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Why choose print media if you can reach out to a larger audience with low investment using digital marketing!

Digital Marketing also called Online Marketing includes SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Influencer Marketing. To carry out digital marketing, you would need to hire a digital marketer or a digital agency.

The latest Reports conclude that  42.85 million people have mobile connections in Nepal and among them 10.21 million use the internet for quenching their hunger for knowledge, research, and entertainment. These numbers signify the growing importance and use of the internet among the students as well as businesses. Brands and businesses in Nepal are in the hunt for the best Digital Agency in Nepal.

Why should you hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal?

Working with a new skilled team 

When businesses hire digital marketing companies, brands can get full-fledged and 360-degree solutions. Businesses can get digital marketing expertise: SEO specialists, content creators, digital advertisers, social media managers, graphic designers under one roof.

These all contribute to lower the brands’ cost of acquisition and operating cost.

Ad campaigns will be done digitally

In Nepal, big brands invest a great deal of capital in traditional marketing. Small and new businesses may not be able to afford it. Thus, digital agencies would carry out all the ad campaigns digitally. Digital agencies carry out in-depth research about brands and their target audience. Using suitable strategies, digital agencies launch ad campaigns on social media and other online platforms.

 Faster and cost effective brand awareness

When people see a logo or hear a tagline, they must be able to recognize your brand. This is brand awareness. Using digital platforms, your brand can be visible to larger audiences. With detailed and informative content, your brand can grab the attention of your visitors. Digital Agencies ensure to work on effective brand awareness followed by improving brand presence and brand reputation.

Stay relevant and strong in your niche industry

Digital marketing is available for everyone. You can find your competitors within a click. 

Digital agencies stay updated and always keep an eye on their client (your brand’s) competitors. Digital agencies incorporate various ideas for content creation and promotion which are unique as helpful to jump on a better rank than the competitors.

In Nepal, established brands also have to get into digital marketing since the number of competitors have increased exponentially.

Scalable and Measurable results

Digital Agencies can give you the facts and figures about where and how your budget was used. They can give you results on Leads, CR, and ROIs. Studying KPIs and formulating the strategies are the go-to process of digital advertising.

Using other critical metrics, digital agencies measure the efficacy of ad campaigns,ranking under certain keywords and many more.Using these metrics, facts and figures, digital agencies make further planning.

 How to choose the best digital Agency in Nepal?

  1. A distinct and sizeable portfolio
  2. Specialized and experienced team
  3. Strong reputation in the digital marketing industry
  4. Services of the digital agencies matching your needs and budget
  5. Good online presence and company culture

Marching Ants is a leading name in digital agencies in Nepal, offering high-quality digital marketing services. Marching Ants has a strong portfolio and has been working with various clients. A team of experts in Marching ants provides your businesses with the best SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and other related strategies.


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