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Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users, making it the most popular social networking platform on the planet. According to reports, Facebook is the third most visited website and the second most downloaded app on the planet.
In  2021, Facebook has become 17 years old and a popular site for marketers. As a result, for marketers who continue to use digital marketing, Facebook marketing in Nepal is a huge opportunity.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing in Nepal

Facebook provides easy-to-use budget management solutions to help with marketing and offers measurable performance. Other advantages of using Facebook Marketing are explained below.

A Perfect Place To Advertise In Harsh Pandemic

Before the COVID pandemic, Facebook Marketing was popular, but after the pandemic ravaged the world, Facebook Marketing became the most reliable and secure way to sell products and services. When it comes to digital marketing in Nepal, which has gotten a lot of attention due to the pandemic, more than 50 percent of marketers choose to use Facebook Marketing over Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing and other digital marketing solutions. Even though the pandemic is somehow under control now in 2021, it looks like digital marketing in Nepal, especially with Facebook Marketing, will be a swear by option for marketers. New and existing brands would be focusing more on online marketing and leveraging themselves.

Both B2C & B2B Businesses Are Welcome

Both B2C and B2B companies benefit from Facebook marketing in Nepal. For B2C firms, Facebook Ads are a cost-effective, quick, and simple way to reach out to potential customers. For B2C marketers, understanding the ad placement, defining ad goals, segmenting target audience, designing and formatting ads, and measuring the outcomes should all be part of their Facebook marketing strategy.
For B2B marketers, Facebook offers targeting segments like Employer name, Job title, Employment industry, Interest industry, etc. In addition, creating lookalike audiences based on an existing email list, website visitors, or customer base can be another strategy for B2B businesses. One can also opt for Facebook remarketing offered by Facebook. 

Reach A Wide Audience And Drive Large Traffic

The user base on Facebook is large. As a result, you can target the audience with your preference of demographic and psychographic qualities. Finding your target demographic on Facebook is critical. You may drive referral traffic to your company's website by using Facebook ads. If your Facebook ad is compelling and well-targeted, users will be persuaded to leave Facebook and visit your website.

Using The Sales Funnel To Target And Engage

There are five steps to a sales funnel: awareness, interest, decision, purchase, and loyalty. Facebook sponsored stories, video ads and carousel advertisements will be perfect for attracting someone's attention during the awareness stage.
If you have the audience's attention, they will begin to interact with your account. Choose highly visual, memorable content that displays your service or product to make your audience's life easier. Your awesome content persuades the audience to choose you above other brands and to begin purchasing from you. And if your product/service lives up to its promise, you'll have your most ardent supporters.

Psychographic And Competitor Targeting

Brands can target audiences based on psychographic factors such as lifestyle attributes, interests, life events, behaviors, or hobbies using Facebook's targeting features. This enables for more precise targeting while also guaranteeing that the same behavioral parameters are applied across your Facebook Marketing campaigns.
You may also use Facebook Marketing in Nepal to target the audiences of your competitors. You may immediately tap into thousands of consumers by building a custom audience of individuals who are interested in some well-known companies without paying costs for these audience profiles, which may be required on other channels.

How to Start Facebook Marketing in Nepal?

To start Facebook Marketing in Nepal, you must first opt for Facebook Ads. Facebook ads can be found across the News Feed, Messenger, and even non-Facebook apps and websites. They can also expand their enterprises via Facebook. 
Here are 4 basic  steps that you can take to start your Facebook Marketing journey

Make A Business Facebook Page

Setting up a Public page is the first step in Facebook Marketing in Nepal. Following the creation of your Public Page, Facebook will offer you a template of your page, which you can customize with a profile photo and additional information like hours. Always post as the page, not as a personal profile, and utilize a recognizable profile picture and cover photo. You may also add more multimedia and events and regulate how users can contribute to your Page by adjusting the settings.

Create The Killer Content And Post It

You must create awesome content and try to post them three times a week. However, post content at least once a day, every day if possible.You must  post the content to gain engagements. You should create a posting timetable or content calendar to help you plan and avoid posting on the spur of the moment. With pre-scheduling and planning, you'll have plenty of time to compose great captions.

Use Facebook Marketing Tools

Organic traffic is possible if your content attracts attention; however, this is quite rare. Therefore you'll have to pay for advertising.
You may enhance engagement by pinning critical posts, auto-scheduling articles, and adding CTA buttons with your Facebook advertising in Nepal and analytics. To reach out to people who haven't found you naturally, you can use Facebook advertisements. To entice existing customers to visit your store or place an order, you provide coupons and other incentives. You may also utilize the Sponsored Stories feature to reach out to your current fans' friends.

Monitor And Make Adjustments

Facebook Ads has advanced options to measure and track your ads’ profitability and ROI. You must analyze the data of audience reactions and results, Brand results, and sales results concerning your campaigns. If you want to succeed on Facebook, you'll need to learn how to track and adjust your ad campaigns' success over time. But things don't always go as planned in social media, so you need to recognize what has to be altered and when it needs to be changed.

Strategies to Excel Facebook Marketing in 2021

It is not false to say that Facebook is more valuable to marketers than Google. This is because Facebook provides marketers with information on the audience's likes and dislikes, as well as demographic and social activity characteristics. With effective Facebook Marketing, marketers can have more targeted and relevant ads.
The following strategy should be used for efficient Facebook marketing in Nepal:

Post quality content at optimal times

Creating killer content and posting them at the best time- when the audiences are on Facebook, works wonders for improving Facebook Marketing. Your content must have information and entertainment. When delivered on time, engagement rates increase like crazy. The more you know about your fans, the better you know when they are likely to see your posts.

Respond to comment on your Facebook posts

Facebook is a social media platform where your fans and critics coexist. Responding to feedback from new or existing audiences aids in the growth of your company. In addition, giveaways and contests can generate many questions and comments, especially for posts featuring Q&A. Please respond to the audience's comment with a pleasant emotion and positivity if at all feasible. It communicates to them that they are important. One of the essentials of Digital Marketing in Nepal, Facebook Marketing is looked after by social media managers who reply to comments on Facebook pages.

Host a Facebook contest

Running Facebook contests is an effective strategy to boost your brand's and product's reach and gain more likes for your page. It is simple and effective to run a Facebook contest. Additionally, running Facebook contests does not require any technological expertise. The good news with Facebook Advertising helps you promote your contest.

Integrate social media sharing everywhere

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform. You'll obtain more leads from Facebook if you share your social profiles everywhere. When you share your Facebook content or a link on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, it always produces unmatched results. To be truly successful on Facebook Marketing in Nepal, you must integrate social media into every aspect of your business.

Create or join Facebook Groups and Engage well

Brands utilize Facebook groups to promote their products and expand their reach. You can join groups on Facebook that are relevant to your products in some way. Not only that, but you can start your own, which will take some time to grow. Being an active group owner and delivering a lot of traffic to your Facebook page are the keys to creating a successful Facebook Group. Assisting individuals in groups can earn you a good reputation and relationships, which will help you promote your goods and persuade them to buy.

Challenges in Facebook Marketing in Nepal

Despite the fact that Facebook marketing is still a popular digital marketing choice, most organizations and businesses experience significant challenges when marketing on the social media platform. The following are a few of these challenges:

No Proper Marketing Strategy for Facebook

In Facebook marketing, a proper marketing strategy is the first step. Having a Facebook marketing strategy in place guarantees that your brand will reach the proper audience with its offerings. It also aids in the definition of the objectives or goals you desire to accomplish through Facebook marketing. Along with that, Customer Personas and Facebook Marketing Goals must be created prior to planning.

Having No Content Creation Strategy

Marketing without content is unimaginable. Therefore, brands must be aware of the types of content that are most effective for them. Unfortunately, there is no set marketing plan for a Facebook company page. However, Facebook Insights and social media reporting tools may assist you with precise insights on the finest postings for your brand as well as data generation.
Improving your click-through rate, employing a healthy mix of informational and promotional content, creating a dedicated landing page, and targeting your clients on Facebook can all help you generate traffic and leads.

No ROI on Facebook Marketing Campaigns

The lack of establishing a link between marketing and sales determines how to measure Facebook Ads and their ROI. The number of likes and shares your posts receive on Facebook isn't the only way to gauge their effectiveness. You may expect to see and use the following types of insights on Facebook: Audience Insights, Adverts Reporting and Split Testing to overcome this challenge.

Facebook Marketing in Nepal

Facebook Marketing is the most popular strategy of Digital Marketing in Nepal. Because of their organic approach to developing good content, several companies have established themselves as brands. However, it took a long time and a lot of effort on their part.
Thus, Brands and marketers utilize Facebook advertisements such as Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel, and Slideshow Ads for better marketing because they can deliver 9 to 10% conversion. Digital marketing agencies in Nepal seek to promote a brand's voice and content on social media by providing highly focused and goal-oriented Facebook marketing services.
Marching Ants is a creative Social Media Marketing Agency in Nepal specializing in goal-oriented and personalized Facebook marketing in Nepal. Our Facebook marketing services are focused on amplifying your brand's voice and social media presence, reaching out to your target audience, and improving your brand's reputation. Not only that, but we also assist our clients in developing attractive ads and ensuring that they are always created for maximum efficiency.

Summing Up

Facebook marketing in Nepal allows businesses to sell their products and services to a large audience through a mix of highly targeted paid ads and organic postings. You may target your audience with psychographic and demographic details in Facebook Marketing. For effective Facebook Marketing methods, you can post quality content regularly, respond to comments on your Facebook posts, organize a Facebook contest, integrate social media sharing, create or join Facebook Groups, and many more.
Digital Marketing in Nepal heavily relies on Facebook Marketing. Numerous digital agencies in Nepal provide Facebook Marketing services. Finding one who can help you to fulfill your goals, on the other hand, is essential. You can contact Marching Ants to get  measurable Facebook marketing services in Nepal.

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