Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a type of market research that relies on open-ended and conversational contact to gather information.   This strategy considers not just "what" people believe, but also "why." Consider a convenience store that wants to increase its customer base. According to a systematic observation, the number of men visiting this store is higher. Marching Ants provides research services for brands in both quantitative and qualitative forms.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is described as a systematic analysis of phenomena through the collection of measurable data and the application of statistical, mathematical, or computational methods. Quantitative research gathers information from current and potential customers through sampling methods and the distribution of online surveys, polls, questionnaires, and other forms of online research, the outcomes of which can be represented numerically. After gaining a thorough understanding of these fi ... Read More

Forecasting Using ARIMA Model

ARIMA, which stands for "Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average," is a class of models that "explains" a given time series based on its own previous values, i.e., its own lags and lagged prediction errors, so that equation can be used to anticipate future values.   ARIMA models can be used to model any ‘non-seasonal' time series that has patterns and is not random white noise. Marching Ants provides Forecasting Using ARIMA Model  services for ... Read More

Explanatory Research

Explanatory study was conducted in order to investigate a phenomenon that had not previously been studied or well described in a timely manner. Its goal is to fill in the blanks when there is a lack of information.   The researcher obtains a broad notion and uses the research to point him in the direction of concerns that should be addressed in the future. Its purpose is to figure out why and what anything is worth studying. Marching Ants provides Explanatory  research ... Read More