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Digital marketing in Nepal grew in midst of covid time. Success stories of Sastodeal and UG cakes are two inspirational stories of how important digital marketing is to get your business to its greatest heights. A dedicated team and optimum use of Digital Marketing are the two basic factors for these two ventures’ success.

Digital Marketing in Nepal, an umbrella term for SEO, social media, marketing automation, (pay-per-click) PPC, and more are impacted by various trends popularized in various online platforms. COVID-19 pandemic has made companies and customers rely on inbound forms of digital marketing. Upon, researching it was found that Digital Marketing Agencies in Nepal are redefining and redesigning their clients: companies and brands Online Marketing strategies.

How are the Digital Agencies in Nepal using digital marketing strategies?

In Digital Marketing, Content Marketing is a crucial strategy. Content Marketing ensures to portray beautiful and informative blogs, infographics, case studies, and videos about the service/product. At present, many small and big companies opt to use the latest and viral memes to make customers more relatable about service/product.

The routine of Nepal Banda, a Facebook page( available on Instagram too) dedicated to trustable news broadcasting in Nepal, is the most prominent example of successful content marketing in digital platforms in Nepal.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is another indispensable aspect of Digital Marketing, focused on driving organic traffic with great content. The competition is extremely brutal when it comes to SEO. No one wants to compromise on making a long-lasting impression on the customers. Thus companies are using their best SEO strategist or getting help from digital agencies to drive traffic to their website. These are the best examples of how digital marketing in Nepal is growing.

SEO takes time to provide results. Thus, Adwords gets used to reach potential customers. Companies also invest in PPCs to get control over the budget and schedule. Paying only for clicks and easy to measure tracks, makes PPC popular among the businesses in Nepal who are using digital services.

Social Media has become an inextricable part of our life. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Telegram, TikTok, and Snapchat have become our means to see others and show our lifestyle as well as connect to professional networks. Likewise, businesses use them to show their products and services. At present, maximum sales are seen from Instagram and TikTok. Many SMEs like Choco Pasal, Vegan Dairy Nepal, CakeMart, Outfitch, Kitsclothing, Jewellerynepal, Neostore Nepal (for gadgets) are making greater sales and revenue from the moment they invested well on Social Media Platforms.

In Nepal eCommerce portals and Digital Marketing Agencies are making most of the Email Marketing. They send emails to their customers or prospective customers. These emails contain advertisements, commercial messages, calls for business opportunities, or calls for donations or wishes for the festive season. Adding to that, success stories of eCommerce Portals and JobPortals in Nepal is also supported by Affiliate Marketing

Influencer Marketing, an evergreen mode of advertisement, is another pillar of digital marketing. Those who have larger followers on social media are considered influencers. These people can affect the purchasing decisions of their audience. Collaborating with influencers and asking them to endorse the products/brand is the purpose of Influencer Marketing. To promote, 2 PM Noodles, a product of Asian Thai Foods, Digital Marketing Agencies approached Mr. Sidhhartha Ghimire, a popular Nepali food blogger, and artists: Barsha Raut, Riyasha Dahal, and Priyanka Karki. For this trend, the hashtag #ChisoMausamTato2PM was used.

Social Media and Influencers are incomplete without the ViralTag. This marks the importance of Viral Marketing. For anything to be viral, be it a meme or video or any content, a large number of views, shares, likes, and forwards are crucial. For promoting a fresh Nepali song, Tiktok is a savior. Nepalese marketers ensure to create a dance or lyrical content on a 15 seconds part of a song to become Viral. The most prominent songs to get viral include: Batash song sang by Shaswot Khadka and Dance created by Shiwali, Mineral Water by Elena Chauhan.

Whether to see the time or to count footsteps or just find answers, everyone uses mobile. This has inspired websites to make their content mobile-friendly. App-based Marketing, In-game mobile Marketing, Location-based Marketing, QR codes, SMS, Mobile image ads, Mobile search ads are the types of Mobile Marketing. Hamro Patra, a Nepali App, uses mobile marketing for its branding. HamroPatro sends push notifications targeting the latest news, festivals and related dates, horoscopes.

What’s next in Digital Marketing in Nepal?

Digital Marketing has already taken a faster pace in Nepali Market. In the following decade, Digital Marketing will be replacing traditional marketing with quite a percentage. However, digital agencies have to be vigilant and up-to-date about the new trends in Digital Marketing in 2021 and make plans accordingly.
Marching Ants, a leading digital agency, has been providing the best, trending, and result-driven digital marketing services for various brands in Nepal. Apart from that, market research services are also being offered.



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