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Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) encompasses products, ranging from noodles to deodorants that consumers use on a daily basis. The FMCG industry has made a great leap- from traditional marketing to now online marketing. At present, online marketing for the FMCG industry appears more promising as now more people are on the internet to consume content and make their purchases. Among various FMCG online marketing strategies, SEO for FMCG is also one.

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What is SEO for FMCG?
Advantages of SEO for FMCG
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Present Status of SEO in FMCG Industry
Challenges and opportunities in SEO for FMCG
Why choose Marching Ants?

What is SEO for FMCG?

SEO for FMCG deals with boosting the appearance of the FMCG company's website with engaging content and keyword optimization in order to hook its target audience. To stay visible in the market and survive the competition, FMCG companies have to focus on appropriate SEO  for their website. For a result-driven SEO for FMCG strategy, SEO Agencies undertake popular as well as trending SEO techniques and strategies. To be number 1 on Google search that too under one seed keyword or long-tailed keyword, FMCG companies rely on SEO for FMCG service.

Advantages of SEO for FMCG

You can get a detailed consumer information

When you employ SEO for FMCG and get hands-on analytics and other SEO tools, you may learn about your consumers/customers' gender, age range, locations, and frequency of repeat purchases. The company's marketing teams can use this type of data to better understand typical consumer/customer profiles. Furthermore, this type of categorization helps in drafting other SEO for FMCG practices and strategies.

Companies can gain better Building Authority

Customers' trust in a brand is referred to as "brand authority." Authenticity is necessary to acquire such trust. When this level of authenticity is mirrored in a digital marketing plan, such as SEO for FMCG, other competitors have a slim chance of beating you. The company will appear at the top of the search results if SEO for FMCG is done effectively, bringing in new clients for the first time. At this stage, these new customers are more likely to visit your website.

Dominate your branded keywords

FMCG business's largest asset is its product. No, matter what your product is, you have numerous competitors to tackle with. But without a brand name, most of the products made by FMCGs would not sell much. When you start doing SEO for FMCG efficiently, you can dominate branded keywords as you can target generic keywords and eventually outrank the competitors.

You can identify New Opportunities

A good SEO for FMCG strategy allows you to monitor and assess other information. Through SEO tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics, you can understand trending keywords among consumers, which pages don't entertain conversion and many others. This further helps the SEO team to work on new points and make SEO for FMCG better.

An effort on Re-Marketing

For customers who visit your website, you can send additional marketing content and encourage them to come back. This type of information may entice them to stay for a few seconds. Furthermore, having a strong SEO for FMCG helps you to customize your additional outbound marketing plan.

Challenges and opportunities in SEO for FMCG

Questioning the power of SEO

In FMCG companies of Nepal, high-rank officers have comparatively less experience in digital marketing. These officials are more into traditional marketing as it reaches a large audience of any kind. They put the logic of "Why be top on Google when you can be on TOM of all the people in Nepal?". But they are missing out on the fact that SEO for FMCG is a cost-effective and long-lasting strategy and it can bring audiences, consumers, or even investors around the globe. But it is hard to make them understand.

Knowledge of SEO is still to be imparted

When people think of digital marketing, they simply think of Social media and ads, but almost 40% of people are unaware of SEO. Thus, if any digital agency approaches an FMCG company offering its service, they have to start from first- Tell them what SEO for FMCG is, its advantage, and why you need it. So, the prime step here is telling them the Benefits of SEO for FMCG.

Branded Search is still dominating SEO for FMCG in Nepal

Unbranded Search refers to the use of unbranded keywords that do not define a specific brand or business name, whereas branded Search refers to people looking for products from certain companies. When it comes to SEO for FMCG in Nepal, unbranded keywords have a difficult time ranking because branded keywords dominate.

Not even one SEO for FMCG trend has been initiated in Nepal

As discussed prior, in Nepal, people don't have much idea of what is the use of SEO for FMCG. So expecting some new creative sides or even minor initiatives in SEO for FMCG in Nepal is like expecting a stone to grow. Thus, for those who want to start SEO for FMCG and want to take inspiration from prior activities or initiatives, this can be quite a challenge.

Why choose Marching Ants?

Marching Ants is a leading digital marketing company in Nepal focused to provide the best services in all of its digital marketing services. SEO for FMCG comes under the Marching Ants SEO service. Our SEO for FMCG strategy focuses on building brand awareness and expanding product awareness. Our SEO professionals use a healthy mix of on-page and off-page SEO tactics to maximize your organic website traffic, enhance conversions, and expand your revenue.

Marching Ants ensures the effectiveness of SEO for FMCG initiatives, tracks the performance and fills the communication gap between customers and FMCG companies. To add more, due to our efforts and dedication to bringing hypergrowth to FMCG clients, our SEO Strategies For FMCG has been entitled as the best SEO Strategies For FMCG in Nepal.

Contact us if you search for a data-driven and professional digital agency that holds expertise in SEO For FMCG Industries in Nepal.

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