Panchakanya Group(Steel)

The Problem

When Panchakanya approached Marching Ants, they had three problems:
  • On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO issues
  • No keywords were ranking on the first-page
  • Low traffic and brand visibility in Google

Panchakanya group is a leading conglomerate in the manufacturing and production of all industry-related products in Nepal. With all industry-focused ideas, efforts, and resources, the company strives to move forward and bring impactful development in Nepal at a faster pace. Panchakanya strives to become the most preferred brand in Nepal when it comes to consumer purchase decisions and the export of industry-related products.

In our first official meeting, the team at Panchakanya told us that they had not invested their resources in SEO and had just trusted their website. Upon analysis, their issues with SEO performance and brand visibility were found. Further, Panchakanya expressed its will to earn greater visibility in its best-selling products.

The Strategy

    Our first step was finding the appropriate keywords for Panchakanya. We decided to target four separate groups of keywords for

    • Steel bars
    • Plastic and Pipes
    • Bitumen, Barrel, and Cylinders
    • Panchakanya structural steel.

    We then took these keywords, examined the search behavior behind them, and came up with SEO strategies (Business Listing, Social Bookmarking, Article Posting, Guest Posting, Forum Posting, Comment Backlinking, Social Sharing, and Web 2.0) to target the search intent of users. We also rewrote the web pages and moved forward with a campaign to build backlinks to the content (blogs and pillar content).

    The Results

    Metric December  2020 November 2021
    Users 1,545 Users gained, of which 1,434 were New Users,  11,902 users, i.e., 7x Growth in the Website Visitor; 11,519 were new users.
    Keywords Ranking No data available 15+ keywords in Top 5, 30+ Keywords in Top 10, and 50+ Keywords in Top 20.
    Traffic 205 (1025) 5x times of traffic Growth.
     Impressions NA 8x times of Impressions
    Backlinks 113 96,922
    CTR NA 7%
    After one year of relentless Search Engine Optimization on Panchakanya Group’s website, we obtained our goals in terms of traffic, i.e., 5 times more growth in traffic. We brought the relevant and desired keywords to the Top 5, Top 10, and Top 20 of Google Search.
    With 800 times more backlinks, we helped the Panchakanya website to grow exponentially. In just one year of putting our professional SEO strategy into action, Panchakanya's digital presence along with sales improved like never before.

The Summary

    PanchaKanya Group is a big name when it comes to the Nepali manufacturing and production industry. Although the company had been utilizing the digital platform for quite some time, it was not fully aware of the value and visibility that SEO could bring. The fierce competition in Google Ranking in desired keywords was another major issue faced by Panchakanya.

    Marching Ants then took the initiative and pledged to educate the Panchakanya team and bring results with strategic SEO service. With our one-year-long SEO service, Panchakanya got its traffic increased by 5 times (11,902 users). With Panchakanya’s progress, it is clear that to make a business grow and be visible on Google, right strategy, targeting the right keywords, and right content distribution are the absolute SEO practices. Achieving best results in such aspects is possible when you partner with the right SEO agency.

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