Top 7 Digital Marketing Skills You Need in 2021


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A report says businesses spent around $110 billion on digital advertising by 2020, giving us an idea of how much new and improved digital marketing skills in 2021 is going to matter.
If you are already in digital marketing, you might have realized that excellent digital work skills can add up to your and your agency's profile.
Digital marketing has gotten fierce and audience-focused. The new trends in digital marketing test the know-how of almost every professional involved in the industry. With the second wave of COVID pandemic, it looks like more online marketing and sales will take place in 2021. With this blog, you would come to know the top 7 Digital Marketing Skills you need in 2021 and beyond.  

Top 7 digital marketing skills in 2021 that will bring greater success to your business

  1. Analyzing the data for measuring Digital Marketing metrics.
  2. Know the platforms and what sells there.
  3. Creating Content that screams Infotainment
  4. Using Narrative approach to entice the audience
  5. Incorporating AI and Chatbots in your websites/pages
  6. Hashtag Challenges is a thing to excel 
  7. Marketing your Branded Filters  

Analyzing the data for measuring Digital Marketing metrics.

Understanding data obtained from your strategist or your trusted tool will help you know your business status among the audience and your regular customers. Analyzing data for understanding the metrics of digital marketing- Traffic, Page Views, Reach, Leads generated, Engagement, Conversion, ROI- is one profound marketing skill in 2021. Having these metrics in hand will help you to make decisions, whether to improve or introduce something new, in a sooner time and ultimately getting your sales graph higher.Nepali marketers need to consider this as an essential digital marketing skill in Nepal.

Know the platforms and what sells there.

In digital marketing, we have written, audio and audio-visual content which delivers information and entertainment. Blog, article, podcast, radio show, television show, commercial, or YouTube video are the major mediums to put out content. Marketers need to understand what content will work best on which platform, what sort of content people consume and engage with that media. Thus, it is high time for digital marketers to work on creating engaging visual content.
81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in2021 and it was just  63% the last year. Thus in 2021, the skill to develop a video that resonates with the goal of your post or plan is in high demand.

Creating Content that screams Infotainment

Another important Digital Marketing skill in Nepal is creating content that attracts and attaches audience. The content can be blogs, articles, videos, infographics, and posts which can draw customers to your goods or services. Marketers in B2B and B2C  invest in content marketing to increase their ROI and revenue. As a matter of fact, content that serves infotainment- Information with entertainment is today's public demand. Adding to that, if the content is King, then context is the Queen. Thus, marketing your content in special contexts or situations with perfect tone and loads of infotainment will bring you great results in all digital marketing metrics.

Using Narrative approach to entice the audience

A narrative approach, aka Storytelling, is not just a strategy of teachers to grab the attention of students; marketers too can create content that explains the story. The story has characters with whom your target audience can relate. If your storytelling reaches the epitome, you can form an emotional bond with the audience, resulting in greater trust and loyalty. For instance, if your service or product is shown to solve a social problem to a certain extent in storytelling, nothing can stop them from staying faithful. Thus, another important digital marketing skill in 2021 is storytelling, which is sure to bring you results like increased conversion rate, sales and the hype you always wished for. 

Incorporating AI and Chatbots in your websites/page

Automation is a need of present-day tech-driven businesses.According to Lichpinseo, by 2021, 47% of businesses will use chatbots for customer service, and 40% will use virtual assistants With AI (artificial intelligence) and chatbots, you can target a wider audience, make your website's helpdesk with zero waiting time, deliver a personalized Experience, elevate Customer Service, improve User Engagement and many more. Moreover, you can create marketing campaigns that are predictable and run smoothly without your personal effort. Talk with your marketing team and work to excel this skill to excel digital marketing in 2021.

Hashtag Challenges is a thing to work on

One of the best ways to stay trending on Twitter or go viral in TikTok or Facebook, or Instagram, is with branded hashtag challenges. Moreover, User Generated Content supporting or aligning with your branded challenge can bring you more followers and their unique content, having hashtags of yours. The hashtag has to be relevant to your product, brand, or niche. It's best to get your brand on TikTok and carry out such challenges. Content (especially videos) produced with your branded hashtag gets gathered on a separate challenge page. Even though the challenge's objective is to get viral,and if it can’t be achieved then you should stay satisfied with a growth in the number of your followers. Thus, excelling at marketing your branded hashtag challenges is another digital skill needed in 2021.

Marketing your Branded Filters and Effects 

Launching your own branded filters and effects is another digital marketing skill in Nepal, as it can give you attention in less time among a large audience. We all know our generation is obsessed with taking selfies and updating their every activity on social media. Taking advantage of this, brands can actually make their own filters and effects, especially in Instagram stories and TikTok. You can launch these when a festival is approaching or when you are running your hashtag challenges. Having an influencer to promote them will be the cherry on top. Companies dealing with Digital Marketing in Nepal have started adopting and launching their filters and effects. You might have noticed, 2 PM Noodles, a popular Nepali Noodle Brand launches its own branded filter on a special occasion marked in Nepali Calendar.

Final Thought

If you are looking forward to making an impact in the digital market in 2021, you must consider working on above mentioned seven digital marketing skills that can bring you some satisfactory results. Your desire to uplift and stay in the competition of  Digital Marketing in Nepal would get in reality if you followed these skills, No doubt.

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