App Development Service in Nepal

Marching Ants offers App development services from every type of business : growing entrepreneurial ventures or long established businesses, that are opting for implementing software technologies  for reinforcing their operational efficiency. Our team ensures to include a competitive and productive attitude while carrying out project activities in specific stages of the software development life cycle.  
Marching Ants builds strong, fully scalable, and secure mobile apps on the iOS and Android platforms. Our experts carry out business analysis and then design and develop mobile applications that will integrate desired products into your infrastructure, promising greater optimization for your brand. 

Demand of new decade- App and Software Development

The new decade, starting with a pandemic, indeed got us locked in our houses but gave opportunities for businesses to flourish digitally. Companies got strong support from the digital agencies serving them digital marketing, including app and software development.
Not only that, applications can help businesses monitor their employees' work and track their progress, and always have a soft copy of essential and confidential documents. Companies should prioritize having their own application to gain a competitive edge and better sales. 

Tailored Application Development

Customized Application and Software enhances the efficiency, scalability,  profit, productivity, and independence of your company. Further, such software supports/automates the business process, offers unique privacy & security requirements, and ultimately offers growth to your business.
Marching Ants, a leading App development agency in Nepal, has years of experience, expertise, and processes, enabling organizations to leverage Information Technology with an innovative approach. Such approach enhances engagements and delivery models resulting in maximized ROI and business growth.

Professional Application Consulting

Application Consulting deals with creating, modifying, and maintaining applications and other web-based programs. The Application Consulting service includes answering customer questions, providing customer training, and resolving customer problems.
At Marching Ants, our application development team focuses on providing error-free software with proper coding in the desired/required programming languages and solving troubleshooting software issues. Adding to that, Our team focuses on problem-solving to troubleshoot potential software application problems and design fixes for them. 

Why Choose Marching Ants?

  • 5+ Years of Experience in IT business
  • Expertise on diverse technologies and domains
  • Bringing results; maintaining long-term relationships
  • Diverse expertise devoted to global exposure\
  • Planned escalation path for development
  • Protection of all intellectual properties
  • Rapid and Robust execution of development

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