What is Experiential Marketing and its Relation With Digital Marketing?


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Experiential Marketing is a unique marketing approach driven to standing out from "Normal" and getting customers engaged with your brand. All in all, experiential marketing lives by the statement of "Trust builds Relationship and Relationship drives Revenue."
As per Reports, 74% of consumers continue to engage if they find the brand to be unique, and the best way to do that is by building the sense of human connection with Experiential Marketing.
Experiential Marketers first put themselves in the shoes of customers and continue with the objective to own the customer before they need the brand.
Advantages of Experiential Marketing
With experiential marketing, customers are able to ''feel" the brand rather than simply being exposed to it. Such kind of ecstatic marketing comes up with tons of benefits. Some of them are listed below:
  • It enhances the perception and value of the product or brand. 
  • It leaves a long-lasting impression among consumers
  • Your brand can stay on Top of Mind and increase word-of-mouth sales 
  • Great brand awareness and loyalty are also driven.
  • Better chances of tapping the target market of specific segments, regions, or lifestyles. 
  • In fact, experiential Marketing promotes experiential branding.
Experiential Marketing Strategies
Event Marketing
Experiential marketing always includes an event. Event is an excellent strategy to market your brand and products. Customers who attend an event get a chance to interact with the brand and product in person for a set amount of time.
Brand Activation
Brand Activation, a natural fit for experiential marketing, is done when a company launches a new product or service. By carefully planning and executing brand activation, you may turn a simple act into a mini-event. It also helps clients to see the product's benefits in a more detailed manner.
Guerrilla Marketing
It is an unconventional out-of-the-box promotion method where brands typically advertise their message/product on billboards, trucks, or buildings. A lot of imagination and conveying a strong core message without provoking customers are all linked with Guerrilla Marketing.
Use of AR and Stunts
You may make your consumers virtually feel all of the benefits of your product by utilizing the fantastic virtual reality technology. Similarly, combining stunts with the product allows the viewer to experience AWE or Oh My God moments and remember the event and your brand for a long time.
Steps involved in Experiential Marketing campaigns 
Setup advertising objectives. 
Brands must know what and why they want to advertise, what's the prime objective and what results anticipated from advertising.
Decide on your promotional Activities.
Here, you decide on how to promote your brand, organizers, sponsors, and partners in all pre-event, at-event, and post-event. 
Go live
It is the Do or Die situation. The performers or the setting must be top-notch to make your grand event even GRANDER.
Evaluation and Record-Keeping
After the event has been carried out, you must check what went well and what went wrong. Also, keeping a record of the number of visitors and their feedback can be fruitful for future use.
How Experiential Marketing and Digital Marketing are Linked?
COVID pandemic flourished in the process of going virtual. At this time, vaccination has been made easy, and the events are done physically, taking necessary precautions. However, compiling data, exploiting them, and getting the facts and figures require digital tools and techniques. Also, to promote your event happening in that particular area, you can opt for a paid option. At this point, all of the digital marketing platforms- Google, social media, websites are going to your savior as they help you to spread your message far and wide.
To help you with all digital marketing services, you must find a digital agency that offers 360 services, with acquiring data and facts being the focus.If you are looking for a digital agency specializing as a Social Media Marketing Agency, Marching Ants is your Stop. To know more about our social media services, you can visit our website or contact us.


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