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Instagram is one of the most popular social media with over 1.074 billion active monthly users. Additionally, reports reveal that Instagram has approximately 2 million monthly advertisers and over 25 million business accounts. Every brand should be on Instagram and entertain the audience. Instagram Marketing is hence a significant opportunity for the marketers who are continuing with digital marketing.

Benefits of Instagram Marketing

You can raise brand awareness, create leads, strengthen client loyalty, and ultimately drive conversions using Instagram marketing. The following are the other benefits which can be gained by using Instagram Marketing:

Option to stay private or professional

Instagram offers both private and professional accounts. Users who want to keep their accounts shared within a small community can choose private accounts. With a business account, you can promote your brand on the platform. Instagram Business Account gives you extra features and insights designed to help your brand succeed on Instagram.

Artistically Feature your Products or Services

 Instagram is ideal for businesses who want to showcase their products or services to their customers. 44% of Instagram's active users use the platform to study and discover companies and discover new items. Thus, brands must post a variety of content on Feed, Stories, IGTV, and Reels. Utilizing all these content formats, you can talk about product descriptions, tutorials, and reviews. Also, instead of dropping too many salesy hints, offer content with a more humorous and friendlier tone.

Reach New Audiences

It can be difficult to broaden your audience circle. But if you publish high-quality content, you can dominate and appear in the explore section and dominate. More People will follow you if the content resonates or fits their feelings. In this case, brands can use hashtags to find new audiences and entice them to their Instagram account.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

You may have garnered a large number of Instagram followers through numerous methods; however, retaining them is a different story. To achieve this, brands must engage in online communication by interacting with customers and acknowledging their Instagram efforts. This type of effort on the part of the brand will aid in the development of long-term relationships, which will eventually transform into devoted customers.

Audience can turn into Brand Ambassadors

People give online evaluations and suggestions from personal contacts equal weight when purchasing products or services. When your products are genuine and your customer service is top-notch, your consumers become your brand ambassadors. As a result, more consumers will trust your brand, resulting in increased sales and money.

Growing with Paid means AKA Advertising Campaigns

The brand can choose to grow with paid efforts by utilizing Instagram's advertisement services. Instagram ad campaigns can help you reach new audiences and raise brand awareness. Adding to that, Instagram ads allow you to target Core audiences, Custom audiences, and Lookalike audiences.

How to Start Instagram Marketing in Nepal?

Starting Instagram Marketing is not very complex. With a business account, you can begin your Instagram Marketing. For more effortless execution of the process, here are some steps to get started with Instagram Marketing.

Create Awesome Professional Account

If you want to develop a legitimate Instagram presence and earn more audience then, you need to have an outstanding profile. You must have a business account with a profile photo that includes a logo, brand mascot, or image that matches your brand. Your Instagram bio should be professional and you should include a link to your website.

Be Creative With Your Content

After you've created a strong profile, you'll want to concentrate on providing content that adds value to your audience's time. To begin, develop engaging content such as posts, videos, and stories that will capture the interest of your audience. Then, in the content, include a brief description of your product or service and why it is necessary for your clients. Feel free to play around with content on your Instagram account and see what effect it has on sales.

Use Hashtags To Stay Relevant 

Hashtags enable you to reach a larger audience on Instagram. Before posting anything, do some research on relevant, popular, and trending hashtags in your niche. You may even develop your own brand hashtag and utilize it all over the internet. It distinguishes your brand from others and increases your followers.

Take Advantage Of Cross-Promotional Opportunities.

Initially, getting the most engagement on Instagram can be difficult. You can, however, use other social media platforms to promote your Instagram presence, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Allow your personal and professional networks to become acquainted with your business and encourage them to follow you on Instagram.

Engage to Expand

Taking a few moments to talk, appreciate, and answer your followers' comments can pique their attention. You can also conduct  Q&A sessions to engage them and encourage sharing. You can invite your followers to "tag xyz amount of friends" in giveaways or just on relatable posts, promoting natural sharing and more visits to your profile.

Monitor and track reports from Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics assist you in evaluating your audience's demographics, activities, and patterns. Instagram analytics can help you choose worthy social media goals and give the data you need to verify your ROI on the platform. To view analytics for an individual post in your business account, you should navigate to the post and tap View Insights in the bottom-left corner.

Strategies to Excel Instagram Marketing in 2021

The Instagram Algorithm 2021 monitors user interest, the freshness of posts, and brand interaction with their audience. If your content fails to perform well, Instagram will not reward you. As a result, if you want to succeed at Instagram marketing in Nepal, you must employ the strategies explained below.

Seek Inspiration from Top Performing Instagram Content

You can use high-performing content to aid your Instagram marketing efforts. You can find dominating posts or videos depending on your niche. You can do so by going to the search bar and selecting the top button on the extreme left. There are lots of high-performing contents there. You can get ideas and generate content by looking at top-performing content.

Create Content With Engaging Captions 

Information, Innovation, and Entertainment must all be included in your content. This content must be exceptional in order for people to save, share, and comment on it. People who engage with your content for longer periods of time are more likely to support you. It can be used for swiped photos, reels, movies, and even advertisements.

Keep Posting On Regular Basis

Experts recommend that you can have one to three posts every day to increase audience engagement on your page. Furthermore, determining when your audience is most active and posting around or at that time might increase your chances of visibility and engagement. Quality content and posting at the right time are the keys to success in Instagram Marketing in Nepal.

Use Your Story And IG To Promote Your Post

You may use Instagram story or even IGTV to notify your audience that a new post has been published with content stacking. Adding the URL to your post and stories can help you get more engagement and improve your Instagram ranking.

Gain Higher Visibility With Hashtags

Hashtags aid in the audience's discovery of content that they are interested in. You can utilize a variety of hashtags that are relevant to your industry. Using hashtags which have millions of posts won't guarantee your brand's visibility because you will have a dog-eat-dog situation. Thus, using hashtags with fewer posts is recommended. These can help boost overall brand visibility.

Analyze What's Working on Instagram

Tracking how your content performs on Instagram is one of the most reliable ways to battle the Instagram algorithm. Knowing what works and what doesn't can assist you in nail Instagram Marketing, boosting your ranking and saving you time and money.

Challenges in Instagram Marketing 

Instagram is frequently used by social marketers to boost all digital KPIs and revenue. Because Instagram brings the most up-to-date features in some interval of time, Instagram marketing is challenging to master. Here are some of the Instagram challenges you'll face when implementing an Instagram marketing strategy.

Organic Reach Is Falling

According to social media experts, the fall in organic reach has been a severe difficulty for many modest or new Instagram accounts in 2021. Although organic reach isn't entirely dead, the methods that worked a few years ago are no longer effective. As a result, understanding and adjusting to the new Instagram features will be terrific for staying active on the network and making an impression.

Urge To Stay On Reels And Live Videos

Instagram Reels evolved as a result of the COVID pandemic and insane popularity of TikTok in 2020. As a result, numerous creators have begun using Reels to create original content. Along with Instagram Reels, the brand also broadcasts live videos daily to keep in touch with its followers. As a result, creating instructional and inspirational reels and videos remains difficult.

Teaming Up With Wrong/ Fake Influencers

Working with influencers is a big part of social media marketing. Working with inappropriate or phony influencers, on the other hand, will damage your brand's reputation among your existing followers. Collaboration with such influencers will not benefit your brand as you'll lose some cash. 
Brands should not pick an influencer only based on their number of followers; chances are, they're bought ones. Instead, do your homework and discover micro or nano influencers who have decent engagement on their Instagram account.

Pressure to Stay Authentic and Building Brand Reputation

You're under pressure to stay innovative and genuine to your brand values if you continue on Instagram as a business profile. Another challenge is to work tirelessly on improving customer service. A single positive gesture can boost your brand's visibility, yet a bad move or post can lead to destruction. As a result, upholding and maintaining one's brand value and reputation is a greater difficulty on Instagram Marketing.

Instagram Marketing in Nepal

Instagram marketing is another way for businesses in Nepal to communicate with their target customers and sell their products. Using Instagram Marketing, digital companies make sure that high-quality content produced on time and digital metrics are achieved accordingly. Instagram marketing companies in Nepal focus on having a team that uses tools to build up and manage campaigns with the support of professional Instagram marketing experts for the best results.
Marching Ants, Nepal's leading Social Media Marketing agency, focuses on identifying brand’s values, demographics, customers' interests, and perfect marketing strategy.  Not only that but Marching Ants' Social Media Marketing team also generates one-of-a-kind, high-quality content to boost brand awareness and reputation.

Summing Up

Marketers use Instagram Marketing to engage customers with compelling posts and videos. Instagram allows you to showcase your products or services artistically, reach new audiences, strengthen customer relationships, and turn your audience into brand ambassadors and other benefits. 
However, Instagram's algorithm is updated regularly, resulting in the rise of new marketing trends. For that you can post your awesome content on Instagram, you can grow organically and with ads. Using famous as well as your own branded hashtags helps you become Instagram-Algorithm-Friendly. 
You can collaborate with digital marketing experts/agencies to improve your Instagram marketing strategy and earn a decent return on investment. If you are in Nepal, you can contact Marching Ants - A top digital marketing agency in Nepal for full-fledged digital marketing services.


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