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Social Media Marketing in Nepal has gotten on the right path as many businesses have already adopted it to succeed, prosper, and achieve a phenomenal place in their niche. In Nepal, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok are the popular social media platforms used for social media marketing. While we talk about social media, it would have no existence without content.

What is Content? What are its types? 

Content is a creation that has both science and art-infused for better branding and marketing. However, it is almost considered useless if the content cannot get any recognition among the audience. Thus, creating A-class content is the main goal of Social Media Marketing.
In Digital Marketing, content can be written posts, blogs, articles, guides, eBooks, Images, Video, Live Videos, Infographics and many others.
In social media marketing, you can find extensive use of visual content as the audience's attention span in social media is very limited, i.e., just 2 to 3 seconds. Visual Content includes images, short animated videos, slideshows, memefied images and videos, GIFs, and live videos. Further, User Generated Content, where users/audience create content for the brands, is gaining exceptional acceptance and demands in social media marketing in Nepal.

What can great content bring to brands?

Social media marketing isn't a choice; it's necessary to stay in touch with your audience and spend less money on advertising. With effective marketing of tempting and out-of-the-box concepts-filled content, brands can grow brand awareness, increase digital presence and the brand's trustworthiness, improve customer service, boost SEO, and expand sales.
Agencies working to ace social media marketing in Nepal ensure to advertise their social media content at the right time and with reference to the metrics earned from previous campaigns and activities

How to create content on social media?

Brands should always create content that favors brand awareness and enlarging the social network. Furthermore, brands should focus on following the Four Effective Ways to create content that ensures the improvement of digital metrics.

Create Visually-appealing Quality content

Brands always focus on using contexts and content that favors, entices, and is relevant to their target audience. Hence, they initiate their content creation first with the posting on posts and stories. Therefore, they use Eye-catchy color combination as well as Qualified Lit Young-spirited, aka Quality content. Brands now experiment with content creation for educational, interactional, and inspirational purposes. Educational Content includes facts about the brand or its niche industry, interactional is to enhance audience engagement, and inspirational to develop a bond with the audience. The combination of such contents brings a greater impression and reach. You can find such content combination in a wholesome amount in social media marketing in Nepal.

Ensure storytelling in content which people can relate

For storytelling, a lavish setup or detailing is not mandatory. A picture can tell a story, and mute video can still convey emotions; it all depends on storytelling. Whenever storytelling is used in content creation, it usually contains extreme sides like racism, depression and gains more attention from the audience. But such content has high risks. Thus, brands have to play it safe; they stay and should stay on middle ground and bring stories that are more on humorous and inspirational sides, relating to their audience, to flourish their goals. Scriptwriter and social media managers do quite a lot of homework on this.

Create content that motivates people for call-to-action

Depending upon the nature of the content, advertisers use one or many call-to-action in their posts or stories. A call-to-action in social media can be likes, comment, follow, share, etc. But the most challenging and most valued "BUY" call-to-action requires more effort and attention. For instance, gaining a digital audience must fulfill the necessary metrics and favor the actual sales. However, it has been witnessed that more engaged and regular audiences are the ones who love your brand and make purchases. Relating to this, Social Media Marketing in Nepal prioritizes building social networks/community, bringing on improved results on all metrics and increasing sales and revenue. 

Focus on the headline, Caption and Tagline 

Salesy, story-telling headlines, rhyming and product-friendly tagline, and engaging caption not only entice your audience but motivate them more to share them. The holy mix of a great headline, caption and tagline can enhance the chances of call-to-action. For all these tasks, copywriters, with their years of experience and familiarity with the latest trend, come into play. The success of the content would also depend on their wordplay. 

Final Thought

Content creation is an exciting and essential aspect of social media marketing. Brands must ace on creating content with the above-mentioned qualities to get action from the audience and better numbers in metrics. Not only for organic traffic but for the paid context too, content must be informational and attractive. Once you have created killer content, you have to launch and market it wisely and measure its performance on your business. To make an impact or stay as the number one agency in social media marketing in Nepal, digital agencies and marketers should use the right content in the right context on the right platform.


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