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At this time, almost every travel business owner is aware of the importance of being top of Google search. Back in 2020, the COVID pandemic, A menace to the world, hit the travel industry hard. But after the production and use of the vaccine, everything, including the travel industry, resumed its normal working days. Since then, the travel industry has tenaciously held the hands of Travel SEO along with other digital marketing strategies and is bringing back its lost shine and sales. 

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What is SEO for Travel Agency?
Advantages of SEO for Travel Agency
Strategies of SEO for Travel Agency
Present Status of Travel SEO in Nepal
Challenges and opportunities in Travel SEO
Why choose Marching Ants?

What is SEO for Travel Agency?

Travel SEO is a branch of SEO where SEO activities- both online and offline SEO- are devoted to uplifting the organic traffic and leads of a Travel agency. The first focus of Travel SEO is understanding prospects' dreaming moments, planning moments, booking moments, and experiencing moments. Travel SEO services include all basic strategies of SEO; however, trending topics like staycations are also considered in practicing SEO. With a dedicated SEO for travel agency, a travel agency can attract new customers resulting in more bookings and sales.

Advantages of SEO for Travel Agency

Attract TRAFFIC and convert them into a customer.

When you employ relevant keywords in your website's content, you receive traffic and a higher possibility of the user becoming a client. For e.g., If a person searches for a "budget vacation in Kathmandu," he/she will be guided to low-cost holiday places in Kathmandu. In this case, if a travel company properly utilizes SEO practices focused on the "budget vacation in Kathmandu" keyword, it can generate a lot of TRAFFIC and convert them into customers.

Travel SEO increases brand awareness.

Brand awareness is critical in the tourism sector. Keywords and optimized photos are extensively used in the tourism sector. With these simple SEO methods, your business will consistently appear on the first page of a search engine, allowing more people to learn about your business. This helps to raise brand recognition, convert leads, and improve income for travel agencies.

Travel SEO is a cheaper and more reliable marketing method.

Companies spend quite some money on advertising. SEO is not paid medium like advertising; rather, SEO is a low-cost, organic method. This saves money while expanding your company's reach. So, rather than running advertisements, travel agencies can use SEO services and reap maximum benefits.

SEO provides a wider reach to the market

SEO is a marketing strategy that aims at getting a company better visibility on Google, the most trusted internet platform in the world. The travel industry, which caters to both domestic and international tourists, requires good SEO. With the best SEO strategies, a travel company can attract audiences from anywhere and motivate them to visit their website and ultimately have their brand visibility enhanced!

Strategies of SEO for Travel Agency

Local SEO 

Locations are important in the travel sector, and so is Local SEO. Local SEO is a strategy that involves optimizing a website to appear when people search for a particular locality. It is a method through which search engines show the most relevant results depending on geographical data. This may be accomplished by optimizing Google My Business (GMB) page. Travel agencies can utilize satellite photos in GMB and couple them with updated company information, changed hours/menus, reviews, and queries.

Check on the bounce rate

Bounce rates get higher when the wrong audience lands on the wrong page or when an audience does not find your content read-worthy. If the audience bounces away from your website frequently, it can get to the point when Google has to penalize your website. And as a travel agency, you would not want that to happen. So, the SEO team must work on optimizing page load time, making the website mobile-friendly and responsive, making the site easy to search and always putting a single call to action.

Use of Relevant keywords

Positive Google rankings require ongoing SEO methods and upgrades. The strategic usage of relevant keywords and content optimization are two main areas of concentration in this scenario. Using relevant keywords and optimizing travel content helps travel agencies to outperform their competitors.

Focus on content marketing

Talking about the On-page SEO for a travel agency, having great content is a must but marketing that content is much more important. For content marketing and adding value to visitors or customer's time, travel agencies can provide:

  • Free eBook or destination guide
  • Downloadable tariff, guidebooks, maps, FAQ, pdf
  • Informative blogs and articles
  • Add videos, images, and podcasts to their website
  • Publish timely news and events

Present Status of Travel SEO in Nepal

At present, all travel agencies in Nepal are aware that having an estrangement with SEO is like hitting yourself with a hammer. Thus, they are making efforts to find the best SEO company in Nepal that offers the best Travel SEO services. The basic Travel SEO cycle involves:

  • First, travel agencies feel the dearth of SEO efforts.
  • Second, they do their research on "Which is the best travel SEO company in Nepal?" 
  • Approach the best SEO company for Travel Agency in Nepal.[ These SEO companies come up with strategic travel SEO planning and content creation.] 
  • Sign a contract and get Travel SEO services
  • Check for Results after a given time. [If the company is happy with SEO service, they continue or else go for another SEO company]

Thus, Nepali Travel Agencies are now investing their efforts and budget for the best Travel SEO results when it comes to ranking on the keyword "Best Travel Agency in Nepal."

Challenges and opportunities in Travel SEO

Competing with massive OTAs

Travel SEO companies find it hard to scale and compete with big OTAs, which seem to be ruling the Travel SEO market. These OTAs receive and share the link with big companies and have better investment in SEO than small travel companies.

Keeping up with Google updates

Much of the search for real estate and vacations is directed to Google Hotel Search, Flight Search, Google Travel Guides and even Answer Boxes. So tackling that can be a massive challenge.

Numerous small competitors

Highlighting tour packages and price offers or reviews while competing with millions of travel companies to rank on targeted keywords is a big hurdle for people working devoted to Travel SEO in Nepal. 

Why choose Marching Ants?

The user behavior around travel-related searches has evolved, and digital marketers and SEO experts in Nepal, typically in the travel business, now have a great responsibility to understand the change and plan accordingly. As a leading SEO company in Nepal, Marching Ants helps travel-related companies in Nepal get the right leads and conversions. We employ advanced travel SEO strategies, support your growth, and target to dominate the local searches.
We devote our efforts to utilizing suitable SEO practices and strategies for travel SEO in Nepal and bringing the best results in traffic, leads, and sales.
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