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Branding is a marketing practice where companies focus on informing the general public about their brand with the feeling of gaining trust and loyalty. Branding uses the art in the form of designs, responding to the audience and science in the right symbols, logos, and psychology-approved color palette. If branding does not get in the desired direction, it can backfire the company as its whole.

Benefits of Branding for a Business.

  1. Branding helps you stand out in a saturated market.
  2. Branding brings customer awareness.
  3. Branding brings consistency in the marketplace.
  4. Branding gives you credibility in the market.
  5. Branding makes your customer loyal.
  6. Branding attracts ideal customers for your business.
  7. Branding gives you a clear strategy to move forward.
  8. Branding helps in the introduction of new products.

Marketing includes all the activities a company does: advertising, selling, and delivering products to enhance the buying or selling of a specific product or service. Marketing pays strict homage to the customers and further works to maintain trustworthy relationships with them. In this, a strong network with the past or potential client is formed. Marketing utilizes both online and offline methods. In Fact, Marketing includes advertising via text, keywords, photos, charts, graphs, and videos. Marketing gets evolving when a new product or service gets launched.

Benefits of Marketing for a Business

  1. Marketing differentiates you from your competitors.
  2. Marketing helps to inform your customers.
  3. Marketing supports the selling of products.
  4. Marketing helps to engage your customers with your brand.
  5. Marketing entrenches your brand in the Marketplace.
  6. Marketing sustains your brand name.

So, what are the major differences between them?

It is the whole set of advertising.It is a subset of marketing.
Marketing is conducted. Branding is established.
Marketing Campaigns are comparatively short-lived.Branding offers generation to generation connections.
Marketing grabs the consumer’s attention.Branding defines a company’s mission and vision.
Marketing involves full or partial outsourcing by professionals.Branding requires daily updates and follow-up by professionals.
Marketing involves searching and connecting the right audience for the brand.Branding involves drafting and conveying a service.
On the road to success, Marketing comes later as it needs a tagline or stories related to conducting effective ad campaigns.On the road to success, Branding comes first as you are trying to inform customers about your products and services
Using the logo of Marching Ants extensively in banners or designs is marketing.Logo of moving ants refers to Marching Ants Brand. It is branding.
Difference between Marketing and Branding

So, Why is this difference between marketing and branding necessary to be known? 

Having a clear idea about the differences makes you know where you are actually lacking. New entrepreneurs and companies can prioritize more on branding since it’s the stepping stone. Further, extensive research and approval of brand guidelines will be carried out.

After crafting the logo, designs, and guidelines using the best creativity, the teams can move on finalizing the perfect marketing strategy. Adding to that, marketing uplifts brand’s image and brand awareness. However, if the brand does not have concrete and unique designs for describing and exhibiting its forte, then marketing will suffer numerous confusions and ultimately the brand will have some deep scars of failure and dishonor.

Digital Marketing has completely revolutionized the market. Branding remains  the top priority to make a company’s unique impression in the digital form. Once you get recognized, people are likely to connect and make deals with you. But it does not mean to underestimate the power of marketing completely. Without marketing a brand can’t achieve substantial success.

If Branding is the foundation of a house, then marketing becomes the door and windows. Without these, both our house, a business cannot stand firm and have protection. Thus, branding and marketing should be given equal emphasis.

Condition of  Branding and Marketing in Nepal

To enhance sales, many companies in Nepal are emphasizing on better branding and marketing. Companies like: Vespa, Aprilia, Machhapuchhre Bank, QFX cinemas, Tata Motors are becoming highly conscious about their brand image and marketing. These companies have been doing so by collaborating with many creative agencies like Marching Ants to engage their audience and boost their market and sales.

Even Though there are some differences between  Branding and Marketing, each of them has its own advantages. Both of them are necessary to stay as a strong player in the game called- Business. You can not invest only in a single aspect. Setting up a strong branding and then marketing it with a correct strategy should be your infallible Mantra.

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