SEO in Nepal

Marching Ants’ SEO Service in Nepal is Customer-focused, Credible, and Transparent. To gain a deeper understanding of rankings and traffic, we invest in educating, advocating, shaping, and enrolling companies (clients).
By performing comprehensive competitor analysis and improving On-Page SEO, our dedicated team of expert SEO professionals in Nepal strives to make our client's website number one for the defined Keyword. We are focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for the keywords we are targeting.
Our primary goal is to drive organic traffic to our clients' websites and turn visitors into paying customers. Our SEO-savvy team employs a range of tactics, tools, and methods to ensure that our client's website ranks first in Google for the targeted keyword.
Overall, Marching Ants is a certified Best SEO Agency in Nepal that provides a positive return on investment (ROI), reliable conversion tracking, and ongoing monitoring and coordination. We Provide Best SEO Service in Nepal.

What is Search Optimization in Nepal?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is systematic and strategic practice in online marketing where contents mostly written ones are utilized to ensure organic traffic. In simple words, it is a strategy to get your website to appear on top of searches under certain keywords.
More than 50% of all website traffic comes from organic search, which is more than paid and social combined. It is undeniable evidence of SEO's influence. Content must be completely SEO-optimized for SEO to produce results. According to Junto report, content marketing is the most successful SEO strategy for 72 percent of online marketers.

SEO Working Mechanism

SEO is surely a longer process when compared to SEM however it is a long-term investment. SEO follows a specific mechanism with certain specific steps. Listed are the steps involved in SEO
Keyword Research
Keyword Research explores keywords that have been targeted and prioritized. Keyword Research is crucial to understand how much traffic you want to attract and which keywords your rivals dominate. You can check the Difficulty Level, Length, and Cost Per Rate of your desired Keywords using various tools. Understanding the search goal of users or the target audience is another important objective in Keyword Research.
Competitor Analysis
With competitor analysis, you can identify major competitors and marketing strategies.
To get the most of competitor analysis, classifying competitors and conducting research on the content they provide to the audience is the initial step. Furthermore, you perform a SWOT Analysis of the competition's content strategy. With results of such analysis, better and result-oriented content than theirs are produced
Optimising Site &Content
Optimization is necessary within the website and its individual webpages. The contents in the website includes description and images, which are optimized for better SEO Ranking. Healthy amount of keywords, power words, transition words are kept in literary content whereas ALT text is carefully written for Images. This is an inevitable part for SEO as well as to excel the brand's online presence.
Building Backlinks
Backlinks are the links earned from other websites.  These links help search engines determine or discover your page to rank. Not only that, your website can gain more visitors through referral traffic.
Brands use guest blogging, article posting, or even post blogs on question-answer websites to earn backlinks.
Update Contents
A content needs revision when it is not helpful for readers who want to know about the latest trends, technology, or market situation. Content Updating addresses the flaws, loopholes, and gaps of old content.
Regularly Updating Content keeps your fresh content. This triggers search engine spiders to visit your page and index your site. Further, these spiders realize content on your page has got updated. This makes your content get a higher ranking.
An SEO Agency in Nepal carries out above mentioned steps in a detailed way so that their clients get desired results. Marching Ants’ team of experts in


Benefits of doing SEO in Nepal

  • Enhance the user experience
  • Assists in the development of brand recognition
  • Conversion and the primary source of leads
  • Content Optimization Increases Organic Reach
  • Companies' Long-Term Investment
  • Getting ahead of the competitors of industry
  • Improved Website Loading Speed

Why is SEO Important in Nepal?

  • Higher Brand Awareness 
  • Get High-quality Organic Traffic
  • No Ads, only Optimized Content
  • Improved Sales Funnel Activity 
  • Long Term Investment 
  • Higher ROI compared to others
  • Measurable and Sustainable Results
  • Improved visibility and Greater credibility


What is On-Page Optimization?

On-Page Optimization includes optimizing elements of SEO like Content. The great thing about On-page SEO is that you can have 100% control over the items you put out on your website. The website which ranks #1 also needs On-Page SEO as SEO is an ongoing process and no one reserves the number 1 spot on SERP.
One can do On-Page SEO for One Time Setup (HTTPS) or those needed once in a while (articles/blogs). On-Page SEO is affected by content, keyword, website and image optimization, website structure, Mobile-friendliness and many other factors.
For a better online impression via your website, you should emphasize On-Page SEO.
What is Content Writing?
Without the Right Informative and Engaging Content, your SEO ranking will not go on the Right track. Content can be either blogs, taglines and even images. Good content will drive organic traffic to your website, turn visitors or prospects into customers, and push the customers down in the sales funnel.
Great content has an Attractive topic that acts as a hook to grab the audience's attention. The main content usually covers all Wh questions related to the topic. AIDA (attention, interest, desire and action) formula is emphasized on the introduction part, Facts and stats with in-depth explanation in body and short abstract on Summary or Conclusion part.
Thus, Content Writing is a vital aspect of SEO. Working to draft good content and regular updating can get your content rank higher and keep your website on top of the SERP page.
SEO for Long Term Result
Search Engine Optimization is not a one-day miracle. It is an ongoing process that needs continuous monitoring, tweaking and a variety of tactics. 
SEO brings a win-win situation to audiences and brands because audiences will find their desired product or service on the first search option. Brands benefit from personalized content in terms of impressions, leads, traffic, and sales.
SEO takes time to show the desired results; however, once well-invested SEO with regular updates can constantly benefit your brand.

Why Work with us as your SEO Agency?

  • Quick results on traffic growth
  • Track record of success
  • Positive Return on your investment
  • Worked with RENOWNED brands of Nepal
  • Google Certified SEO Specialist
  • Regular communications with clients
  • Accurate conversion tracking
  • KPIs ( Key Performance Indicator) monitoring
  • Aggressive Competitor Analysis 
  • Strategic Business Growth Advice
  • Regular updates and  improvements


Our Search Engine Optimization Process for Your Success

Gurantees you Traffic and Revenue

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO

With Local SEO, businesses can attract or get themselves discovered by their potential customers in their local areas. A company will have increased visibility in local search results on Google. Our SEO team emphasizes making your website stand out with  Local SEO. We work to grow your business exposure and get it recognized well by residents in the local area.

Ecommerce SEO

With eCommerce  SEO, your online commercial venture can achieve more visibility in the SERPs. Optimizing your product descriptions helps brands rank as highly as possible, resulting in more traffic. We offer custom eCommerce SEO strategies for brands. We work to have better Keyword research and optimization, Product image optimization and copywriting, and Content promotion.

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO includes strategies aimed at improving the organic presence of any large enterprise. It is designed for large businesses, thus requires more rigorous strategies than its SMEs. With Enterprise SEO service at Marching Ants, Brands can reach their Customers at every sales funnel stage. We make your brand Image and Brand Presence improved- bringing better traffic and customers. 

Lead Generation SEO

SEO and lead generation are not similar. SEO ideals with a better ranking of the website, whereas lead generation is about identifying and cultivating potential customers.

 SEO and lead generation work together because appearing on the first page of the search results can give you more potential customers and even start the interaction. Our SEO Experts work rigorously to get your website to better ranks and better leads.


frequently asked questions

If you are planning to do your branding or improve your digital presence for B2C as well as B2B customers or audience as per your field, you can approach an SEO Agency right away. Adding to that, it's never too late to start SEO. The only thing or phase that compels you to use SEO service is when you have your Website.

Looking for best SEO Company in Nepal, Marching Ants is there to provide Proffessional SEO Service in Nepal.


In search engine optimization, keyword research is a critical step (SEO). Keyword Research involves looking up words or phrases relevant to your niche market to see if they can help you rank higher on Google or other search engines.
Keyword Research is carried out to determine traffic, click-through rates over time, conversion, and SERP positions. For Keyword Research, you must know the search intent: Informational, Navigational, Commercial, and Transactional of visitors or the target audience.
Usually, Low Competition & High Volume keywords in niche industries are incorporated for better ranking.


If an SEO Agency readily says YES to get your site on top ranking in a minimal timeframe, you should be sure that such agencies use fake and false methods like Black Hat SEO. Algorithm changes can even fluctuate your ranking. Thus there is no guarantee to be on time within a month or so, but improvements can be guaranteed.
Genuine SEO Agency take 4 to 6 months to get the results. These results can improve over a period of time. SEO Agency in Nepal - Marching Ants believes in genuine SEO results and works legally and never breaks the Code of conduct of Google.


Businesses use search engines to have their website appear under desired keywords so that their brand awareness increases, visitors become your customers, you get better leads, and ultimately increase sales.
With strategic SEO, you can dominate the SERP and stay at the top whenever your customers' or prospects' search intent matches your emphasized keyword.
The SEO working mechanism sequence is: drive more traffic > get more visitors > own more leads > make more sales.


To be brutally honest, content's prime job is to attract Google and Audience both. But when we talk about technical aspects, SEO-friendly content has a healthy number of keywords and Infotainment. After extensive research on keywords to excel, content writers draft SEO-optimized content. They ensure to keep content informative, engaging, high-quality, valuable,and credible.Using tools, the SEO team reviews the content and asks the content writer to edit or approve it for publication to maintain proper on-page SEO.

The links created when one website links to another are known as backlinks, inbound links, or incoming links. These are the most successful SEO strategies. To back up this argument, the majority of SEO experts agree that external linking is the third most important factor in search engine optimization. These links help search engines to know or discover which page to link to faster and gain more visitors through referral traffic.Guest Blogging, Article Posting,Business Listing, Social Bookmarking are Marching Ants SEO team’s go-to strategies for link Building.

When it comes to improving one's online presence, SEO is a slow but powerful player. Structure, Content, and Links are all aspects of SEO, and they all contribute to free traffic. To improve brand recognition, reputation, and ROI, SEO is your best friend.
PPC, on the other hand, is a paid marketing strategy that involves the placement of advertisements. Unlike SEO, it gives immediate results.
Both of them are crucial; however, brands can choose either one or both of them.


Marching Ants maximizes efficiency by strategizing and making the best use of SEO resources. Marching Ants' SEO team researches new strategies, evaluates their usefulness and efficacy, and then implements them according to the needs of their clients. Using the White Hat SEO approach, we work to achieve SMART goals and ensure the optimal ranking and traffic.
Our professionalism, realistic and honest commitment, clear communication, and flexibility make us a better choice for SEO in Nepal.
We are the best SEO Company in Nepal


A big Yes!!!!
For e-commerce websites, SEO is an absolute must. Your goods must rank higher than those of your competitors so that your potential customers find them in the first scan.
Marching Ants has earned a good experience and knowledge to enhance ranking of eCommerce via legal SEO technique. We strive to achieve our customers' eCommerce goals by putting them first. The correct metrics and KPIs are always at the forefront of our minds. We place sales and returns first to improve eCommerce.