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Knowledge of marketing is indispensable to succeed in a business. The struggle for better exposure and sales through marketing also brings the dilemma of either investing in content or just creating the best ad campaigns. All it takes to end this dilemma is to grab the knowledge about speed and cost that determines the business venture’s success.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing are the two important marketing forms, which have their own unique aspect of getting a business to greater heights.

Outbound Marketing

In Outbound Marketing, businesses opt for using push motive to enhance their brand awareness and brand presence. Outbound Marketing includes one-way communication for sales pitching. Here, marketers determine the subject, timing, and channel of interaction. Outbound marketing campaigns help marketers to scale efforts on a case-by-case basis.

Outbound Marketing is prevalent in both printing media and the Internet. Cold calling, door-to-door visits, trade events, exhibitions, seminar series, telemarketing, social media advertising, and search engine advertising are used in outbound marketing. Companies also buy Email lists and send emails to get the attention of audiences from that list.

Outbound marketing in Nepal still trusts in printing media. In the context of Nepal, educational institutes, consultancies, traditional PR for films (posters) use outbound marketing to reach out to potential customers.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is all about the lucrative efforts made for gaining quality and quantity audiences using two-way communication. Inbound Marketing is client-centered and has goals to attract audiences using pull motives. Using this marketing form, a company or a business can invest more in their content: blogs, articles, infographics, E-books, Videos in Social media, and websites.

Businesses can witness larger intents and interests from the audience. This information helps to create a foundation for a network of loyal customers. Inbound marketing stays friendly with investments and costs. On top of that, it ensures greater ROI and Conversion Rate. Growth in Digital Marketing in Nepal has acted as a promoter to enhance Inbound Marketing in Nepal.

Simrik Air, one of the leading aviation companies, has been optimizing its websites and social media handles to describe their services of aerial adventure, pilgrimage, rescue operation, aerial filming, and many more.

Likewise, TATA Motors, another big brand for vehicle trading is focusing more on the blogging, description, and availability of dealers, and customer care services using Inbound Marketing. 

What are the disadvantages of Outbound and Inbound Marketing?

  1. Outbound Marketing is highly-driven for making purchases; however, it does not have high intent volumes like Inbound Marketing. 
  2. The cost of advertising makes Outbound Marketing expensive.
  3. In Inbound Marketing, diminished sales volume persists as the audience may not have the intention to make a purchase right away.
  4. Persistent efforts and Patience are compulsory in Inbound Marketing.

Is the Combination of both Marketing Worthy?

Each Marketing form has its pros and cons. Integrating both,Inbound and Outbound Marketing will allow no space for the decrement in sales and keep the budget intact. Combination of both forms includes a simple process : Content Creation as the first step, followed by Advertising.

The combination of Inbound and Outbound Marketing will bring the flock of audience and customers in a short amount of time. Businesses should perform research on both forms and then assimilate them in their ventures.

Local and established brands in Nepal are getting bigger with combination of Inbound and Outbound Marketing.However, transitioning from traditional to digital form still has a vote of no confidence.To convert this no confidence into full trust, many digital agencies are working at their best.

Marching Ants, a Digital Marketing Agency, relies on its Digital Marketing content and strategies. It is fully aware of the importance of creative content as well as efficient and effective ad campaigns. The company has been using these two forms of marketing to have an engaged audience and make good sales of its services.


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