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In 2021, the TikTok App has become the ultimate video creation platform, allowing Tiktokers and companies to share their videos, entertain their audiences, and earn money. TikTok is currently available in 154 countries and 75 languages, according to reports. Furthermore, TikTok is used by 67 million people above the age of 20 and the app is used for 52 minutes a day on average.
Although 60-second stories-style videos can be created and shared, most TikTok videos are up to 15 seconds. TikTok videos are fantastic because they have excellent music, choreography, acting, and visual descriptions of businesses and services. In addition, to stimulate user-generated content (UGC) and viral tags, brands run hashtag competitions.
TikTok is home to dancers, singers, comedians, pranksters, fashion Gurus, makeup artists, crafts designers, and a plethora of other talents that share videos showcasing their skills. TikTokers are performers who are incredibly creative and confident in their abilities to create captivating videos that appear to be directly interacting with you.

Benefits of TikTok Marketing in Nepal

TikTok is a newcomer to social media marketing in Nepal and throughout the world. Businesses are learning how to create fresh content that is relevant to their products and services. With TikTok, you can stay ahead of the competition.
The great thing is that there are numerous TikTok benefits for businesses, which are explained below.

Join The Newest And Trending Platform 

TikTok is a relatively new social media platform. Marketers are currently focusing on the platforms indicated as they are convinced that the benefits of TikTok will outweigh the drawbacks. So for the time being, small and large firms opt to stay on TikTok to increase brand recognition. 
However, counting the number of businesses on TikTok, you'll see a significant disparity between user base and brands. That's when you enter the picture. To keep ahead of your competitors, you take advantage of this gap and develop content. With your compelling content on the platform, you'll have a better chance of reaching a larger audience, increasing user engagement, and increasing sales.

Takeover With AR Content And Other Editing Features

TikTok users can use augmented reality graphics, stickers, and glasses in their movies on TikTok. A static or dynamic image, video, or GIF can be displayed for three to five seconds in your TikTok videos. In addition, you can also include a link to a landing page in your bio along with your own branded hashtag. Adding these characteristics to your videos can help them stand out more visually.

Enthusiastic TikTok Audience 

People on TikTok are eager to watch amusing videos, participate in challenges, create their own challenges, or simply make funny/skit movies. Audiences are more likely to view and interact with your videos if your challenge is appealing. Thus your TikTok challenge as a business must appear interesting enough to make a duet with your video or use your sound. It doesn't matter if you're new to TikTok; you can go viral with just one piece of content or a challenge. 

Be On Trending After Doing Trends

Every month, or even every week, new trends in digital marketing must be experienced and learned. The same goes for TikTok as new trends start popping every now and then. These trends have their own hashtags, and challenges. You don't need fixed storylines or guidelines and no equipment to set up. Moreover, producing and uploading content on the latest trends or challenges with proper hashtags can help you reach more people. In fact, after uploading, you can relax and enjoy your increased view count.

 Authenticity Is More Accepted in TikTok

TikTok consumers are more receptive to unpolished content that resonates with the general public than polished content produced for affluent clientele.  Polished content often gives vibes of an ad and Tiktok users are prone to being annoyed when bombarded with advertisements. Consumers will trust your brand more quickly if you provide them with authentic and relatable content.

User-Generated Content Is Prominent

You can generate your own content on TikTok, but you don't have to do so in order to attract a large audience. Moreover, you can work on getting more  user-generated content instead. Creators create videos based on your music, theme, or challenge when you think of user-generated content (UGC). With these videos, you can gain a lot of free advertising for your business with very little effort. However, whenever possible, you must promote UGC.

How to Start TikTok Marketing in Nepal?

TikTok is now one of the most popular apps on the planet. As a result, it's no wonder that marketers have begun to recognize the platform's potential. 
Here are 4 basic steps to get started with TikTok marketing in Nepal:

Define the goal of your TikTok usage.

Knowing your specialization is the first step to TikTok Marketing. You should also understand why you're on TikTok and what you're promoting. For your TikTok video, you'll need to decide on a topic, format, or song.

Choose the type of TikTok content you want to make.

Once you've determined why you're utilizing TikTok, the next step is to figure out what kind of TikTok content will help you achieve your goal. You can choose from a wide range of videos, including comedic videos, business tips videos, series on stories, inspirational videos, reaction videos, and many others; the possibilities are endless.You can also search TikTok for content that is relevant to your niche.

Stay on trend along with With evergreen content

TikTok content should be 70% trending and 30% evergreen, according to experts. You must publish content while the trend is still active. Another way is to batch-record your evergreen TikTok content, save it as a draft, and upload it  according to your timetable.

Use TikTok Hashtags to Promote Your Business

Finding hashtags that are relevant to your specialty will help you find ones that will help you reach your target audience. Employing relevant hashtags with 300,000 to 2 million views, according to reports, will be beneficial; but, using hashtags with bigger numbers will simply get you lost in the mix. #fyp and #foryoupage are the most popular hashtags used by almost every TikTok user.

Publish TikToks on Right Time

Finally, it is time to set a publication schedule for your videos, determining the best time to reach your followers. You may get data on when your audience is engaged with TikTok analytics. But If you want to go slow but reach a larger audience, post your content when people are most active on social media, which is usually early in the morning or immediately before they go to bed.

Marketing Strategies in TikTok  Marketing in Nepal in 2021

On TikTok, success is mainly by chance; no one knows what will trend this month or next year. However, you shouldn't abandon your TikTok marketing approach just yet.ou must stay consistent with your marketing strategies.
Here are some of the most well-known TikTok marketing strategies.

TikTok Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular marketing approach in all visual platforms, including TikTok. It would be good if brands choose influencers with followers having similar demographic and psychographic features like their target audience. 
Because TikTok consumers favor original, fun videos over highly polished ones, you must empower influencers to bring their own element to the content. However, as a brand, you should request that influencers should also talk about your product in the content.
Working with TikTok creators will help you achieve spectacular results. This type of agreement or collaboration is genuine. Additionally, while engaging with TikTok influencers, diversifying your strategy is more vital than ever. TikTok influencer marketing initiatives enable you to develop genuine relationships with creators and audiences thanks to their extraordinary reach.

How to do Influencer Marketing in TikTok?

Here is a step-by-step method on TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Find your TikTok Influencer Campaign Type

Before you start looking for TikTok influencer partnerships, you should first learn about the numerous types of TikTok campaigns you can run with these partnerships. TikTok Challenges, incorporating branded sound, inventing new choreography, Duets, and stitching are some of the influencer-based TikTok marketing choices.

Identify suitable Influencers

It's time to start looking for prospective influencers to partner with once you've devised an initial content strategy for your branded TikTok influencer campaign. To begin, look for and collaborate with appropriate influencers for your industry. Likewise, you should discover the creator's country of origin, audience size, average views, and gender.
Total views, Likes, Comments, Shares, and the average engagement rate may all be seen using the accessible tool. This statistic also has an impact on the cost of creators in any paid collaborations. You should work with the influencers who have active followers so that your content can reach the target audience. 

Work with your chosen influencers

Once you've found influencer/s with whom you'd like to work, you'll need to finish the details of your campaign and have a complete list. The shortlisted influencers will receive an invitation to your campaign, which will include the details, budget, contract, and other legal and professional considerations.

Measure the Performance of Your TikTok Influencers and Campaign overall

You may track and monitor the performance of influencer profiles, videos, hashtags, and songs using a third-party app to find influencer account metrics. Get aggregate insights from a creator's profile, their videos, and any related music or hashtags associated with the campaign once the campaign has been launched. Then, from each video, take measurements. This is a great way to see how well your sponsored content is performing.

Monitor Your Sponsored Hashtag

With hashtag challenges being one of the most effective ways to achieve viral engagement on TikTok, brands partner with influencers to launch their viral challenges. Also, you should find out how well your hashtag content is performing.

Hashtag challenges

Hashtag challenges are an excellent way of generating brand awareness and increasing followers. With your branded hashtag challenges, you can ask your followers and audience to replicate or create a new video using your own sound and using your hashtags. Many big campaigns of big brands are benefitting from the hashtag challenge strategy of TikTok marketing in Nepal. For example, ARNA Beer got a good brand awareness with its music ran under #ArnaMusic, which has over 7 Million views.

User-generated content

With hashtag challenges comes a flood of user-generated content (UGC), in which TikTok users make their own versions of your content or repurpose yours in new ways. You may entice your audience to participate in and create content by creating intriguing branded hashtag challenges. They can also post videos of themselves using or interacting with your items, resulting in an increase in followers.

TikTok Ads

TikTok ads are yet another excellent option to promote your company on this network. You don't have to spend a lot of time establishing an audience for TikTok commercials. Instead, you create an ad campaign, and within 24 hours, you'll be able to reach your target demographic. In-feed advertisements, Branded hashtags, Top View advertisements, Branded effects, and Brand Takeover ads are all available on TikTok. To achieve the greatest results, brands employ in-feed ads.
In the case of TikTok Marketing in Nepal, you can witness brands preferring Influencer Marketing over other available TikTok strategies.

Challenges in TikTok Marketing in Nepal

As a new platform, Businesses may find following challenges while using TikTok Marketing in Nepal:

Urge to Stay more human

Since Tiktok is more like a laid-back kind of app where people usually want to get entertained than listening to adsy tones, business accounts must portray their content more as human. It works best when you roleplay as a client and the business in your TikToks.This can be pretty challenging for business owners who are camera-shy or have fewer ideas.

You got to be more creative

To be successful on TikTok, there is one reliable formula - Embracing Entertainment. You must put the humor element no matter how serious your job is. You might have seen doctors, lawyers, chemical engineers, psychologists and other professionals talking about their work more to the humorous side. As in whole, your followers will expect more new ideas from your account which can be challenging to meet.

Research and being updated is a must

TikTok talks about trends and being trending on For You Page. Thus, to create your next successful or viral TikTok, you must research and stay updated about the trend. Although you might be familiar with TikTok trends, sometimes they don't make sense. But you have to create your content so that people can remember your content on a particular trend.

Running Hashtags is Challenging

Making your hashtag challenges run far and wide, you face lots of challenges. It is not a simple task. Further, you have to take the help of TikTok influencer marketing while launching or running hashtag challenges. But if your content touches human emotion, nothing will stop you from getting the views and likes in TikTok.

TikTok ads are often skipped

Like said earlier, people are on TikTok to have fun, not to see people exaggerating about their product or services. Thus, even though you run TikTok ads, most of the audience tends to skip them. However, if you create your TikTok ads as a normal TikTok video, i.e., more of a friendly tone than being businessy, then your ads can get good views.

TikTok Marketing in Nepal

TikTok Marketing is probably the most loved form of Marketing as it can gain you more views. Many small, big brands have come on TikTok and started talking about their works in a more informal and understandable way. Talking about TikTokMarketing in Nepal, brands focus more on collaborating with Influencers, mostly micro and macros. However, the problem with TikTok Influencer Marketing in Nepal is that influencers have a huge number of followers, but engagement is pretty less and more like dragging down the creator than praising or supporting.
Coming to Hashtag Challenges and UGC in TikTok Marketing in Nepal, they are ranking after influencer marketing. #ByanjanTikTokChallenge is the latest successful example of hashtag challenges in TikTok Marketing in Nepal. UGC content was huge as there are over 4.5 million views and more than a thousand TikTok videos in #byanjanTikTokChallenge. 
 As facts are not available on sites, we can assume that TikTok ads are rarely used by marketers who view TikTok Marketing in Nepal as their easy social media marketing destination. Most of the Nepali marketers prefer to stay organic or go for influencer marketing than using Tik Tok ads.
As in whole, TikTok Marketing in Nepal is satisfactory, but the tendency of people to prefer less logical and negative (abusive) types of content is being a problem for marketers and creators too. Adding to that, the Nepali TikTok Trending section mostly appears regressive, making brands and new business aspirants feel like TikTok Marketing in Nepal as a bad choice. Thus, brands must keep calm and carry on with great TikTok videos; who knows; you might trend on For You Page.

Summing Up

TikTok marketing allows businesses and creators to be visible to a large audience. You can create Infotaining TikTok videos targeting your audience of a particular niche. For effective TikTok Marketing, you can opt for marketing strategies: TikTok Influencer Marketing, Hashtag challenges, User-generated content, and TikTok ads.
TikTok Marketing in Nepal is gaining popularity. However, there are challenges to prosper here. Numerous digital agencies in Nepal have started giving TikTok Marketing services in Nepal. Thus, finding the best digital company in Nepal with impressive TikTok Marketing services is crucial. For measurable TikTok marketing services in Nepal, you can contact Marching Ants- A leading Digital Agency in Nepal.


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