Social Media Marketing: Reaching your customer through social platforms.

Marching Ants, one of the leading Digital Marketing Companies in Nepal, has been offering its services in special packages to entice the audience in bringing out remarkable brand awareness & brand presence. We strengthen our client’s media presence and ensure to get maximum engagement from their followers and attract potential customers.

We specialize in evaluating and creating innovative tools for our clients on different social media sites in order to boost traffic and brand awareness. Our one-of-a-kind and sophisticated social media campaigns are completely revolutionary and trendy, and they have won the hearts of our clients. 
As a well-performing social media marketing agency in Nepal, we are committed to incorporate a dynamic approach to our clients' desired strategies by using social media's strength. Our social media marketing team makes active participation in the campaign mnemonic formation, drafting customer engagement methods, and performing campaign analysis.
Connect with us as we own expertise in Social Media Marketing in Nepal. Let’s collaborate and make your brand grow bigger and better.


Social Media Marketing Service in Nepal

At present, there are 2.8 billion users. Among them, 140 million businesses are on Facebook and 60 million pages active.Engaging on this platform allows marketers to comprehend highly targeted campaigns. You can find organic and paid side of Facebook to leverage your business. Choosing an organic way to excel means creating valuable content, especially video content to make consumers your content consumable, shareable and discussed among a mass.
You can opt for Facebook ads for faster results. In fact, Facebook ads can bring 9 to 10 % Conversion. With Facebook pixels,an analytics tool, you can measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. You can run Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel, and slideshow ads. Relevance, Ad quality and bidding determines what kinds of ads to appear on Facebook Ads.
We deliver highly targeted and goal-oriented Facebook marketing services to promote your brand's voice and content on social media. With a well-defined campaign on Facebook, we will help you reach your target audience and generate more leads.With Facebook Ads you can check your KPIs as well as track records.
At Marching Ants, we offer goal-oriented and customized Facebook Marketing services to make your brand's voice and social media more powerful, hit your target audience and enhance brand reputation. We help our clients create effective ads and ensure that they are constantly designed for maximum effectiveness.

Instagram Marketing in Nepal

In Instagram marketing, businesses use the platform to communicate with their target customers and sell their products in an organic or paid manner. Since 200 million Instagram users check out at least one company profile regularly, you obviously don't want your business to be missing out. This demonstrates the popularity of Instagram and the potential for your company to grow.
To earn organic growth on Instagram, first you have to consume content to check competition’s content, secondly post quality content everyday to stay on TOM,third use cool hashtags, and finally work with influencers.
Your content whether for organic or paid approach must offer value or benefits to your consumers. If your content is effortlessly helpful and entertaining, you can own the viral tag and gain great traffic and conversions as well.
While in paid marketing, you must prepare contents as per your objectives, study sales funnel, and supply benefits to your consumers.
At Marching Ants, our instagram marketing team can identify your potential customer's priorities, beliefs, pain points, challenges, and other demographics in order to build a customer base for you.We'll create exclusive and high-quality content for your company using a content calendar that you can review and approve.

LinkedIn For B2B Marketing in Nepal

LinkedIn is the most popular business networking website built for professionals like job seekers, business owners, professionals who are marketing their skills or business online. At present, 740 million members worldwide are taking advantage of LinkedIn to flourish their professional connections.

For organic growth in LinkedIn, You have to stay relevant and top of mind with your audience. For that, you have to work on Setting Engagement Targets, Grabbing Attention With Eye-Catching Formats. Along with that you can Mix Up Your Content with the 4-1-1 rule, use relevant hashtags, and include a Call to action button.
Optimizing Your LinkedIn profile is crucial for organic and paid ranking. While relating to paid options, LinkedIn Ad Campaigns will help brands gain confidence. You may use different LinkedIn advertising to support the B2B industry or business events. LinkedIn ads are the most common alternative for B2B businesses because they generate high-quality leads and offer a wide variety of niche targeting options.
LinkedIn's ad formats include LinkedIn Text Ads, LinkedIn Sponsored Content, LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, LinkedIn Display Ads, and LinkedIn Dynamic Ads. If you stick to the suggested budget, LinkedIn ads will be a great investment for your business.
Marching Ants- Social Media Marketing Agency in Nepal, uses data-tracking software and strong analytics to improve client’s plans. We define and evaluate the client's target market to encourage their audience to make purchases. We also work hard to create high-quality content.Your brand's B2B needs will be fulfilled by our LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Our Social Media Marketing Process for Your Success

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing

With Facebook Marketing, you can increase brand awareness, customer engagement, gain more organic traffic, and get better in several sales. Working with Facebook Marketing Agency, you can develop practical strategy, create content, and achieve growth.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a popular social media for commercial purposes, where you can upload high-quality pictures and videos. Producing unique content, checking competition’s content, using branded hashtags, and finally working with influencers are the basic ways to nail Instagram Marketing.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing is your answer if you are determined to use Social media for enlarging your professional network.With an Optimized LinkedIn profile, you can have your profile appear among a larger audience, both in organic and paid ways.To help the B2B industry or business activities, you can use different LinkedIn ads.

Youtube Ads

Youtube is now becoming the favorite of all generations, which means it will run more YouTube Ads. Further, you can target specific age groups and geo-locations with Youtube advertising. Along with that, you can attract more attention to your brand and potentially increase traffic.

frequently asked questions

SEO can help businesses keep their websites at the top of search results for specific keywords. It relies on organic medium i.e authentic and SEO-friendly content. Social Media Platforms are the networking sites where individuals share their stories and brands advertise their products and services. Both of them are crucial for a brand’s online progress. 

However,It has been proven that having a large number of followers on social media sites, as well as post likes, shares, and other engagements, are not factors in a website's ranking in search results.Adding to that, researches show that pages that rank high on Google have more social signals.
In Nepal, both B2C and B2B customers and prospects firstly search social media presence over their sole website on Google. This proves that social media marketing is a preliminary step to direct the audience to your brand's website. Thus, working on a social media page by optimizing your profiles, posts,social messages can actually accelerate your SEO. Nowadays, agencies and marketers dealing with social media marketing in Nepal have realized the importance of having better SEO and SMM. As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal, Marching Ants offers SMART SEO services and  VENS (Value-Added Content, Engaging, Networking, Shareable) Social Media Marketing services to get your business better ranking and exposure.

We hate to break it to you that all social platforms are not equal. Each social media differs from the other in terms of content and purposes, but all work to form a network. Thus, you have to understand your business's target audience and their preferred social media.
If you want to target teenagers, Tik Tok is your destination, but if you want to target people in your professional network, you will opt for LinkedIn.Thus, Social Media Marketing Agency makes sedulous and daring efforts on each channel to make the audience have a better understanding of brands.Further, these agencies work rigorously to make optimum use of these platforms to engage with your customers.
 Taking reference of the lockdown scenario back in 2020 and post-lockdown, social media marketing in Nepal has laid a strong foundation to let people know power of social media.As a professional social media marketing company in Nepal, Marching Ants studies your brand and their values and projects your messages strategically in all social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. We ensure to get attention from your desired business audience B2C or B2B.Brands and agencies work together to improve engagement, build communities, and provide a more personalized brand experience.

A social media strategy involves the entire preparation process for achieving desired outcomes on social media. Such strategies focus on how to maximize social media engagement and interactions, generate leads, increase brand recognition, and, ultimately, reach a company's  business goals. Social media strategy focuses achieve SMART Goals, define medium to achieve goals, and finally work on tactics- specific actions. Overall Brands Social Media Marketing in Nepal includes strategies on all available or preferred social media platforms. Listed are the digital agencies social media strategies .
Optimize Social Media Profile
Your first impression still matters in people's minds. For the audience's interest, marketing tactics must nail your first impression. A well-defined image or profile helps to raise brand recognition. Every social media profile for a company must be optimized.
Holding a company's logo on one's profile picture is part of profile optimization. Every detail in your bio must fit the description on your website, and you must include at least 3 to 5 important keywords related to your focus or interest.
Optimizing Images on Social media
Alternative text (alt-text) is used to help Google understand your image. Visitors who can't see photos can read the alt text. Alt-text is also essential for social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as for SEO.
Appealing pictures and animated GIFs also support photo optimization for social media. Using your keywords in the alt text will help to boost your overall on-page optimization. 
Captions and hashtags relevant to keyword in social media
Your post's caption should be appealing, appropriate, and engaging in order to attract viewers. A good caption begins with a captivating hook sentence, which aids in the easy  conveyance of essential material or messages. With such captions you can include hashtags. These Hashtags are free helping your posts be found by new viewers for a longer period of time. These hashtags are useful for categorizing content, making it more discoverable, launching a campaign or trend, and being featured on a trend.
To be precise, great captions and relevant hashtags are effective social media strategy. You might have noticed brands coming out with their own hashtags with  and making most of Social Media Marketing in Nepal.
Running Q&A session with Live Video.
Consumers and online audiences prefer to watch videos, especially ephemeral and live video, over reading. Running Live videos will enable you to interact more directly with your audience. These live videos will include a Q&A session in which you can clarify your product or service's specifics while also answering questions from your audience.
Live videos, as a fun fact, increase the amount of time people spend on a website. According to reports, search engines reward people who spend a lot of time on their websites. Maintaining high-quality and inspirational live videos promotes viewer interaction.
Arranging/ Getting More Mentions.
Mentions of your business, brand, or product on social media are referred to as social mentions. This includes user tags as well as branded hashtags. Google notices your brand as it appears on pages with higher domain authority. Brand mentions, in fact, tell Google a story about your company's knowledge and popularity.Your wealth would open up if your brand becomes a topic of conversation. Several mentions, to be exact, suggest that your brand is being heard, found, and remembered.

Social Media Marketing strives to get concrete results and some real-time data, unlike traditional marketing. After approaching a social media agency, you discover and work together to make your Website SEO-optimized or updated social media presence. Since marketing is all about a results-driven brand, expect to get positive results. These positive results include greater Brand Awareness- Increment in the number of followers, better Engagement - More reactions and comments in a post, and improved Lead Generation- any  action taken by your customer or visitor on a website.
Team of experts in Marching Ants, with years of experiences in social media marketing in Nepal  perform a detailed study about the brand's expectations and goals and run the social media ad campaigns as well as produce informative yet engaging content. With our services,the above mentioned results will be achieved in a given time frame. However a healthy collaboration and participation of brands/you and us is necessary.

As a leading Digital Agency in Nepal, Marching Ants offers its result-oriented services to brands with an established name in Nepali Market. Thus, Marching Ants digital service is entirely for B2B businesses; however, the delivery mode enacts the B2C scenario

Marching Ants believes in producing content that reflects brand values. We create customized content for social media posts and campaigns. We create 2D Animated Videos, Digital Videos, Creatives, GIFs, Memes, Quizzes, and Polls to keep the social media page more entertaining and colorful.
For campaigns, we produce content as per the need and goal of the campaign. We include engagement activities like contests, giveaways, user-generated Content. Influencer Collaborations are also done to reach new audiences, create brand awareness. We reach your customers and audience through Social Media Marketing in Nepal.