallets. Our expertise in SEO for FinTech companies, along with bespoke and innovative FinTech brand strategy. As a professional FinTech SEO agency in Nepal, we provide only top-notch marketing solutions befitting your FinTech business.
Get our FinTech SEO services and see your FinTech company grow and reach heights!!
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