Segmentation and Churn Management in Nepal

Marching Ants offers Segmentation Management services to business houses and multinational companies. We identify the early signs and thresholds for customer churning, carry out profound Market basket analysis, and manage a proactive churn management system. Not only that, we offer our services to find the initial indicators and the present day thresholds for the customer’s reason to churn. To be precise, Our team of experts carries out a perigonal analysis of all three types of churn ... Read More

Know your audience with Segmentation

Segmentation provides you with your customer's psychographic, socioeconomic, and geographic characteristics, as well as their buying habits and means of purchase. Customers leaving or quitting on you is something no company wants to happen. If this occurs, they must address and understand the reasons for it. You will learn the trends of your customers rejecting your services and the reasons for their disappointment using segmentation and churn management.    

Find Optimal Customer Retention Solution

Find Optimal Customer Retention Solution Customer retention focuses on business actions and strategies to hold the existing customers to their brands. Customers that are likely to churn can be identified using customer retention analytics. You can also develop a data roadmap, focus on high-quality leads and data-driven insights with segmentation and churn management. With the proper churn management process, you continually boost your retention, keeping your customers happy and revenue high ... Read More

Perform data-driven churn analysis for churn prevention

Churn analysis should be based on data that covers both internal data sets and external 3rd parties. With such data, you can analyze customer's reasons to churn and define what action is the right one for your customers. Further, you can have enhanced loyalty, increased re-activation strategy, and have micro segmentation.