Social Responsible Marketing and Its Importance


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Social responsible marketing arose as a response to dubious marketing methods with harmful societal implications. It is based on the idea of a market that is "not just profit-driven" but also promotes ethical and social values. This approach, in actuality, self-regulates the influence of their behaviors.
The main aim of social responsible marketing is to maximize positive impact and lower the negative one. Parley Footwear from Adidas, Zero Campaign of Nike, Levis Waterless process, Redbull's aluminum recycling are the popular campaigns and activities of big brands with the concept of social responsible marketing.
So what makes the foundation of this kind of marketing strategy? Well, here we discuss the 5 core values of Social Responsible Marketing.

Honesty is always the best policy

Fulfilling what the brand has promised, both explicitly and implicitly, directs towards honesty. In fact, making accurate statements about a product's or service's capabilities is also covered here.

Real Needs get addressed

Here, Socially responsible companies recognize the marketing decisions and strategies for stakeholders, customers, and the community. These companies place a high value on meeting the needs of their clients and customers.

Always authentic, No Deception

Marketing schemes that employ manipulative and deceptive tactics are no longer ethical. Thus, a trustworthy social responsibility marketing agency will only use consumer information for legitimate purposes.

Respecting the Consumers

Everyone deserves respect, so you must show it to your team members, clients, suppliers, distributors, and anyone else involved in your marketing. Treat them as human beings, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or other characteristics.

Transparent and Accountable

To become a serious social responsibility marketing company, you must be open about your actions. Furthermore, any errors or shortcomings reported by customers must be addressed as soon as possible. Being accountable for your actions also contributes to your social reputation.

Importance of social responsibility marketing

Realizing the moral grounds

No matter how large a company becomes, it is never above the law or human values. Social responsible marketing is critical in convincing businesses of this ideology. When the moral grounds are recognized, the company becomes a good one for society. Using this strategy in both traditional and digital marketing can help the company stay top of mind.

Addressing "Present and Now" Consumer Behavior

Trends influence everything, from your clothing choices to your purchasing habits as a customer. Following the concept of "Present and Now," businesses gracefully encourage their customers to purchase and donate a portion of their proceeds to a charitable cause. These social causes could be for the environment or society.

Keeping customers attracted and attached

In the beginning, you may feel outnumbered by your competitors who follow the "Profit Only" policy. However, if you support your efforts for a social cause and persuade your customers to contribute through your brand, you can expect regular business hours and sometimes even more. The key is to be authentic, genuine, and always willing to help a good cause. All of your efforts will keep your customers interested and attached.

Continue the practice of effective marketing

Effective marketing includes genuinely demonstrating the effectiveness of your product/service, as well as listening to and adapting to the needs of your customers. It also implies that businesses must abide by the laws and regulations established by their country's policy. Overall, you are fulfilling your moral obligation and doing your job without any confusion or deception.

Relevance of Social Responsible Marketing in Nepal 

Concerning the legal body, the Nepal Government's Department of Commerce, Supplies, and Consumer Protection works to protect consumers' rights by making market business activities clean, transparent, and competitive. However, the concept of social responsible marketing and rules related to it is not quite available.
According to research done to study the habit and culture of the organization towards such social events, it was found that: 
  • Enterprises in Nepal try to portray themselves socially conscious
  • Occasionally fund social programs
  • Conduct limited social events with almost no creativity, 
  • The majority of social marketing activities are sponsored.
But the good news is that companies have actually started doing good deeds for a social cause. To portray their best image on social media, companies upload photos, videos and even share articles on their involvement in supporting NGOs or directly helping needy people. And these companies seek the professional touch and creative words for the exhibition. This is when the digital marketing agencies have to step in. 

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