Search Engine Marketing Services in Nepal

First Grab Attention the Engage Consumers

With search engine marketing, you can capture online users' attention by serving up great relevant content numerous times during the buyer’s journey. Using the matching keyword and certified tools, we attract your target audience's attention. As a leading SEM Agency in Nepal, we design your ad campaign adding the flavors of attraction, relevancy, and ease to navigate, making visitors stay on the ad page and perform Call-to-Action. Our ad campaigns aim to keep your company at the forefront of your niche market, gain consumers' interest, and encourage them to make a purchase- making them your customers eventually.

Google ad Campaigns on Other Channels too

Utilizing the available cutting-edge technologies, we create a Google Ads campaign carrying your objectives. We plan, measure, and optimize your ad campaigns across all relevant channels. Combining your Google Ads campaigns with email campaigns is one of such strategies of ours. With A/B Testing and upgrades on every aspect of the campaign, we work to earn valuable leads and drive them through the sales funnel.

Result you have been wanting

We create high-impact strategies, not for ordinary but groundbreaking results.  Our team constantly monitors the metrics and hone your campaign for lucrative results. The results include better conversions and ROI. We work hard to create ROI-driven strategies and have been able to recognize and maximize volume & quality.
After understanding your ultimate goals and desired call-to-action like: purchase your product, download your app or phone to place an order, we create customized and performance-driven campaigns.

How does SEM work?

Search engines use a complex algorithm to determine SEM rankings. SEM, on the other hand, operates according to a set of rules. The steps involved in SEM are mentioned below.

Campaign Creation

The initial step to start your SEM journey is to determine your ad campaign. During this process, your ad objectives can be targeted on a hierarchal basis. Select your bidding strategies, define your daily budget, target your ads on specific locations and timing, schedule your ads to come in this step.

Keywords Bidding and Display

After you've set up your campaign, you'll need to decide which keywords you want your ad to appear for. The importance of keyword research and analysis at this stage cannot be overstated. Understanding the search intent, CPC, and volume is crucial to nailing SEM. After you've determined which keywords you want to target, you must compete for them against your competitors.

Ads Creation

After Keyword bidding, you should start setting up your goal. Actual ad work begins here. This entails writing ad headlines, descriptions, site links, contact information, and a Call-To-Action (CTA) button.

Monitoring And Optimization

Running ads is not enough. Continuous monitoring of your ad's performance and optimizing them is crucial. Further, it ensures maximum ad conversion and ROI. 
Modifying and enhancing your ad headlines and descriptions can boost your CTR.Overall, monitoring and optimizing ensure that you don't go over budget and have your ad intact.

SEM/PPC service in Nepal

It is the ultimate target of a business to have global recognition and availability. For that, the company must be visible to the world. And what better platform than SEM. With SEM, brands run advertisements in their niche industry under a specific keyword in a short time with less money. Transparent and comprehensive SEM Services boost your brand and increase revenue. Digital Agencies work to tackle challenges and target the right demographics producing search-driven results. 
Digital Marketing is growing at a fast pace in Nepal. To attain brand awareness and maximum sales, brands approach digital agencies that run SEM and social media marketing. SEM Agencies in Nepal work to match the brand's requirements and set some exclusive ideas and solutions to get desired visibility in desired search engines. They provide marketing, optimization, and management services to help businesses grow the fastest way possible.

Why Marching Ants' SEM different from others?

  • Dedicated and experienced Ad specialist team
  • Bringing Faster and Desired Results
  • Runs a variety of Google Ads
  • Measurable Increase in business growth
  • Positive ROI and Accurate conversion tracking
  • Certified Google Ad Agency
  • Constant communications and reporting
  • KPI and Competitor monitoring
  • Planning and execution for business growth
  • Strategic Advice on Market Growth


Search Engine Marketing Services

Marching Ants ensures to provide the best Search Engine Marketing services, which includes Pay Per Click (PPC), Google Ads, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Furthermore, crucial aspects like Customized Ad creation, Ad campaign strategy, Ad Management, Google Analytic Services, Tracking, and Reporting are Marching Ants’ areas of excellence.
Our SEM service is reliable and budget-friendly to generate better sales, revenue, and web traffic. Marching Ants believes in consistent attention, customized reporting, and cent-percent transparency while using SEM strategy.
Our team of experts professionally analyzes and improves the CPCs and makes Ads relevant to the desired keyword. We focus on enhancing the land page experience. Becoming a client to Marching Ants will secure and enhance your quality performance.

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