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Influencer marketing in Nepal is one of the outcomes of the escalating and almost mandatory concept to stay on social media platforms. Today influencer marketing has become a crucial digital marketing strategy for brands as the followers’ buying decision or minimum to visiting their website will depend on an influencer giving a shout-out to brands or their channels.

Because of all the amazing features and results brought in a limited time, Influencer Marketing in Nepal can be taken as the X-factor of Digital Marketing . 

Almost everyone knows Charlie Demilio (A tik tok star with 106M followers), James Charles (Makeup Guru), Shawn Mendes (Youtuber and Singer),Hyram (Skincare Specialist).Why? All because of them being Influencers. And many brands want to collaborate with them and make better sales. This is the power of Influencer Marketing.

Importance of Influencer Marketing in Nepal 

 Influencer Marketing escalates Brand Awareness drastically.

Massive following on social media and the web makes influencers have a social appeal. For instance, influencers create quality contents which are always related to the latest trends.

When these influencers say YES to your brand for influencer marketing purposes, your brand will achieve great brand awareness. Sources tell us that 65% of marketers would judge the success of an influencer marketing campaign by measuring the brand awareness generated through it

Reaching Your Target Audience gets easier.

Brands use Ad campaigns to find their target audience, which is comparatively more tedious than the audience gained by Influencer Marketing. Yours and influencers’ efforts can give you a more targeted audience. In this context, not the followers’ number but the match with demographic figures for your brand needs to be considered. Ultimately, using influencer marketing will be bringing more visitors to your brands who can be your devoted followers or customers in the future.

 Escalated Social Media Engagement

Reports tell us that 75% of marketers using influencer marketing take Engagement as the most common metric and outcome. Engagement in Social Media is calculated with likes, comments, mentions, tags, and many more. Moreover, A ratio of total engagement with the influencer’s total number of followers is also carried out for comparison purposes. These add up chances for your brand to go viral. 

Influencer Marketing for SEO ranking

A big shout-out of a product or service or both of your brand on Influencer’s content increases their followers’ curiosity. This results in increased organic traffic on your website or social media pages. This will boost your reach and elevate your SEO rankings. Further, your follower count will increase abruptly. Therefore doing influencer marketing in Nepal also grows your traffic in the website.

Increase brand’s Credibility And Trust

To keep their fans engaged and in-tact, influencers choose brands wisely. Moreover, these influencers will aid in strengthening your brand reputation and support your credibility. Influencers’ suggestions make their followers believe in them. This shows us the strong trust from the audience. Moreover, influencers themselves don’t want to destroy this trust by endorsing a “Good Brand.”For instance, Influencer Marketing will increase your brand’s trust and credibility.

 Social Media Sensations

Social media stars share inside stories of their life both professional and personal lives. In simple words, their fame is solely because of their social media profile. They hold a significant power to influence their followers to purchase products from a particular brand. In Influencer Marketing, these sensations can create hype and bring out large numbers of sales.

At present, Tiktokers and Instagrammers who are doing influencer marketing in Nepal are targeted for this purpose.


Micro-influencers can have a few hundred thousand or fewer followers. But their fan communities are extremely engaging. This makes them influence the audience and increase a brands’ awareness. Micro-influencers can aid in budget-friendly influencer marketing in the Nepal campaign.


Nano Influencers have a few thousand or fewer followers. Most of the nano influencers themselves are devoted fans of a particular brand or product. These influencers’ shout-out to your brand can get you better sales. Thus small businesses can use them for their influencer marketing strategy. Therefore Nano-influencers also can be a part of influencer marketing in Nepal.

Social Media Activists 

For a political or social cause, when somebody takes a stand and tries to gather attention positively, they are the activists. These activists aim to educate and encourage the general public to contribute to the cause from their side. 

We can take: Greta Thunberg (Swedish activist for climate change), Arvind (Indian Animal Activist), Sneha’s Care (Nepali Activist) for animal rights.


Taking the oath to deliver authentic news to inform people, Journalists now make an active presence on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram. Collaborating with them will heighten your brand reputation and reach.

Sonam, a brand for sports and winter wears, collaborating with a Guinness record-holder journalist-Ravi Lamichhane

Mainstream Celebrities

Almost in every country, we have a regional film industry. We can identify legendary as well as rising stars from the industry. Not only that, we have athletes, sportspersons, musicians, models, and other popular public figures as celebrities. Appointing them as brand ambassadors and making them the faces of the brands is the simple process here.

Samragyee RL shah(Nepali actress) is the face for the Acne brand, Paras Khadka(Nepali Cricket team’s captain) promotes, Malvika Subba(model and activist) is the brand ambassador for NYX Cosmetics.

Bloggers and Vloggers

A ‘blogger’ is someone whose written presence impacts a large number of people, whereas ‘vloggers’ convey their content in video form. In most cases, both influencers are found endorsing travel or hospitality, makeup, clothing, art, and design business.

In Nepal, Sisan Baniya, a popular YouTuber and vlogger, was approached by the TVS brand to endorse their latest bike.

Reality TV Stars

Reality shows aim to get participants from the ground-level relating to the general public in competitions and earn an audience through televisions or social media platforms. Thus, brands endorsed by these stars will be acknowledged by their followers.

 Many contestants of Nepal Idol, Voice of Nepal, Dancing with Star Nepal, and many reality television series have attracted a great number of followers on social media platforms. Fashion, Beauty, Automobile brands approach them for their Influencer Marketing. Teriya Magar,who gained fame in Nepal after she won DID Lil Master, is approached by many brands.

Process of Influencer Marketing

• First, you should define SMART Goals for your business on digital platforms.

• Find your targeted audience and research about the demographics.

• Find the relevant Influencers matching your audience’s profile.

• Collaborate with these Influencers and Share contents on all digital platforms.

• After completion of the campaign, you should track your outreach.

Brands must know about influencer relevancy with the audience, influencer’s reach, and create value for the influencer. Digital Agencies and Brands must ensure to use of relevant influencers for their promotion. Moreover, they must be very cautious in choosing them as at present people buy fake followers and gain blue tick on social media. 

For more: The Psychology in Digital Marketing


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