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The year 2021 is sure to apply popular trends of 2020 as well as witness some new and unique trends to excel performance in Social Media Marketing, which has been ruling digital marketing in the last decade. In this article, the Top 10 Social Media Marketing trends in 2021 will be discussed. 

Let’s go then.

As per Broadband Search -” An individual spends 2hrs and 24 minutes on social media platforms in a day. “Thus, social media is a source for gaining more audience and customers. Various big and small brands, now emphasize Social media marketing.

From 2010 to 2020, we saw various social media trends, which gave new directions to social media marketing. Some of them flopped; some of them are still reigning the platforms. Now, entering the new decade with 2021, Social Media Marketers and Managers would apply some new as well as present-day popular trends and strategies to enhance better performance in Social Media Marketing.

These strategies are sure to take social media marketing to new heights. So, let’s get into knowing the Top 10 Social Marketing Strategies in 2021.

Quality and ephemeral content still in the game.

Content is the King: It’s not just a hoax; it’s a fact. Organizations and businesses give strong attention to the content, which should be creative as well as informative. For that, they have started using 3D Images. Along with that, ephemeral content (short-lived content) like stories are also given emphasis. 

These kinds of content enhance audience engagement. This ultimately makes them stay close with the brand and turn into customers in no time. Similar kinds of content are expected to grow in 2021 too.

Memes for More laughter and Marketing.

The lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic hiked internet users. Especially engaging on social media platforms was seen. Memes made laughter and comforted people. Memes usage and mentions kept people engaged and entertained. Brands are using memes to promote their products and services to be more relatable to the general public.

Thus, memes will continue to be a social media marketing trend in 2021 as well. As a business house, this is certainly something to consider. On top of that, using Viral memes will increase the possibilities for increasing engagements in social media.

Augmented Reality for better user-interface

Augmented reality (AR) gives the feel of the real physical, which is actually delivered by advanced technology. AR also helps users to enjoy the live experience of events while staying at home.

Social Media platforms are using AR in order to have interactive content and engage their audience. Filters in Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat are prominent examples of AR. 

AR is not just to beautify your face or the environment but also to facilitate your shopping experiences. The feature of seeing yourself in a dress, discovering whether it’s suitable for your body type, and making the final decision to hit the buy button is another example of AR. Thus, marketers on social media apps use AR to promote their products in a unique 3D style. This trend seems to be going nowhere in 2021 as well.

Live Videos for marketing and sales

Social distancing in 2020 kept the traditional shops closed. Those who knew the need to get shifted online enjoyed live streaming during the lockdown period like that of the businesses, which had already been online.

In live video streaming, Businesses start live streaming, talking about the launch of new products and giveaways. This allowed the audience to get connected to the brand via live video and participate in the giveaways.

Businesses have understood the importance of live streaming for their major shopping events and get sales from their audience, who just have to place an order online. This evidence has proven that live streaming isn’t just for gaming. In 2021, Live Streaming will be used extensively for marketing the products and promoting events.

Social Media Commerce will Flourish.

Because of the safety issues in lockdown, people were made to stay at home. They spent most of their time on social media. This factor aided a lot for them to rely on online purchases. Gen Z internet users made lots of purchases after being inspired by the social media content. The millennial generation followed Gen Z in making purchases after browsing through social media. During the lockdown, Tiktok and Instagram caught the attention of the potential customers and made better sales.

Thus, businesses have started working on their online presence and project appealing content to attract the audience and make better sales. Recently, Instagram announced to change itself into an eCommerce platform, which is evidence of social media commerce. There is no doubt that in 2021, people will make purchases from the pages they follow on social media

Keeping a snack video about a product/service.

The general public loves audio-visual methods of content delivery. Taking note of this very preference, businesses have adopted to use videos for doing the explanation. However, long videos often get omitted. Thus, Snack Video, short videos like Tiktoks are used. In snack videos, you can create a bunch of short videos and share them with others.

Businesses create snack videos for a sneak peek of new products/services, describing a product’s functions and many other activities. These videos are gaining popularity as they are sharing the much-needed and on-point content in less time. Keeping a snack video for business will surely be another important Social Media Marketing Trend in 2021.

Influencer Marketing will be used Extensively.

According to Convince&Convert, On average, businesses generate $6.50 in revenue for each $1 invested in influencer marketing. Thus, at present, brands opt to target their related audience by connecting their idols, influencers (YouTubers, Instagramers, Tiktokers). The follower count matters a lot in today’s market. Brands approach influencers since they can make an impact on the purchase decisions of their followers. Not only that, Influencer Marketing also gets the credits for building Credibility and Trust and providing value to your target audience.

Influencer marketing is highly relevant, as social media is ruling online sales.
This trend got hyped in 2020 due to pandemic and people’s increased use of the internet and social media. It looks like in 2021, Influencer Marketing will also be an important strategy for businesses to attract their audience.

Personalization will become a Priority.

Personalization is no longer an option; it’s a need, and a must service by any kind of service provider, be it making coffee or running digital ads. Brands can customize their social media ads for the targeted audience as Social media platforms are now providing advanced targeting and customization options for marketers.

Personalization features also help to understand the type of products the consumers like. You can, hence, see similar products, services, or videos from different brands or channels. These options help to get the right ad to the right people at the best time. In 2021, this feature will also exist and facilitate consumers and marketers for better quality and good sales.

Hence, Personalization will prevail as a Social Media Marketing Trend in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence gets integrated.

Integration of AI is found in almost all sectors: agriculture to astronomy. Pieces of evidence suggest that Artificial intelligence (AI) has impacted brands’ interaction with consumers and marketing strategies. In social media, AI is used to make Chatbots Standard, enhance Voice Search, and process advanced data. 

AI enriches communications, facilitates measures and data analysis in real-time, and tracks consumer behaviors in the digital platform. These all support the customers for their searches. Back to the marketers’ team, it helps build more relevant communication profiles and enhanced chat experiences. Thus, in 2021, AI will play a significant role in molding digital marketing, mainly social media marketing.

Incorporation of Social Listening by Brands

Social listening allows brands to engage with customers, manage crises, track competitors, discover new leads, and find prospects of influencers on social media. Social listening makes brands and marketers’ work easier as it impacts social media campaigns, people’s perception of brands, and many other insights. 

Social listening tools have made it easy to access data and insights for businesses, which will later be useful for refining or redefining their social strategies. Options in social media listening tools allow for more experimentation and discovering the most favorable one. In 2021, Brands will be using social listening tools to enhance their engagements and leads on social media pages.

Summing Up

So, if your business is already on an online platform, it’s a high-time to work on redefining Social Media Marketing strategies and redesigning them according to your expected leads and engagement. Above mentioned trends will be ruling Social Media Marketing in 2021. Thus, taking notes about these promising social media marketing trends and making strategies accordingly will accelerate your engagements as well as sales.

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