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In social media marketing, visual and audio content is created and distributed on social media platforms. But what exactly is social media marketing? Social media marketing is a process of developing and promoting the company's and products' content on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
Social media marketing aims to meet the needs of target audiences and consumers in places where brands engage. Using Social Media Marketing , companies are striving for growth with both organic and advertisements. Digital Ad agencies focus to represent the brand's message with responses to all Wh questions in order for ad campaigns to be successful.
Let's know more about these social media platforms.


Globally, Facebook has 1.79 billion daily active users. Mobile is used by up to 98 percent of Facebook users. Furthermore, 88 percent of Facebook users created an account to keep in touch with family and friends. Facebook is almost a romantic interest for advertisers as 86.3 percent of marketers use Facebook to advertise a brand.


There are over 1 billion Instagram users worldwide, with 80 percent of accounts being used for personal purposes. In the year 2021, 61% of brands plan to raise their Instagram advertising budget. Instagram is a common platform among millennials and Generation Z. Instagram has already established itself as an e-commerce-friendly social network.


This App has a monthly active user base of 689 million people all over the world. TikTok is mostly common among the younger generation, or Gen Z. The brand's business services are presented alongside amusing content. TikTok videos are amazing because they have good music, choreography, and acting. Brands also hold hashtag competitions to encourage user-generated content (UGC) and viral tags.


Youtube is a social media platform that promotes brand recognition and advertisement through video content. Over 2 billion people use this site on a monthly basis all over the world. Youtube has a universal audience: old millennials, millennials, and Generation Z . These audiences heavily rey on Youtube for entertainment and knowledge.


For B2B businesses, LinkedIn has been the go-to social media platform. LinkedIn has a monthly active user base of over 675 million people around the world. This app is ideal for business-to-business partnerships, business growth, and job marketing. Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers are active on LinkedIn.

Types of Content to Consider For Social Media Marketing in Nepal

GIFs, Snapchat and Instagram stories, user-generated content, and infographics are some of the most common forms of content on social media right now. This type of content focuses on the creation and online sharing, telling the viewer about your brand's story through video and establishing a clear emotional link and interaction levels.

Social Media Metrics

Data about the popularity of your content/posts and their effect on your audience and consumers on different channels are known as social media metrics. The social indicators are explained in some detail.
  • The number of people who have seen all of your page or profile's content is your Reach.
  • The number of times a post from your profile or website is viewed regardless of whether your audience members click on it is Impressions.
  • Clicks, comments, likes, and responses on social media posts refers to engagement.
  • Mentions are the number of times audience members have discussed your profile in their messages.
  • Shares are the posts that your fans and audience share with their networks after seeing them on your profile.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Nepal


Increase in Brand Awareness, Generate Leads and Boost Conversions

You can use social media marketing to share content related to your products/services, increase brand awareness by driving traffic to your website. Likewise, your engagement: comments, likes, shares, and re-posts aid brands in increasing lead generation, conversions, and sales.


Strengthen Relationships With Customers

Brands interact with their customers and collaborate with them, resulting in long-term partnerships. Interacting with your audience on social media posts, reacting to their questions and comments, and offering any assistance to them boosts brand loyalty and reputation.


Stay updated about your Competitors.

Social Media Marketing is excellent for monitoring your rivals' social media strategies, promotions, and interactions with their followers. Further, brands use social media to assess the depth of rivalry. For that, brands must check out competitors' social media pages to ensure better marketing that stands out and is exclusive.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

The popularity of social media is enormous. As a result, brands can develop an effective social media marketing strategy that aids in achieving the brand objectives.  Listed are the Social Media Marketing Strategies:


Know your target audience 

Knowing your target audience includes understanding the demographic and psychographic details about the audience. A good understanding of the audience can determine the content creation process, useful for customers.

Find your social media platform

After knowing your target audience, you should use the best social media platform used by them. Social media marketers should determine the platforms where they are going to share content with their target audience.

Be the best in content creation 

Mostly, social media content is informative, entertaining, inspiring, and engaging. A good content helps to brand market the products in a unique way. Reposting content with a branded hashtag encourages more shares.Moreover, Marketers should always stay in touch with trends when creating content.

Stay relevant and punctual with posting 

Creating content and posting them regularly helps you manage your social media. But whenever you post on social you should have quality content to share. Brands can use Social media management solutions which can save time.

Track,Analyze and Report your results

After putting out content, you can track, analyze and make reports of your content's performance. Taking reference of such content’s performance, you can create new content likewise or differently.

How do I make social media content?

Brands produce content that promotes brand recognition and social network expansion. As a result, brands should concentrate on the successful content creation methods mentioned below.

Produce high-quality content

Brands produce content that is educational, interactive, and inspiring. Facts about the brand or its niche industry are used in educational content, interactional is to enhance audience engagement, and inspirational to develop a bond with the audience. In Social Media Marketing in Nepal, you can find such material combinations in large quantities.

Make sure the content tells a tale.

For storytelling, an image or a silent video can be utilized. However, to achieve objectives, brands must play it safe and remain on the middle ground, bringing stories that are more on the humorous and inspiring sides, appealing to their audience.

Pay attention to the headline, caption, and tagline.

Great headlines, product-friendly taglines, and engaging captions entice and inspire your audience to share your content. A perfect headline, caption, and tagline will significantly increase the likelihood of a call-to-action.

Include call-to-action in Content

Advertisers use one or more call-to-actions in their posts or articles, such as "likes," "comment," "follow," and "share" in their social media content. Social Media Marketing in Nepal is focused on improving all metrics and rising sales and revenue.

Challenges in Social Media Marketing 

Social networking is fantastic, but it can be a stumbling block for many companies. Let’s know more about challenges in social media marketing.

Developing an Up-to-Date Social Media Marketing Plan

Creating a social media marketing plan can be overwhelming sometimes. To solve that, your content strategy should respond to: Why is your brand on social media, how can you succeed, and how will you assess your success.

Build Connections that are real

On a personal and individual level, brands have difficulty communicating with their target audience. Brands must concentrate their efforts on social media communication in order to accomplish this.

Expanding Your Reach with originality

Brands must take the initiative to encourage the audience to share their content. To retain originality, brands can post behind-the-scenes and original imagery, brand logos, and colors.

Getting People to Share

The social media strategy  must help  their content to stay circulating. Marketers can motivate people to share content that can be fun, and information.

5 Tips To Excel At Social Media Marketing 

Enhancing sales in the social platform, it can be challenging. However, finding out social media marketing listed tips will help you excel in your business.

Maintain communication with your audience 

When your content gives a warm feeling to the people on another side of the screen, audience engagement increases. It would help if you answered the queries of the audience. Such interaction also increases positivity. Brands can also use live videos for the Q&A session.

Create and post consistently 

Brands must create contents that have an infotainment element. In addition, these contents must be posted at a regular interval.

Focus on your niche 

A brand's biggest mistake is staying away from the niche industry when getting into content creation. Thus, opting for omnichannel marketing is the better option.

Automate your processes 

Talking about social media marketing, there are so many tools that you can use to increase your productivity. Your business can choose a tool to manage content and outreach. You could use the content studio for email marketing using tools for email automation.

Learn from your peers but don’t mimic

You should always learn from the best. Thus, learning from your competitors will be a great help. Observe, learn and produce but avoid mimicking them because brand must use their own uniqueness to stay different.

Social Media Marketing In Nepal

Digital Marketers and brands in Nepal are becoming more conscious of the advantages of using social media to promote their products. Indeed, social media marketing has made tremendous progress in Nepal. According to Digital Nepal, in early 2020, Nepal's number of social media users increased by 9.6%. This number shows that Nepal's social media marketing is showing signs of a bright future in terms of audience and revenue growth.
Furthermore, businesses are remaining focused on their niche and using social media to create an impact. Among various digital agencies in Nepal, Marching Ants has been providing social media marketing services to help clients improve their social media presence, increase followers and interaction with them, and attract new customers.


Brands today use a variety of social media platforms to advertise their products and interact with consumers. Companies should be aware of social media marketing patterns and begin developing a social media marketing plan for their company.A well-planned Social Media Marketing Strategy  must be executed smoothly to increase fans, enhance interaction, and increase conversions. Brands can benefit from effective social media marketing by gaining knowledge that can help them address some of these social media issues. Last but not the least, get in contact with digital marketing agencies for the professional and result-oriented social media content creation and sharing.


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