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Email Marketing is an important aspect of internet marketing where brands send emails to their customers or visitors (potential customers), which contains a general message on the company’s behalf or details about or discounts on the products or services, and many more. Later they (your audience) can share and forward those emails to anyone they’d like.
Digital Agencies in Nepal focus on optimizing Email Marketing and giving results to their clients. They send personalized emails to client’s customers, ensuring privacy and security features.

Importance of Email Marketing

 According to Hubspot, 91% of consumers use email, which allows you to stay connected with almost every audience. It’s not only a connection, but it’s the ability to reach customers with a targeted message in real-time.

In the B2B world, 73% of communication is done through emails; thus, you can develop relationships with your niche market clients. During the communication, brands highlight the contents which aid in increasing brand awareness. By sending emails on various occasions, you can take advantage of the timely nature of email marketing.

Email marketing can easily track delivery rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and open rates. Brands can also reach a large number of consumers with a nominal charge per message. These qualities make email marketing more affordable.

Five major types of Email marketing

Welcome emails

A welcome email contains a sign-up form or just a hello, special offers to communicate with a new customer. Welcome emails can boost metrics. However, there are higher chances of having problems in making deals while communicating with a potential buyer.


Newsletters can educate your customers about your business, projects, and relevant information. Newsletters help in increasing Brand Awareness and delivering repurpose and diverse content.

Promotional emails 

Promotional emails focus on inspiring customers to complete a purchase. Promotional emails are messages that are aimed at completing a purchase or making a conversion. Brands can promote blog posts, webinars, and eBooks, and many other offerings with these emails. 

 Re-Engagement Emails

A re-engagement email is sent to customers to re-establish contacts. Brands ask for feedback to bring customers’ attention to your business. Responses to these emails will indicate customers’ state of awareness and points where you can work on. 

Review Request Emails

Sources tell us that 84% of consumers trust online reviews like personal recommendations. Thus reviews are essential. With the intention to build credibility and boost search engine results, brands can send review emails.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. In Email Marketing, contacting the consumers and customer is easier and cheaper
  2. Emails are perceived as more professional than texts. Thus, Email Marketing offers concrete and In-Depth communication.
  3. Using Email Marketing, you can directly reach your Target Audience
  4. Email Marketing is easy to begin as well as easy to share
  5. A Higher ROI is generated with Email Marketing

How to Start Email Marketing?

First, you have to define your email marketing goals. You can develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you to track and measure goal progress. After that, you can sign up for email marketing tools like HubSpot Email Marketing, Sender, Sendinblue, Omnisend, Mailchimp, MailerLite, etc.

Further, you can build your email list. While doing so, you must ensure where your email will stay in the subscriber’s mail list and not leak their email address to anyone else. Now, you must segment your email lists into relevant groups. Now is the time for creating an email marketing strategy.

Now,you have to work for Email marketing automation. You can send an automated message to your latest subscriber to your blog. You can keep a segmented list based on subscribers’ interests to provide new updates on the topics and additional suggested content based on their interests.

Afterward, A/B testing can be done, where two variations, i.e., Version A and B of the one campaign, are made and sent to some customers. Half of the test group receives Version A and the other gets Version B.Overall results will be measured and the best version will be used. At last, you will recheck your email list and keep updated.

Final Thought

Email Marketing is a crucial aspect of digital marketing where you send emails to your regular customers or prospects emails including invitations, special discounts and offers, upcoming events. You should adopt various email marketing strategies like authentic personalized email, customer appreciation emails, newsletters, and many more. By using email marketing efficiently, you can adapt and meet the changing needs of consumers. For better sales in 2021, your business must make improvements in overall email marketing strategies. 


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