Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Marching Ants is equally exhilarated to offer text mining and sentiment analysis services by extracting data from Social media platform’s comments, reviews, blogs, mentions in online forums and transforming these data into insightful information. We use the best, standard and certified Text Mining tools to get accurate, efficient, and useful data, which are the attributes of a brand from the customer’s perspective.   We provide a detailed research copy consisting of emotion ... Read More

Hidden Information & Insights

Every business has some raw text data about their either customer surveys, through maintenance logs, internal feedback or social media posts.These texts are the primary source to get information and statistics regarding the customer’s perception or behavior towards the brand. With  text mining services offered by Marching Ants, we help companies take action and respond quickly to the changing customer attitudes or areas of dissatisfaction.  

Understand Your Customers

Measuring public opinions and moods can be advantageous to your business. With text mining, you can assess how familiar or knowledgeable your customers are regarding your company's goals. Also, a deeper understanding of the product and its functionality can be obtained effortlessly with our text mining service. Text mining helps you merge all of the customer's voices into one, enabling you to focus on problems that are bothering most of your customers. Fast and detailed text-mining ... Read More

Competition Insights

Text Mining makes it possible to consume text-based reports and web pages produced by your competitors to understand their strategies and activities. This is necessary to comprehend emerging strategic trends needed for achieving a competitive edge in your niche industry. You can get data on the customer-generated content and the textual information on their competitors’ social media sites. Further, transforming these data into knowledge would be a boon for decision-makers.